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  1. Have triggered an update to 6.5.45 for now
  2. Hi- Would love the help - I did this for a bit of fun to be honest but now when i try to build new image Dockerhub is requesting i start paying for a plan
  3. Got a problem at the moment cannot seem to manually trigger new build - will advise
  4. Wow time flies - Will update on the weekend
  5. So if i read correctly wg0.conf file has one line in it Endpoint = *do i put remote server address here or something else*
  6. I am having the same problem - Do you have VPN enabled in Deluge - I found turning off fixed connection problem still trying to figure out cause
  7. Have just turned off vpn in deluge now everything is working Has this happened to anyone else
  8. Not sure where to start - Have lost connection between Radarr, Sonarr, Sabnzbd, Jackett, Deluge Only thing i can think i have changed since failure was try to get Wireguard working and only 2 settings changed was Docker host access and Network settings metric - I also replaced my modem/router - Running latest stable unraid
  9. Update: If i go into phone settings and add google as private dns - I can connect to unraid but loose internet access for web pages Turn off private dns phone setting can then access web pages but cannot access unraid Switch on wifi for work - can access web pages and unraid
  10. So once changes was made can access unraid from outside network on my work computer - but no matter what i do i cannot access from my Android phone - any ideas im lost
  11. Can i have my settings checked please - Had to change router to setup static routing have been able to handshake and connect to unraid gui - but i am unable to access LAN 3rd attempt to put this in the right section