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  1. Sure, there is already exist backup script for flash drive that you can find I think in User Scipt topic...
  2. Yes, there are all your xml templates, if they deleted you can't get to container templates. Sorry not mentioned that seems they deleted.
  3. It's not issue with Folder View, you should check your flash drive for config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user where container template xml files
  4. @jbartlett have strange benchmark result for Samsung 870 Evo 1TB : should be about 500+ Mb/s
  5. You can remove redisinsight binded folder in container if you want, but then will be no data saved after container updated
  6. Support thread for masterwishx/browserless-v2 playwright-chrome - browserless/chromium image. browserless is a web-service that allows for remote clients to connect, drive, and execute headless work; all inside of docker. It offers first-class integrations for puppeteer, playwright, selenium's webdriver, and a slew of handy REST APIs for doing more common work. On top of all that it takes care of other common issues such as missing system-fonts, missing external libraries, and performance improvements. We even handle edge-cases like downloading files, managing sessions, and have a fully-fledged documentation site. If you've been struggling to get Chrome up and running docker, or scaling out your headless workloads, then browserless was built for you. This docker is needed for , you can find it in Ca Apps . its like tool . more read here and here add this var to after install to your PLAYWRIGHT_DRIVER_URL=ws://yourIP:yourPORT/chromium?token=yourtoken&launch={"defaultViewport":{"height":1080,"width":1920},"headless":false,"stealth":true}&blockAds=true Browserless-v2 is designed to always require a token. This means that, if you don't pass a TOKEN env variable, a randomly generated token will be set.
  7. Support thread for masterwishx - RedisInsight redis/redisinsight docker image. Take your productivity to the next level when developing with Redis or Redis Stack! Use RedisInsight to visualize and optimize Redis data. A powerful desktop manager, RedisInsight provides an intuitive and efficient UI for Redis and Redis Stack and supports CLI interaction in a fully-featured desktop UI client.
  8. Yes, always use advanced view, webui should be same as container port, so both 5540. so if you set host port to 5645 for example, unraid will auto redirect to container port. So you go to Webui
  9. You need to change container port to 5540
  10. checked both and they working , can you post your docker config ?
  11. also we can use /data for persistent storage
  12. it seems also working now ... port 5540