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  1. thanks but wayyyy too late. disk 10 (orig) has been cleared. and im 99% sure it had the same corruption. but thanks anyway!
  2. FYI to future readers! I belive i found WHY this happened, a metal/grounded peice of the mini-sas connector touched the back of an ethernet card and shorted out~! I LOST DATA. the disk errors/ error correction lost almost 500 movies, 500 TV shows. the whole disk was not lost, but a large amount of it. disk 10 had errors, the errors got copied to parity data/emulated disk. fixing the errors on emulated disk did not recover damaged data.
  3. Thankyou. emulated files are back! New drive installed to slot10. rebuilding now. Thank you again!
  4. yes. start array - NO maintenance!
  5. ok ran repair, stopped array, started array in maintenace mode.... still showing unmountable? is there any more steps to take?
  6. XFS_REPAIR Summary Thu Apr 28 11:32:36 2022 Phase Start End Duration Phase 1: 04/28 11:30:50 04/28 11:30:52 2 seconds Phase 2: 04/28 11:30:52 04/28 11:30:52 Phase 3: 04/28 11:30:52 04/28 11:30:57 5 seconds Phase 4: 04/28 11:30:57 04/28 11:30:57 Phase 5: 04/28 11:30:57 04/28 11:30:57 Phase 6: 04/28 11:30:57 04/28 11:30:59 2 seconds Phase 7: 04/28 11:30:59 04/28 11:30:59 Total run time: 9 seconds done
  7. corruption on the EMULATED disk? OH.. i thought you wanted me to correct the DISK, not the EMULATED DISK that makes more sense.
  8. im so confused dude. im not trying to mount disk10. i removed it from the array, its an "unassigned drive" can you please explain? I thought if a disk fails or removed, i could still access the files throught the array emulating the missing drive? is this not correct? my replacement drive just showed up.
  9. if I mount Disk 10 as unassigned drive, i can see the missing files or.. do i need to rebuild disk 10 for the files to be availble? new drive just arrived in mail NOW.
  10. How do you know its emulating? If I open my "rootshare" on my windows machine, i cannot find files that were on disk 10. should I not be able to see those files if it is emulating the missing disk?
  11. heres the report attached to this post. no changes made. -n flag left on should i run xfs_repair ? can it do damage? new drive is being delviered today.... my main consern is the lack of emulation of disk 10 though. any ideas whats going on? disk 10 xfs. report
  12. I have stopped. thats why im here! ahh right forgot the daigs file. that should still work. as stated above my logs are gone. forgot about the diags. thanks. they have been added to post 1 and. i know what emulated means and how it rebuilds the missing disk. its not doing it as far as i can tell. there are missing files on my array that were on the failed drive. i cant find files on the array, but if i mount the failed drive as an unassigned drive, they are on that drive. Thats my problem at the moment.
  13. i currently have disk 10 mounted and shared. can veiw it and my rootshare in windows. this is how im confirming no emulated files. should i copy disk 10 to the array?
  14. Ok wow. unraid 6.10 rc4 10 data disks, 2 parity. few nights back, opened up unraid and found Parity 1 and Disk 10 disabled, both are Seagate SAS Exos helium 10 TB drives. less than 2 years old. Installed 3 of those that day. the third is parity 2. the next day before i got to come here for help, my flash died. I Have no logs from the disk failures. Went to discord, nobody asked for logs or smart reports.... auto-answered - buy new drives when i finally shoved the smart reports in their face, they said drives are probably good. attached smart reports below fromt the 2 drives I was about to run a pre-clear on them and see if they pass. took array offline, removed the 2 disks from the config, was about to clear disk 10 from unassigned drives... but stopped and wanted to verify the data on disk 10 is being emulated on the array.. IT IS NOT. WTF? Parity 2 is still alive? where is my emulated disk? I NEED HELP!!!! new sas cable, HBA, and 10 TB drive are in the mail too. ============================= solution marked below BUT I LOST DATA. BEWARE. the disk had errors, the errors got tranferred to the emulated disk. fixing the emulated disk, and real disk failed to revover data! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  15. hmm wireguard is connecting but not passing traffic.... and im out of town was hopeing to use it... great.