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  1. Reopening this thread. This doesn't work anymore. I'm on unRaid 6.9.2 and borg 1.1.10. What I'm doing in the meantime is mounting the backup and copying the files I need to a temp share on the unRaid server and then grabbing them from there on my client machine. Any ideas?
  2. Need some help with Macinabox and High Sierra. I tried Googling around and couldn't find anything. 1. What do I need to do with OpenCore Configurator in High Sierra? It seems different than the Big Sur example in the video. I also can't see the main drive to mount to copy EFI and Nvars to the main disk. 2. If I have to hit enter when it boots up, how can I pass a graphics card to use something other than VNC? With a graphics card passed through, I can't press enter for it to continue. 3. How do I pass through a DVD drive from the server in High Sierra? 4. Is there any reaso
  3. Quick question: Does Macinabox Catalina sound only work with an AMD GPU?
  4. One more thing, I saw some leftover stuff in the appdata share in the array. Looked like a bunch of symbolic links. I moved them out the way and the Docker containers seem to still work.
  5. @Medwynd - I think I'm running into the same problems. I can see some appdata directories for Dockers on my Disk3 and I have appdata cache set to prefer. I think I see in this thread this might be because the array files are duplicates of the cache files. Spot checking some of them and it appears they are symbolic links. Do you think I can just delete the files in the array?
  6. I recently upgraded to 6.9.1 and it went great. Thanks unRaid Dev Team! When I upgraded, my VMs moved to the array from the SSD cache. I'm moving things around, but I thought I'd try this scheme going forward.\ Setup 3 shares: vmarray - cache = no, VMs stored and run from the array vmcache - cache = prefer, VMs stored and run from SSD cache vmdata - cache = no, data for VMs separated by VM, stores data in array (homedir, steam, etc.) Then when I create a VM, I would use a combo of vmarray+vmdata or vmcache+vmdata to hold my VMs and associated data. O
  7. Thanks @itimpi. I set the appdata to prefer to get it on the cache. I think it's only 30GB or so and I think I'll be good there. For the VMs, if I have to move things around manually, I was thinking of setting up a new share called "vmcache" and set it to prefer. Then manually move over the VM directories for the VMs I want on the cache. Then I'd have to change the file location inside of the VM to point to this share. This should allow me to choose what VMs are running off the cache. Does this scheme sound right?
  8. Thanks @Rick Gillyon - that did it, but I think a little too well! I could swear I had my appdata and domains on the cache before I upgraded. When I set the cache to prefer on these two shares, it did move the contents to the cache, but it exceeded the size of the cache drive. Is there a way to only move some of the VMs to the cache drive? Does everyone run docker containers off the array?
  9. I upgrade to 6.9.1 from 6.8.3 and it went well using the above process from @NAStyBox! Thanks unRaid Devs! However, I think step 3 moved my VMs off of the SSD cache and into the array. Can I just move them back to the SSD?
  10. The iDRAC6 is what I use to turn the server on and off and remote control it. I don't see anything about power supplies. I installed the IPMI plugin and added two voltages to the footer area of the home page. I'm assuming these two voltages are for each of the power supplies. I suppose I could monitor these for anything out of the ordinary, but I'm hoping there's something else out there that would send me a notification when one of the power supplies has a problem.
  11. I can't seem to install Xcode in my VM because it says there isn't enough drive space. I have about 39GB available on a drive called "Catalina" and 2GB free on a drive called "macOS Base System". Is it trying to install Xcode to the smaller drive?
  12. Just to close this out (I think), the parity is still running after ~19.5 hours and hasn't restarted. My backup script (borg based) is taking a little longer than normal but I'm guessing it's because it was interrupted mid-task. Concluding it was the power supply. I'll get on eBay and buy a couple of backups and consider running two PSU's in redundancy mode. It'll eat up an extra 5W or so, but it might be worth it. Thanks to those who responded with ideas!
  13. Yikes! I think I found the problem. It started another parity check at around noon right after it finished the one from this morning. And it only took 8 hours which is way too short. Then the server went offline altogether. So I went down into the basement and found that the system LEDS were all blinking(power, the HDDs, etc.) and the LED on the power supply was flashing between green and amber. I removed the cable and reseated the power supply. Still the same blinking lights. I only run a single power supply on my R710 to save power so I still had the second power supply
  14. No other signs of power outage at that time. The server is in the basement (Dell R710) and our cat doesn't have access to it. I have a UPS on the server and I think I have BIOS to start back up when power is restored. I was hoping a log was written before the shutdown process to show why the shutdown/restart occurred. Any other ideas?
  15. I have my system setup to do the parity check on the first of the month. For some reason, it started a parity check this morning at about 5am. The uptime of my system seems to indicate it may have rebooted by I can't tell why. I looked through the logs and see the entry below, but I can't tell what lead up to this. Is there a copy of the logs from the last time it was up and running that might show, say, a power outage? Anywhere else I should be looking? Nov 4 04:59:30 flores emhttpd: unclean shutdown detected