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  1. Site performance seems to be back to normal BTW
  2. Under Account Settings for those looking Also enjoying the Fluid width setting! (under the customizer toggle)
  3. For number 2, you remove the LSIO plugin and install the Nvidia-Driver plugin. The Nvidia-Driver installs the driver and the Nvidia docker framework for GPU acceleration in dockers... and it does it in a way that you don't need a custom kernel like the old plugin. I haven't gotten around to the realignment, but you can choose XFS or BTRFS for a single disk, but BTRFS is still the only choice for a pool of disks.
  4. Not sure if typical for all setups, but certainly for me even with no dockers running and no processes utilising a GPU, it would hard lock the server if I tried to start a VM with the GPU passed (with drivers loaded). Binding GPU to VFIO driver avoided this situation. With 1 GPU bound to VFIO it can be used for VMs... Another GPU remains for host(GUI) and docker.
  5. A little slower, but it's clearly going through some sort of migration at the moment, given the theme has changed etc. Give it a day IMO
  6. The new position alignments for SSDs would have been beneficial, but there should be a good chunk of performance improving when we go to a newer kernel as the current kernel has a BTRFS performance regression bug.
  7. Try resetting the minimum free space (set to 0KB), that is the only difference I can see to my own config that works as you would expect.
  8. Set per pool now by the look of it, if you go Main > Cache (or whatever the pool name is), the Minimum free space option is there.
  9. You probably created it yourself, if you omit a name it generates one for you
  10. I tested it quite a bit before posting to double check it worked as intended. Only thing I can think you should try is creating the symlink on disk 1, to ensure its the first disk it tries to write to. Mine was created on disk2, which was the first disk that participated in the share (for writing)
  11. A couple things to try: make sure your user access is setup correctly for the new share, i.e. can you create a folder in the other parts of the share try deleting the symlink and recreating See if that fixes things
  12. The keystrokes you need to do are hold Ctrl, press X, release Ctrl, press S Holding Ctrl for X+S is a symlink edit shortcut, hence the error. You should also remove the Processing folder on disk6 You will get a symlink already exists error, as it the content will already be present. Remember the cache folder you created will exist in the user share as unraid still looks at the cache, its only the mover and initial file creation for the share that is ignoring that folder. In MC, just delete the symlink (not the real folder!). You can th
  13. Dockers will be started up sequentially (but effectively at the same time), in the order on the docker page. On the docker page, in advanced view, you can specify a start delay between specific dockers being started if needed.
  14. For docker, It still needs a (display) driver installed on the host. if it worked with XBMC, you could try installing the DVB plugin and installing the LibreELEC driver pack, a good chance the driver is included there already.