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Community Answers

  1. The WireGuard plugin has been merged into the Unraid OS as of 6.10.0, it can be accessed at Settings > VPN Manager
  2. Here is the underside of a white label HC550 (WD180EDGZ)
  3. I noticed the QR code generator is no longer available, will this be coming back?
  4. CA auto update applications plugin has the ability to set selected (or all) to auto update (plugins and dockers)
  5. I'm assuming its been formatted with XFS, this is an overhead for the filesystem. That's a fairly normal speed for parity, it will go up and down at various stages of the check. For comparison my array made up of 10TB drives takes about 20hrs to check parity. The time for parity checking is primarily impacted by the capacity of the largest disk in the array, whether the drives are full or empty makes no difference as the system is checking it all to verify parity is correct. @SpaceInvaderOne has a great video explaining how parity works in Unraid if you'd like to learn more.
  6. The docker folder plugin works with VMs also, which can achieve this effect.
  7. If that happens to be sonarr/radarr/lidarr, that is an issue relating to failed database schema updates that many have faced regardless of OS or running docker/baremetal. Only instability I've seen in 6.10 was that it seemed to change/reset the default docker network to macvlan, which I promptly changed back to ipvlan. DBs can also corrupt if you temporarily run out of space on the drive it is on.
  8. Will plugins that need manual package resolution be marked as incompatible ?
  9. For Binhex's dockers, you can delete the perms.txt file in the config folder and on next start the container will reapply correct the permissions
  10. I was thinking it would be great for visibility if somewhere in the top banner we could see the current stable release, and any current public testing releases (RC etc). These could also be hyperlinks to their respective announcement threads
  11. Here in Australia, 18TB retail internal HDD is about AUD$1K Buying an external HDD off Amazon AU costs around AUD$500 I won't be saying goodbye to shucks anytime soon
  12. well I messed up that original reply somehow... sorry mods There is always a cumulative changelog available through the Unraid GUI
  13. I can see some iptable call traces. I saw similar after moving from a solid 6.9.2 to 6.10.x, where I was seeing random crashes during btrfs balance/scrubs. Try stopping your docker services (setting > docker > enable docker > no) and setting Docker custom network type to ipvlan (from macvlan). For me, that fixed those call traces that locked up my server.