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  1. Attempting to run this on my windows machine to slim my Unraid share. installed MKVtoolnix installed python v2.7.16 CMD - Administrator cd c:\videoslimmer\ VideoSlimmer.py --mkvmerge "c:\Program Files\mkvtoolnix\mkvmerge.exe" --media \\BIG-D\movies --lang eng keep getting error on all mkv files : 2019-09-29 20:04:24,016 INFO VideoSlimmer videoslimmer :: Processing file \\BIG-D\movies\Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)\Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) - 4K HDR.mkv 2019-09-29 20:04:24,109 WARNING VideoSlimmer videoslimmer :: mkvmerge failed to identify file %s any ideas what im doing wrong? i get this error on every mkv, my first run was not dry and it did not alter one file of 2000 movies.... NEVERMIND.... I found a program called MKV Optimizer. Windows program with GUI. Nice and simple for a noob like me.
  2. tones of ways to go about it really... how many drives can you have plugged into the new machine at once? 6 or 8 sata ports on the motherboard? or are you using a SAS expander card? HBA card? do you want the new server to use the old drives and the new ones? or do you only want to use the new disks...?
  3. I ran into this issue yesterday hours before seeing Spaceinvader One's video on the problem. x570 motherboard with bios including AGESA ABB. no video.
  4. I did not revert windows, newest version, all updates, just disabled WDDM driver in GPEDIT, then rebooted VM. fixed.
  5. do i even need a gpu to transcode 4x - x265 streams? my old phenom ii 1090T couldnt even handle 1 i now have a ryzen 3600 to play with...
  6. thank you... where is that "side note" from? It's lacking some context...
  7. After further research, im 80% sure cant send AMD gpu to dockers, but all threads are over a year old.. ( or it just works and nobody has problems to ask in threads). 90% sure i can sent it through to windows VM on unraid. really wish i can get some confirmation before i rip 2 systems apart.
  8. short question: Is it possible to passthrough AMD gpu to dockers? I can only find guides referencing Nvidia... Docker in question : emby server (gpu transcoding) - if not can it pass through to Windows VM on unraid? Long form question: (more info) I just upgraded my Windows emby server (Philco) to a ryzen 3600, x570 mobo and AMD rx570. LSI 9260-8i raid card The upgrade was required because the CPU could not transcode x265 10bit files... then I realized my hardware raid5 was full.... so I built an UNRAID file server to expand my storage.... My unraid server (Big-D) is running on a phenom 2 1090T no gpu. crap mobo. LSI SAS 9201 - 16i What i would like to do is combine the systems: remove the raid card from the ryzen system, installing the SAS card, and run UNRAID with dockers. no windows.... hopefully?!? currently on the unraid system I have: sonarr , radarr, jackett, delugevpn, and embyserver dockers running. working fine. but no GPU for transcoding. Before I take my Windows emby server offline I want to make sure it is even possible to use an AMD gpu with emby docker for transcoding. I dont want to use an Nvidia card as it has a transcode limit of 2 streams, and I already have the rx570 (3 weeks old, purchased for emby) if it is not possible to run AMD gpu with emby docker, please confirm that i can pass amd gpu through to a windows VM on unraid. ( im pretty sure thats possible, right?)
  9. I realize this an OLD video but many people here have been complaining of "instability" and "lock ups" with Ryzen 1000 / 2000 series. Here is your fix.
  10. I just built my first Unraid system. The unraid is running on a 6 core Phenom II 1090T I am using krusader to transfer files from my Windows machine's raid 5 to my new unraid server. During file transfers to a single disk on unraid, the unraid CPU usage is around 50% One core is 100%, the other 5 bounce around 20%. Is this high of CPU usage normal to transfer one large file to one disk ? ... actually it was about the same CPU usage for pre-clearing too... with docker OFF, VM OFF
  11. Thanks for chiming in, while I was waiting, i stopped the array, and tried formatting them. reboot later, it allowed me to create a share. All seems to be working, I just unmounted everything and preforming a preclear first. then will build proper. thanks.
  12. New user/ same/similar issue. Sorry if i should have started a new thread. I just setup my first unraid server today. I have 5 drives currently installed. 2 parity, 2 drives (adding more later) , 1 cache ssd They are currently doing parity sync 10% I am unable to create any user shares. User shares are turned ON in settings, docker off, VMs off. *** in docker & vm settings it says "mnt/user/appdata" path does not exist do i need to create mnt/user folder somehow? When i go to shares > add share > type in share name, set minimum space to 50,000,000kb, cache yes. Click Add share, page reloads, at bottom it says "starting services", nothing happens, no share in shares tab... kinda lost at the moment. big-d-diagnostics-20190808-0055.zip