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  1. Found some time to work on the server this afternoon and added some more storage. Asus M.2 Hyper 2x 2TB of Samsung 970 Evo Plus Before this upgrade, I had 2x 960 Pros in RAID0, great for performance of VM and dockers that I can replace, not so great for long term data that I want to be fast AND protected. Enter the upgrade, 970s in RAID1 in a new pool for actual data, old pool will be re-commisioned for applications (docker, VMs etc) only. I had planned to replace my remaining 4TB drive with a 10TB, but suffers from the 3.3V affliction, so I'l
  2. Article on Linux Steam link for those who come across this thread
  3. Most remote desktop software isn't optimised for gaming, but software like Steam Link is. Steam recently released a Linux version, so you could install a Linux distro, install Steam Link and stream from your more powerful server (i.e. a gaming VM with a GPU etc). All peripherals are managed on the client side (your old pc) through Steam Link. I play games on my lounge tv using the android tv version of this app and its a pretty good experience. You can also set this up with a rasberry pi if you want to sell off your old pc.
  4. How are your other peripherals and video get to the other room for gameplay? Direct connection to server, or streaming to a device (TV?) using something like steam link?
  5. Is your server UEFI or legacy? Legacy seems to have less issues. When you first setup you VM, are you using noVNC/RDP, then installing GPU drivers? are you installing the virtio drivers and guest agent?
  6. Try 5.0, instead of 5.1. One of my Windows VMs black screens on 5.1, but is happy on 5.0
  7. I'm guessing because CA pulls dockerhub stats (not just unraid) and FoxxMD is using the official image.
  8. Try update the machine type to the latest (or even second latest version). My VMs with a GTX 1060 passed to it work fine in 6.9.2
  9. shims appear are when you enable "Host access to custom networks" in docker settings
  10. Off topic slightly, but wow if accurate
  11. They didn't lock it, they just refused to fix a bug (hardware reset) that made pass-through unusable. As soon as the community started to build working fixes, AMD's next generation didn't have these issues, but the fixes weren't backported to previous gen. I should also note these hardware reset problems have never appeared in AMD's professional GPU lineup (Quadro competitors), funny that.