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  1. Hi everyone! Jitsi is working fine on my UNRAID SRV , thanks to @SpaceInvaderOne But, no way to record... any ideas? Thanks 🥰
  2. hi! did you solve your problem? same same for me...
  3. Hi @JorgeB Same trouble last night You can check the picture if you want...
  4. Thx @JorgeB i have just removed all fixed IP for my containers. Now... wait and See
  5. Hi @JorgeB Already done and no idea about how to fix it...
  6. Same problem for me. i also try to change my usb stick, no difference...
  7. Bonsoir et merci pour vous messages ❤️ n'hésitez pas à rejoindre le discord ou nous sommes très gentils ^^
  8. Merci beaucoup ! n'hésitez pas à vous abonner à ma chaine : mon compte twitter : @superboki le discord :
  9. Hi Guys! could you add an example.conf for jitsi? i have install jitsi APPS (jitsi/prosody) and i would like to use my subdomain jitsi.* cheers!
  10. Hi! it's almost working now... My vpn is on air but i only have a local acces to rtorrent (with When i am trying to reach rtorrent from my domain name outside my local network... it's not working
  11. hi guys! Thx Binhex for your amazing work and support i have already seen many post concerning rtorrent + VPN with Nordvpn Provider but nothing clear about the configuration: this is a part of my conf file and my ovpn file is in the right place : environment: - VPN_ENABLED=yes - VPN_USER=mynordvpnuser - VPN_PASS=mynordvpnpass - VPN_PROV=custom - ENABLE_PRIVOXY=no - ENABLE_FLOOD=no - ENABLE_AUTODL_IRSSI=no - ENABLE_RPC2=yes - ENABLE_RPC2_AUTH=yes - LAN_NETWORK= - NAME_SERVERS=,,,,,,, - DEBUG=false - PHP_TZ=Europe/Paris - UMASK=000 - PUID=1999 - PGID=1999 this conf doesn't work... Any ideas? thx