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  1. @scolcipitato is anyway we can get also dark theme for preview context menu ? or we can do it by CSS ?
  2. OK Then , maybe if @scolcipitato will have time for it sometime , will be awesome . However he already made amazing job for us ...
  3. Oh , maybe it was in plugin itself (Docker Folder) i mean ... Yes Also if im not mistaking, Folder color also was orange when update was avalible for some containers
  4. Can we also change folder icon if some of auto started container is stopped? I think it was orange stop button in past...
  5. Is it working now? Tryed some dark themes but have same error. Tryed you location same error. Also tryed mount /theme to location..
  6. Sure as you wish, we are just checking the options ... Then maybe @hernandito as he made CSS for docker page or @Mattaton as he made CSS for dashboard, I also don't know ...
  7. Added at end of file , all fine but have icon above menu:
  8. you can post it in if you like
  9. it was orange (stop) button in folder i think
  10. Thanks for your request ,will be cool to have like was before folder orange on update and orange (stop) if autostart container is stopped
  11. i really dont remember but was somethink in folder that point to autostart container in folder is stopped maybe it was red square instead green play button ? Sorry for this and good luck Maybe @scolcipitato should open like [PLUGIN] FOLDERVIEW CSS or somethink like this ?
  12. The problem is fixed: Removed value of 60s time frame in first folder, then apply. Now all working fine. What is mean time frame by the way?
  13. Sorry but still one left without globe :