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  1. rolled back to binhex/arch-delugevpn:2.0.4.dev38_g23a48dd01-3-01 and working again.
  2. updated to new build, still having issue with sonarr / radarr not communicating with deluge.
  3. how can i roll back deluge? adding the previous tag after a : to the repository didnt work... binhex/arch-delugevpn:2.0.4.dev38+g23a48dd01-3-02 no worky
  4. Im having the same issue.. sonar and radarr both broken. I use letsencrypt still... Nothing has changed in my setup lately except updating tried changing IP to localhost i get " Unable to Connect "
  5. Just found a plugin in Community Apps : SAS spindown
  6. Thank FSM that you RTFM. Thats the first thing i would have done is export/import
  7. hmm... should that maybe be a new bug report?
  8. Found my issue. RESOLVED for me. Grafana Unraid Stack (GUS) Docker. ill go there for support.
  9. I have an issue, I think is related to spin down problems. I am seeing reads on all disks, when cache is being written, even though there is no real activity on the drives. I believe its keeping the drives spun up. if I manually spin down drives, unraid still says its reading from the spun down drives. Thank goodness for Boxing Day Sales today.... time for more space, yes i know.
  10. I just noticed this problem on my machine with 6.9.0 RC2
  11. TRusselo

    NAT Loopback

    you could setup pfsense in a docker. free router. it supports nat loopback hairpinning. Im in the same situation, but havent pulled the trigger yet. if your current router supports "bridge mode" to set a lan port to bypass the primary router, even better. My ISP router supports bridge mode. Sets Lan port 1 to get a second public IP address, and bypass all the junk of the ISP router to plug in your own.
  12. it would be nice if this had user watched status stats. % of episodes watched, last date watched. I would really love to know what shows are not being watched by any user. Emby has a plugin called Emby Stats. its more functional than this docker... has most the features im looking for but not all.
  13. is this what i think it is? I was just looking at buying a unifi dream machine for network management and NVR... Is this docker plus a unifi-video docker the same thing? for free? Or what are the differences? been running my unraid server for couple years with a windows VM and blue iris for NVR, using my ISP modem for management, considered pfsense but never pulled the trigger.
  14. thank you. for others, with 1 less brain cell than I, edit docker container: add : to the end of repository, click save at bottom *** It will never update with this tag !!!!! remove later when you want to update
  15. how do I roll back until fixed? never had to do this before... Googling told me to change the branch from "latest" to another tag found on docker page....? i cannot find "latest" in the docker / edit page...