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  1. Quick question @Squid /config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user /config/plugins/community.applications/private/myNameHere Is there any functional difference between the 2 folders? For example, with the latter option, do templates get modified in this folder, or do they copy to template-users and retain the original template.
  2. whipped this one up for my new Topton n6005
  3. I YOLO'd the upgrade from 6 to 7.1.61 a couple weeks back and it was fine. Backups are king though, make sure you have a recovery plan if upgrade goes south.
  4. Oh wow, great work @ich777 Finally I can stop polluting my unraid install, and/or trying to contort docker into doing things. Now I need to go learn the ins and outs of LXC 😀
  5. Domain has moved to a new schema as of 6.10, see release notes below. Documentation just hasn't caught up yet. @ljm42
  6. If you don't want any bonding, (3rd option down) Enable Bonding = No Array, VM + Docker services will need to be disabled if I remember right. If you want to pass it through to a VM, you will need to go over to Tools > System Devices and bind to VFIO (find your VM dedicated NIC and check the ticks next to it, press bind selected button)
  7. You could also look at disabling cache while doing continuous large transfers by setting cache to 'No', and re-enable cache once finished.
  8. Increase the minimum free space setting, it defaults to 0KB which basically stops the overflow from happening. To quote the inbuilt help on that setting: The minimum free space available to allow writing to any disk belonging to the share. Choose a value which is equal or greater than the biggest single file size you intend to copy to the share. Include units KB, MB, GB and TB as appropriate, e.g. 10MB. See this thread for the discussion
  9. I read that there are some specific issues with Dell servers, this post has some info and a fix
  10. Up and running now Other than doing a nuke and pave, I was running GUI mode this time around too
  11. might try and nuke my unraid install and have a clean start in 6.10, its only a test server/licence anyway so not too fussed