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  1. Great Docker ! the only problem i having is : HOW to change Directory Name on HDD of saving or running torrent ? i can use rename but its renaming the torrent name in qbitorrent browser not the REAL directory in the disk. and there is addon Remote Torrent Adder but also not providing saving option to choose the name of directory on HDD. please help !!!
  2. My VM Windows is working when booting for first time after unraid start , but if i close it then i need to reboot unraid for VM will work again . Maybe some one can help ?
  3. I need to make android VM for my children . So im trying: 1. NOX on windows VM and its very SLOW its writing i need to enable VT-d on machine but its already enabled on machine + hyper-V on VM setting. 2. Android x86 installed and its running but application dont starts. maybe someone can help me ? Machine : i5 4440 24ram GT620
  4. Hello to everybody im new user in unraid ... i found its very powerfull System. thanks to autor of this plugin , i found its very usefull to HDSentinel linux for reporting status of all disks. im using 2 scripts . 1 - to copy file to system on boot 2 - to report and save data file *.html on disk every 10min then you add this file in HDSentinel of your windows and enjoying status of all disks in nas Thanks