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  1. 3 years in and my server has become an adopted permanent member of the family. Last year on it's anniversary of conception we bought it a cake, sang it songs and put a hat on it. My friends think it's weird but it dosn't stop them accessing the services it provides. I'd call it a hobby but as it's in ear shot i fear i'd offend it's sense of self. They say you never know when it's the right time to bring another being into this world, but at the height of a 'Black Friday SSD blowout' myself and my partner felt confident it was just the right time for us.
  2. Fixed. Had to rewrite the Nginx block... Weird. Something may have changed subtly. I was never happy with my block as icons never showed up right but everything else worked... All working now though.
  3. @aptalca - Couldn't find the force, did unraid remove it? I have tried running old config files from a backup a month ago and also tried restoring a backup of my letsencrypt-nginx container in place with the new image and running that. All the same result. The only constant variable is the new image. Can i specify an old version of the heimdall container by changing the repository label in the docker settings?
  4. The last heimdall update seems to have broken my instance through reverse proxy. Hitting the local port works fine. However the formatting is all messed up when hitting https://domainname anyone else?
  5. Hmm. Didnt work for me. Tried both the repos listed and cant hit it.
  6. I'll grab some logs, but was wondering if it was a known issue at all? The device is simply used once a week at 5am on a Sunday as a flat file destination for container backup data using (the depreciated) CA backup v1 plugin. It's never used or accessed by anything else which is why I'm surprised it's being queried every second or so too list it's open files as shown by htop a reboot dosnt fix it either strangely.
  7. Not sure why but for a while now my unassigned device is always intermittantly every second or so using 100% of a thread on a cpu... Any idea why? No VM's and all docker containers stopped. Fluctates between high 90's% and 100% on one thread.
  8. Thanks trying that now.. Is it possible to change the sensor thresholds on X9SCM-F to effect when the mode changes from low/med/high?
  9. Hi Johnnie.Black - So no further control than that then? I thought that was the whole point of this plugin? Do you know the differences betwen the 3 modes... I'm shooting for quiet fans.... I thought i'd read another guy had success with the X9SCM earlier in the thread?
  10. Hi guys - Another X9SCM-F user here. I wantes to know if it was possible to control my Noctua PWM 4 pin fans with this plugin? I've attached a screenshot of my current reading. The current reading is showing that all my fans are at MAX, my BMC and BIOS are up to date. Can anyone advise what sort of thresholds i should look at setting to get them in control? Worth noting the server is doing nothing. Do my upper non-critical/upper critical and upper non-recover values look high?
  11. Hi guys, Quick one... I have a Supermicro X9SCM-F and noticed that the temp for the CPU in the plugin says OEM and simply says low/medium/high I've been getting a lot of audible beeps for high CPU but have no way of knowing what the temp of the CPU actually is... I believe the thresholds may be set to low for CPU... How can i rectify this with the plugin?
  12. I agree. It's more about obscure containers I've added manually or that arnt maintained as well where the config hasnt been outputted to appdata and is held locally inside the container due to bad container provisioning or when I've had to exec into the shell of the container itself and ammend a value.
  13. Thanks guys - I was sure the last time i did this my container all persisted and recreated when they were restarted without having to readd them... I have round 30 so my only fear is certain configs may be lost if theyve been badly created and settings etc. Are resident within the container image potentially.