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  1. Another Intel i211 onboard nic (x2) as well as Mellanox ConnectX-3. No boot was possible after a power cycle or even via safe mode (gui), restoring 6.8.0 was the only change that restored my system.
  2. Successfully upgraded GPU under 6.8.0, which failed and appeared to prevent booting under 6.8.1 Might skip this release...
  3. ...and because I'm a glutton for punishment I'm going to try the same hardware upgrade under 6.8.0
  4. Currently can't boot, killed modprobe -r $drivers hanging. Had multiple successful boots into 6.8.1, but I just changed GPU (I use GUI boot mode). Tried power cycling and trying again, no dice. Safe mode doesn't allow for boot either. Finally pulled up an out for chkdsk on windows, on completion of check no errors were found. Popped back to unraid... Still with the same error. Rolled back hardware, no difference. Rolled back to previous unraid version as a last measure... Yes I'm finally up and running again (on 6.8.0)
  5. I used to have horrid network share under win10 years ago, under smb or even when navigating shares on other windows machines. Similar symptoms to that described by someone above, +30 seconds of waiting. Trick was to untick the 2 checkbox (privacy) settings under explorer > folder options > general That might help in this instance, if you'd like to try. For what it's worth I have multiple folders with thousands of folders in each and never see drastic slowdowns,. Note that although I have cache directories installed, it's been disabled for months. note: pic is one from net, but note check boxes under Privacy should be unticked.
  6. Upgraded last night, smooth sailing so far. I did noticed one issue, exiting from the web terminal session kicks you straight into a fresh terminal session. Not great, not terrible :p
  7. tjb_altf4


    SQLite support is still early days on HeidiSQL. I usually use DB Browser for SQLite https://sqlitebrowser.org/
  8. This happened to me while I was at work lol
  9. Love the fact that the feature set development has accelerated in the last 12 months. My wanted feature is multiple pools, both in terms of an additional parity protected array and additional cache arrays for purposes like a dedicated app pool.
  10. Is it the current expected behaviour that on the unraid dashboard that the client tunnel remains long after session has been disconnected? From a user perspective, I would expect this to either show only active tunnels, or show all tunnels but with a status of disconnected (or similar) when that is the case. Other than also being stuck in the custom docker IP access dilemma for one of my applications, this implementation is superb
  11. My 2c. Try rebooting your router, automatic DNS resolution has been hit and miss for many since 6.7 and this seems to wake up the stack... for me anyway. Alternatively try setting a static DNS server such as google's as has been suggested by others for similar issues. My Docker was hung for 10 minutes, as was any sign of dockers on the dashboard, but had no issues connecting directly to their web interfaces. Gave the router a reset and it all came good.
  12. Can't speak for the other driver, but nct6775 is working on 6.7.2 (on my x399), are you sure it's gone in 6.8 ?
  13. Personally I'd take a good look at Nextcloud for this (you can still deploy on Unraid).
  14. I created a second directory for steam which is symlinked back to an unraid share. Steam allows you to move installs via GUI, but 90% of my library lives on my server, only games that benefit for local storage or that are limited by DRM or block level access requirements etc (pubg, starcraft etc) live on my game PC. I also move games to the server when I'm not actively playing them anymore.