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  1. Awesome docker, i notice from your dashboard screenshot you had multiple servers, when i expand the extra params i see we can set a ookla ID, but im guessing only 1, is this correct? EDIT: when i try multiple it doesnt use any, is this by design is my question.
  2. So i want to confirm, 1) you have setup something to send snmp logs to promtail? 2) you have added the data source to grafana and grafana is able to detect the loki source?
  3. Are you saying you cant figure out how to use: Also since this issue doesnt relate to pwndrop your probably better asking in the relevant forum, either on the linked sub, or on Barracuda Drive sub. This sub is for pwndrop support.
  4. Thanks for figuring this out, i actually didn't use it much once i got it working so i wasn't aware of the issue. I have updated the config file i have on the github to have this by default.
  5. Ah okay, yeah i found that stuff, i have that working, i thought you had specific FireTv extra config things. All good. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hmmm, i think i changed the port because i had seen that 5009 was an open port and just confused that as being the one needed specifically for Fire TV. Reverted them both to 5555 and everything is working. you mentioned having it configured to change source etc, any chance you can share the additional code you used for that? I set it to get_sources but it doesn't seem to be getting all of them.
  7. See attached including the log output from both containers, im sure its something simple, i just don't have much output from the ADB bridge (well that i understand anyway, hahaha) Thanks.
  8. Okay figured out what it needs. Strangely after getting prompt on firetv logs repeat the following and HA log says device isnt connected which is confirmed with below. Static ip setup and confirmed is still correct. adb I 01-10 13:06:39 8 8 auth.cpp:437] adb_auth_init... adb I 01-10 13:06:39 8 8 auth.cpp:412] adb_auth_inotify_init... adb I 01-10 13:06:49 8 17 transport.cpp:283] read thread spawning adb I 01-10 13:06:49 8 18 transport.cpp:296] write thread spawning failed to connect to adb I 01-10 13:07:29 8
  9. Hi, I'm trying to workout how to add this integration with the home assistant core unraid app. When I read the official documentation mentions adding via supervisor add-ons. I'm going to try the hassio supervisor, but is there another proper way to use this integration?
  10. Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has setup a reverse proxy to access the admin page. specifically using the nginx proxy manager on CA. Also happy to go into the code and edit at a code level if needed, but would prefer to do it the easy way.
  11. That'll do it, i cant believe i didnt see this, also didnt expect the admin user to have something as simple turned off.
  12. I too am coming across this issue, thought it was because i only had .mobi files, so i grabbed the .epub files and let calibre merge them, now i can see both files types and get the option to download both types, but i dont get a read book button click on any of my titles. I am using the linuxio calibre docker image. Checked the FAQ's and github nothing really about how to troubleshoot the inability to read through calibre-web. Thanks in advance.
  13. Still looks to be having issues, updated container, deleted games files, let it download again, and this is what im getting (sorry its been a few days) arma_log.txt
  14. Yes files now on disk2 directly. Yeah its looping. Let me know if you need anything from me to test, etc.
  15. Yeah it is set, its the only disk used in that share, all my game server stuff goes on disk2 as its a hybrid drive with a faster RPM. Ive never had issues with other images (terraria, 7d2d, killing floor) all have the files on disk2, just arma being strange. hahaha Still appears to be looping the following: /opt/scripts/ line 54: 65 Segmentation fault ./arma3server ${GAME_PARAMS} ---Checking if UID: 99 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Checking if GID: 100 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Setting umask to 000--- ---Checking for optional scripts--