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  1. buyed for first time 9207-8i and connected 2 SSD to it, also see this error . so i understand i need to flash it from p20 to p16 for trim will work on unraid 6.9.2 too? i have kingston :SSD 1. sv300 ------ 2. suv500 - Deterministic read data after TRIM i can see that only suv500 trim not working ?
  2. how much more sata connectors can be added on line, were 3 original sata power already ? corsair CX600 power suplay 2 line x3 sata power connectors . the WD Red 4TB has 1.75A on spin up ,and 18awg = 10A so its 6 sata HDDs on line, so 3 more can be added?
  3. Thanks , i downloaded and checked by -list command like in you first post...
  4. also founded that linux installer is same date like for Dos installer
  5. you mean installer or firmware? i already got flash v20.00.07.00 on my card but wanted installer for linux to see flash2sas -list command and finded only Installer_P20_for_Linux Version: 04/04/2016
  6. Finally i received the 9207-8i the original card from ebay and was very suprised , however was hoping that its original and by all signes i know it is original card ,also by link posted befor . also looks like new ...
  7. @JorgeB The last version for 9207-8i is Installer_P20_for_Linux Version: 04/04/2016? some how Installer_P16_for_Linux Version: having 11/13/2019 newver date ?!? i buyed the card with v flashed that is the lasted version right ?
  8. I founded cables on amazon (#10Gtek# 6G Internal Mini SAS 36pin SFF-8087 Male to 4X SATA 7pin Female Fan-Out Cable, 0.5-m (1.6ft)) Wanted to buy unbranded from aliexpress befor but this i think is better, but they dont have the locking litches on sata side ! is it good choice ? i never was using befor sata cables without locking litches. also founded that cables (Supermicro CBL-0097L-03 51/51cm SFF-8087 To 4x SATA forward breakout +sideband ) also without locking litches ... why its so ?
  9. Thanks for the link . They (china sellers) also use (oem ver ) name on they card so hard to understand what you will really get, also they have (open box ,new cards) .... i asked for seller to give me link to new but original card, but not 100 %sure what i will get in end . so option to buy used from usa guys is more prefered offcourse .... in they sell new cards i can see by prices ?
  10. Thanks for help, finally maked order for my first HBA card from china ebay seller, new LSI 9207-8i = 80$ "im very hoping it will be new and original" H200 =54$ is much chipper from china sellers. wanted to buy from Art of Server H200 used ,its a little more cost plus sending ,so for me its about 100$ with sipping. but its original for sure i think.
  11. Thanks for answer, it's good to know, I will check the specs also, it was in video on YouTube, the man uses noctua 40mm fan, so maybe he has some temperature problems on his card then.
  12. on 9207-8i ? also Art of Server youtube channel sayed that 2308 is more hot than 2008 ... so wandered what temperatures they are... can we see temps of HBA cards on unraid by system temp or impi ?
  13. I saw in YouTube video that 9207-8i is very hot like 150°C,after mounted 40mm fan it's 85°C... in pc case. So I'm little disconfused to buy 9211-8i or 9207-8i, now Having 6 HDDs, want to add 2HDD and 2SSD. for now I need it for HDDs, and having 6 sata ports on board so its can be used for SSDs, if I move all HDDs on HBA. So interested about temperature of 9211-8i.
  14. Yea i know , sorry for bothering im fist time trying setup iGPU to container and ffmpeg , i thought maybe you know about it...
  15. @ich777 forgot to ask maybe you know i was some warning in console ffmpeg also befor IGP added to container : WARNING: library configuration mismatch is my config right and having iGPU enabled ?
  16. OK thanks , i saw now i forgot "intel-graphics tensorflow-amd64-avx2" instead "tensorflow-amd64-avx2"... Thanks again for this cool container, next spteps they should add Multi user support Also we have now Face AI, if somebody dont know ...
  17. Sorry i forgot , its for PhotoPrism , i added PHOTOPRISM_INIT: "tensorflow-amd64-avx2" is working and when only first time container start i have message about starting avx2. but for gpu they write : Optional hardware devices for video transcoding and machine learning: # devices: # - "/dev/video11:/dev/video11" # Video4Linux (h264_v4l2m2m) # - "/dev/dri/renderD128:/dev/dri/renderD128" # Intel GPU # - "/dev/dri/card0:/dev/dri/card0" # Hardware video transcoding options: # PHOTOPRISM_FFMPEG_BUFFERS: "64" # FFmpeg capture buffers (default: 32) # PHOTOPRISM_FFMPEG_BITRATE: "32" # FFmpeg encoding bitrate limit in Mbit/s (default: 50) # PHOTOPRISM_FFMPEG_ENCODER: "h264_v4l2m2m" # Use Video4Linux for AVC transcoding (default: libx264) # PHOTOPRISM_FFMPEG_ENCODER: "h264_qsv" # Use Intel Quick Sync Video for AVC transcoding (default: libx264) # PHOTOPRISM_INIT: "intel-graphics tensorflow-amd64-avx2" # Enable TensorFlow AVX2 & Intel Graphics support
  18. @ich777Should we use 2 Devices for IGPU or only one ? : devices: - "/dev/dri/renderD128:/dev/dri/renderD128" # Intel GPU - "/dev/dri/card0:/dev/dri/card0"
  19. תודה, ראיתי. לא בטוח שאפשר לרשום בשפה אחרת כאן English Only
  20. im from Israel ,so i need to pay from usa for shipping too , but from china somehow freeshiping ...
  21. if someone interested to know if card is geniue with LSI logo you can check the PCB upper layer and check the video "Is this the best counterfeit LSI HBA? | Tips to avoid fake LSI SAS controller cards" from Art of Server