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  1. Compiled Last version of Fish Shell for Unraid 6.10.x , please feel free to check it No error of terminal add this file to /boot/extra/ folder
  2. Sorry that i dont realised to make directory , kdeglobals should be file right ? but after that somehow not working ...
  3. changed to /krusader/.config for file will appear in /mnt/user/appdata/krusader/.config but nothing changed ...
  4. Thanks , i will try i hope it will be saved after container update ,becose i have sometime some setting is lost , i think after container update maybe .... ( like editor and profil name , etc ...)
  5. How we can change date format in Krusader ? example: from 12h to 24h and from mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy ?
  6. The problem is fixed , it was becouse of very slow download of of file that take about 5-10 min, if waiting for download complete, and back to update window ,then update is going to next step verify and so on ...
  7. i used a lot of time with gui update and every time it was working, but for update 24.0.1 on unraid 6.10.1 not working , 504: Gateway time-out. also tryed from console step 1 from post 1.
  8. I think this plugin must be integrated to Unraid by Limetech becose if you have a lot of dockers also Vms its very very helpfull ... 🙂
  9. cant Update to v24.0.1 by WebUI having errors (504: Gateway time-out) on step 3 or 5 .... (Using Unraid 6.10.1 + NPM +Clouflare) tryed to add : location ~ \.php(?:$|/) { fastcgi_read_timeout 600; fastcgi_send_timeout 600; fastcgi_connect_timeout 600; proxy_connect_timeout 600; proxy_send_timeout 600; proxy_read_timeout 600; send_timeout 600; } but then having error of webdav and no connection from Cloudflare in update....
  10. @Squid Thanks again For fixing plugin all working Fine , but i missing the Webui Globus button near the log ,its not fixed or only i have the problem? button was after unraid first boot but after refresh page is missing ...
  11. Thanks a LOT ,Confirm working on 6.10.1 .
  12. Will be cool to have new Fish Shell . on Unraid 6.10.0 having next error on fish 3.1 from NerdPack: how to fix it ?
  13. But we still have a strong plugin makers with hi skills , maybe someone can continue the project?!?
  14. will be cool if some one can fix this plugin blank page on unraid 6.10.0 , its very useful for docker page.
  15. All working fine but having some log error:
  16. @wildfire305 So i changed /mnt/user/Backups:/media in container like its need to be , i just didnt saw example -v /media/backups:/media \ in docker of Binhex ... When urBackup make image of windows disk C its also make image of EFI system partition FAT32 but not the recovery partiton NTFS?
  17. Do you mean -v /mnt/user/Backup:/media in container?
  18. i also have /mnt/user/Backups but didnt pointed in container only in urBackup so maybe becose of it its made a share after first start urbackup_tmp_files and also i have dir like this in /mnt/user/Backups....
  19. No its made in /mnt/user/urbackup_tmp_files after install. i used only default paths in container : -v /mnt/user:/media \ -v /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-urbackup:/config \ i saw some tmp option in urBackup maybe its used for this...
  20. After first install of docker i have automaticly share created "urbackup_tmp_files" do i need it ? for what its used?