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  1. In dashboard the update setting is always available too, unlike docker page where it relies on the context of an update being available.
  2. Good to see I'm not the only one lol
  3. Ability to resume the preclear session was a greatly appreciated inclusion, as I discovred today. Had a power outage, UPS allowed gracious shutdown, but was halfway though a 10TB preclear at the time. Much to my surprise, when I went to start the preclear again on next bootup, it offered to resume... amazing, thank you @gfjardim
  4. I can't be the only one that gets frustrated at looking for things in one page, only to realize it lives in another. There is some excellent grouping built in both pages, so why not merge into a single "control panel".
  5. You need to enable the reinstall app icon in CA settings before you have a way to add again, then just add it with different name/port/config-path and your're golden. I think if you rename the original app first, you can just add via appstore like any other.
  6. PIA has a few issues today, even their helpdesk is down. Found a server still working for port forward, lets see if it stays up!
  7. For those getting an error, I would try pulling a fresh update. Sickchill recently moved to python 3 which required dependency changes for the docker image maintainers.
  8. Interesting that Sickchill is moving to python 3.5+ and movie support is coming soon. Probably a good time to make sure you have backups of your install. Just seen the above post, fresh pull got things going again
  9. Can that be done on the fly, or only at boot time?
  10. Definitely nothing using the GTX1060 (card being passed thru), the GT710 is for host (GUI) and no VMs or dockers running this time. No point binding the card, as I won't be able to use it for docker and vanilla unraid works just fine for that use case.
  11. Since 6.8.3 I haven't been able to pass my GPU through to a VM without crashing the server, requiring a power cycle. Tho only other thing that changed is I changed my GUI mode GPU from an old AMD card to a GT710 and added a 10GbE NIC I haven't been able to suss out the reason, hoping something sticks out in my config to someone here. note: pass thru works fine on vanilla 6.8.3 fortytwo-diagnostics-20200906-0802.zip
  12. Haven't played with 2019, but previous versions required extra parameters to be added to work: -m 8g --ulimit stack=8192000:8192000 Adjust memory use to your setup