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  1. tjb_altf4's post in How To Set Up A Cron Job In Unraid was marked as the answer   
    User Scripts plugin is the easiest way to work with scripting + cron in unraid, it also adds addition events for start/stop of array.
  2. tjb_altf4's post in Segmentation in VM Panel was marked as the answer   
    The docker folder plugin works with VMs also, which can achieve this effect.
  3. tjb_altf4's post in Can I passthrough an NVIDIA GPU if its the only GPU installed? was marked as the answer   
    Pretty sure vfio binding happens too late to work for the primary display device.
    Passing a correct vBIOS should allow the card to be passed to the VM successfully in this scenario.
  4. tjb_altf4's post in Questions before switching to unRAID Pro from GreyHole was marked as the answer   
    A3.  Install nerdpack plugin, which allows you to install packages through the GUI, with User Scripts plugin being a nice frontend for running scripts on a schedule.

    Alternatively you could look at running the scripts through a python based docker.
    VM is also possible, normally you would just create a vdisk for it to run on, but passing a whole disk is also possible.
  5. tjb_altf4's post in Moved Unraid to New Build and Won't Start was marked as the answer   
    Couple of things to try:
    Make sure secure boot is disabled in bios If you need to enable UEFI boot, rename the EFI- directory to EFI
  6. tjb_altf4's post in is unraid about to nuke my btrfs pools ? was marked as the answer   
    OK after finding a similar report by another user, I decided to reboot as he did and the warning went away as it did for him... Started the array and all is well... thank fk.
    This is the second time Unraid's BTRFS pool state management has tripped me up, it would be great to see the BTRFS implementation in Unraid get a bit more love before we dive in the deep end with ZFS.