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  1. Personally I'd take a good look at Nextcloud for this (you can still deploy on Unraid).
  2. I created a second directory for steam which is symlinked back to an unraid share. Steam allows you to move installs via GUI, but 90% of my library lives on my server, only games that benefit for local storage or that are limited by DRM or block level access requirements etc (pubg, starcraft etc) live on my game PC. I also move games to the server when I'm not actively playing them anymore.
  3. Good chance 3rd gen TR won't be compatible with existing boards, so don't buy current gen with the notion of upgrading CPU later.
  4. Seems to be same issue looking at your logs @Pducharme Further discussion with some possible solutions: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/devops-workstation-fixing-nvme-trim-on-linux/148354
  5. Acording to intel's spec, that cpu only has 28 pcie lanes note: some of the higher tier cpus will unlock more lanes (44) on X299. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/123589/intel-core-i7-7800x-x-series-processor-8-25m-cache-up-to-4-00-ghz.html You're probably near the limit and most certainly won't have another 16 lanes up your sleeve (probably only 4 spare).
  6. Good chance it's a pcie lane sharing issue... that is a common culprit. Check your mobo manual to see if your m.2 slots share lanes with other devices you may be using.
  7. Type docker stats into you terminal (ctrl+c to exit). You can also follow a specific docker, e.g. docker stats jackett
  8. You could also look at Jackett, which moves that logic to a separate application that is accessible by multiple applications and is well maintained
  9. Happy Unraid user of about 3 years or so, and I'm on my second build now (with build #3 in the next 12 months). Unraid allowed me to consolidate a bunch of separate machines with separate storage into a single more easily managed system. It also lowered the barrier to entry to technologies like virtualisation, docker and just linux in general.
  10. Basically I started from scratch. I removed MB docker via docker page, then deleted its app data. I then reinstalled from community apps. Make a copy of your musicbrainz token as a precaution, but your docker template should still have info from previous install. I had issues with current latest version of Picard, 2.1.3 (even after fixing MB docker), so I rolled back to 2.1 I happen to still have and it doesn't crash anymore.
  11. Fixed the problem with another nuke and pave
  12. Won't OP hit the problem of trying to open privileged ports with a non-privileged user (non-root)?
  13. Another path for investigation, all of the apps I've heard mentioned experiencing corruption are running mono/dotnetcore.
  14. Wow, just had a look, I've got this issue too. Investigating further it seems to be symbolic link in the recycle folder, causing it to loop to infinity. NFI how that was created, but emptying the recycle bin removed the link and all is normal again.