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  1. See below https://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/DCGM/docs/nvidia-smi-367.38.pdf
  2. ZFS is already an available plugin for Unraid.
  3. AMD card wont work in the docker, it doesn't have the drivers present in unraid OS. The Nvidia card can work with the lsio nvidia build of unraid (which adds drivers and nvidia runtime), however if you want both cards working, create a vm for them with a couple of cores, and retain the docker for CPU only.
  4. Moved over to Nvidia/Unraid build 6.8.3 today, so I migrated my folding vm over to the f@h docker I already had setup. Compared to GPU only folding VM, which seemed to pump all the cores (4C/4T) on the VM, this smashes a single core. Hopefully docker only utilising one core isn't a bottleneck for F@H.
  5. If your happy to dive in, the mikenye/picard image is pretty good I thought, just a bit of initial setup adding variables. I mainly use this musicbrainz instance as most of the public servers were timing out frequently and causing issues with other applications that rely on that data, but YMMV.
  6. I think that particular project has been abandoned and removed from unraid CA. Someone has been more successful (details in thread below) with another version (no CA template) that you can install via the extended dockerhub search (might need to be enabled?) in CA.
  7. Yes, you will need to setup a SSL certificate and switch to HTTPS mode. This video covers a few topics, but from the 16:45 to 18:50, it shows how to set this up.
  8. It's usually due to high disk IO, having lots of torrents active is the usual culprit.
  9. Not sure if a problem with plugin, 6.8.3 release, or some combination of the two, but I only noticed a formatting issue after installing this plugin for the first time: VM name column has gone extra wide long descriptions seem to change to justified
  10. This has caught me out a few times. Latest PFsense release managed this issue by adding autocomplete=new-password to the form e.g. <input type="password" autocomplete=new-password />
  11. Upgraded from 6.8.2 to 6.8.3 without issue today.
  12. F@H starting to drop more CPU jobs for COVID-19 projects, previously only really seeing GPU jobs. Team Unraid also just hit 1100 donors
  13. I've seen some RPI projects that seek to replicate IPMI functionality that might be worth further investigation, quick google will bring up a few of these.
  14. FAT32 file system limitation, FAT32 has maximum compatibility across all platforms. I believe you can just format to the max supported size, seeing as you get them so cheap, it wont be much of a loss for you.
  15. @SpencerJ safe to say the call to arms has had a positive impact... https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/team_summary.php?s=&t=227802