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  1. replaced links with exact same links now works - strange
  2. Updated to 5.9.4 see notes As of release branch 5.7.x we've made some important changes to the Wireless Uplink feature (feature details HERE). We removed the "Enable automatic uplink failover" from wireless uplinks as it is no longer needed. We added the ability to opt an AP in or out of wireless uplinking to another AP. This is done by checking the "Allow meshing to another access point" option found under device properties>Config>Wireless Uplink. This option should be disabled on wired APs, but is required to be enabled on wireless APs.
  3. Updated to 5.8.8 see note: *****SPECIAL UPDATE NOTE***** Upgrading from 5.8.6 to 5.8.8 is blocked due to the database ending up in a partially "broken" state post upgrade to 5.8.6. Therefore you can only purge your current lab install, install 5.8.3, restore a backup (from 5.8.3), then upgrade to 5.8.8.
  4. Was unable to get Disc 6 back online so i replaced it Still getting read errors on Parity 2 Diagnostics attached
  5. Help Please - This is driving me crazy Have read and reread the posts I have a IBM M1015 card with sas9220 chipset I am getting the "PAL" error trying to flash to it mode Have created the usb boot with rufus using fat32 as freedos - system card is plugged into is a 32bit windows 10
  6. Both drives are plugged into motherboard but i am running a Supermicro SASLP-MV8 card for my remaining drives is it possible that can cause this
  7. Update - Disc 6 had a Red Cross. Restarted Unraid now disc 6 is listed as not installed - Parity 2 read errors reset back to zero
  8. Help please, Have just completed a parity check and now have read errors on Parity 2 and Disc 6. Diagnostic Attached
  9. Ok - yes just using onboard graphics Didnt seem to have this error on an Ubuntu VM ??
  10. Have this error everytime my Linux Mint VM starts - Only happens on Mint
  11. Back down to 5.7.18 then upgrade to latest - System seems to break when upgrading from 5.7.19 Will do a fresh install on my system to check latest version