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  1. I want to create a custom Docker Network that maps fully to a different Network Port in Unraid. For example ETH0 is my normal Ip but ETH3 is a VLAN Network. I want to map eth 3 to a custom Network. Any Ideas
  2. I have added an additional PCIE Network card and enabled it. I want to map one docker to it and im going to put it on a seperate VLAN. How should i go about this, can anyone either point me to video or let me know the steps.
  3. So i have 32GB, only around 2 GB Used 700MB free and constantly 28GB Cached Is this a worry, if so how can i limit and fix this. Thanks
  4. Omg thank you ! This should be default I still think it can be prettier and it may be leaving information out as CPU on dashboard going crazy compared to Dockers and thats all i have.
  5. Under Docker Menu/Dashboard, the ability to see how much memory/CPU speed each docker is using. This would be very helpful in diagnosing issues as-well such as weird usage stats with lots of dockers.
  6. I have installed 2 Ethernet PCIE cards, unraid has picked them as there are more ETH1 2 ect but it says link down. Its all patched in but nothing, any ideas !
  7. Saw GoAccess was added to CA. The Software looks awesome, but it just doesn't seem to work. I can't find any guide and would be willing to tip someone who make it work/make a guide on installation!
  8. I understand that, so if both data disks failed you lose the Array, would the 8TB allow for 2 Drive Failures ? Or is it always one?
  9. Let's say i have 500GB Cache Drive SSD, and a Spare 500GB HDD. I currently have just 1 SSD as Cache, would you guys reccomend adding the 500GB HDD as second drive for redundancy or not, how much will it effect performance. Would like your views!
  10. Following your explanation, would you atleast need a 8TB drive as parity for 2 data disks. Second question, if you had 1 data disk and 1 parity disk and the data disk or parity fails, can you rebuild the arrary by replacing the disk
  11. Hi, My current understanding of Unraid is the following. Parity = Data mirrors from the Data Drives Nightly, like raid but not instantly like and allows for different sizes such as 8TB Parity and 2 4TB Data Disks Data = In use constantly, (if cache not used ) and will backup to parity ( nightly ?? hourly ?? ) Which leads to my question. I would want to use amazing NAS Drives for my Data Disk's but i should use the CHEAPEST Desktop HDD for parity. I'm sure my understanding is wrong and want someone to ELI5 if i am indeed incorrect.