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  1. Thanks, i think i have same headers but without 'always', also using cloudflare so will add headers to it. Do you have same picture twice ? I wanted to know if i can use default.conf.sample instead my default.conf and will have no problems....
  2. @Tolete @blaine07 are you using a copy of default.conf.sample in your default.conf ? becose i have some old version not equal to default.conf.sample , i can just copy it to default.conf ?
  3. is any way we can stop or pause mover when its running ?
  4. Added Server with same name not adding data to InfluxDB , opened isshue After added second server Then no data in InfluxDB added when this server checks was only 21197 , added 13956 . host "" data for same name 'HOT' is missing in influxDB. seems to be influxBD and not Speedtest Tracker problem but will be good to know if someone using export to influxDB with same name servers have this issue also ?!?
  5. can i send you syslog in message ?
  6. @itimpi still have message of unclean shutdown but no parity started... this is part of the end when shutdown: part of start in morning when power on:
  7. i added syslog to usb but cant really see why unclean shutdown , when i stop array befor shutdown its OK. but if not, having message on boot that unclean shutdown detected and parity check will run , but also not every time its running.... also checked usb disk on windows chkdsk and its OK. i have timeout on vm 30s increased to 60s but not using really vms now, but a lot of dockers. i read manual link they say 300s for vm... i have docker timeout 10s to 20s and disk timeout 90s to 180s. but somehow still have unclean shutdown .... is (VM/Docker shutdown time-out) for one vm/container only or for all of them?
  8. Oh ,i used plugin but forgot to set (Resume array operations on next array start) ... back then OK i will try to check with flash also .
  9. Thanks for the help , i have already syslog but only in local logs share and found last commands was: its looks like before when was no unclean shutdown, having 90s in disk setting for Shutdown time-out, it was enough, but will check it more in deep ... also was interesting , Cumulative parity check working only if server don't have shut downed ? if i remember correct increments lost after shutdown for parity checks ?
  10. OK got it, Strange that not fixed by full parity check but then fixed by partial parity check... this was not full picture , is what you mean ? , also have it in discord ... The strange thing is , today i have also unclean shutdown and started parity at morning ?!? like i sad before, i turn off server every night off (checking console for nothing running like mover or etc ... only in this case i was have unclean shutdown and parity started) but now I have every day unclean shout down and starting parity check?!? what or where i can check to fix it?
  11. After Parity Problems Assistant on error sector :
  12. i think the Problem is after last Update: i Canceled parity auto check that run on 1 day this month ,4 days ago ... but then every day on morning when server start i have message 'unclean shutdown detected' , but no parity run. bu im checking nothing is running in console befor shutdown the server at every night. and was no problem befor week maybe. So today in morning its run parity check becose unclean shutdown and i didnt canceled it. but at end i have 1 error found , what does this mean? didnt have errors befor ...