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  1. im sorry for confusing and not expained , i meaned in Nginx Proxy Manager Container not in goaccess-for-nginxproxymanager ofcourse.
  2. fo i found in container /etc/logrotate.conf : .. weekly rotate 4 ... also founded some info in official github for logrotate ...
  3. i wrote in discousion of officaly NPM but using jlesage/docker-nginx-proxy-manager , when switched in your version and auto log from NPM i have only 1 month for logs
  4. @xavierh having error after last update, added puid,guid 99,100 or 0,0 not helped :
  5. if some one using ssh client for github ? i cant see and so install Remote - SSH for connecting to github ... but ssh is working in terminal and SSH FS plugin and connecting to other servers after added openssh to ....
  6. ca some one explain how much time long for NPM logs we have ? For how long time we have logs in NPM ? cant find any setting for it in NPM , sorry asking here ...
  7. @TQ can we change UTC time used to local ?
  8. Wanted to move to Crafty-4 container from one bedrock server but found its shows 5% high cpu Usage ... after checking in htop, info of CPU usage on Crafty4, founded other CPU usage that shown in Docker GUI ... Also found it on my other containers , but like in docker gui i see less CPU usage (0.03%) but in htop (0.6%) for this apps and so on... if someone founded it Also , please Confirm . Using amazing docker Folder Plugin also ....
  9. having (credential store could not be accessed😞 i founded : if someone know about it ,please let me know if i can use it ?
  10. Also tryed to use sync by nextcloud on Android ,but its only sync to nextcloud sever (from my expirience) but fully working with Syncthing two ways on Notes Folder in Android and Notes in Unraid share that you can use in obsidian web container. Also there unnoficial plugins for sync for nextcloud webdav.
  11. Having some Permission denied i think after added some packages , is it important ?
  12. Thanks for cool plugin. its very useful. Just wanted to ask , there is no linked dirs shown in plugin ?
  13. Do we have some resriction for Logs i mean by time ? For how long time we have logs ? cant find any setting for it