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  1. But i still need to wite script in go file for install them from boot/extra ?
  2. Thanks for great idea ,sorry im a new user for unraid and linux so i dont have a much expirience how to work better with unraid.
  3. I wanted maybe to add some slackware apps to unraid that i cant add with nerdpack ... sure unraid already great OS , so its enouth for all users. but i tryed to unpack and pack whithout any changes for start with next commands: UNPACK: ##### Extract microcode from bzroot ##### echo "Extract microcode from bzroot" cd /unraid dd if=bzroot bs=512 count=$(cpio -ivt -H newc < bzroot 2>&1 > /dev/null | awk '{print $1}') of=bzmicrocode ##### Upack bzroot to /unraid ##### echo "Upack bzroot to /unraid " dd if=bzroot bs=512 skip=$(cpio -iv
  4. @ich777 Thanks for great docker. I tryed to upack and pack bzroot file before someone linked to this docker. With same commands that you have. only added - m parameter for unpack to preserve dates of files. This from other old post - Unzip bzroot. So the problem when boots is OK but when Init start grep mount /proc/filesysem is not found and other staff mount not found. Maybe you know what is the problem? I checked your script and didn't found how to enable user script in docker?
  5. Finally i unpacked and packed bzroot without changes and bzroot check OK but in the middle of boot i have a problem : INIT: version 2.97 booting grep: /proc/filesystems: no such file or directory /proc/mounts: no such file or directory ans some kinds of other mounts Maybe Some one know where the problem ?
  6. Thanks for great videos , and your script backup, im using now script backup to unnasigned device, and to smb share from my Main Comp but only source IP smb share work, when im using source NAME that smb share can see it but when mounting, its cant find it .... 😞
  7. is it still working pack and unpack bzroot? i wanted to try but have some errors in command line ... can i use it in command line or user script ?
  8. If you mount GDrive smb mounted to some Ip, then you need it to be online when using backup right? Is any way to mount GDrive shared folder to unraid share. And then to make backup to GDrive? Thanks
  9. I have same problem when I add smb share NAME of my main comp, then unraid can't mount it (can't find the adress of this name) only working when IP adress inserted instead of name.
  10. Thanks for this docker, now waiting for they release v 1.0 looks this app will be very same like total commander ... also cool that its using TC plugins
  11. You mean its OK for 6.9.1 when (check) button is missing and (update) button is avalible only when updates ready ? PS (checked when disable (Settings - Notification Settings) plugin update, then a button is avalible ... like you said i think its from 6.8.3+ Thanks
  12. No , adblocker always disabled on unraid WebUI