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  1. Well that sure makes it easy. Thanks! Last night I rebooted the server though and the fans refused to go below their max speeds. It sounded like I was sitting next to a jet airplane about to take off. I tried so many setting and the fans would just sometimes slow down for an instant. Finally had to reboot the BMC and then it was fine. The settings in the BMC for fan mode keep changing themselves though and I don't understand how that can happen. My choices are: Set Fan to Standard Speed Set Fan to Full Speed Set Fan to Optimal Speed Set Fan to P
  2. So that does it and I was able to reduce my high temperature threshold down to 45 degrees where I want it. Will this make the fans run at 100% when the hard drives hit 45 degrees? What exactly is low temperature threshold? It seems counterintuitive to me that raising it will reduce fan speed, but it did. Thanks, craigr
  3. Sorry if this has been explained elsewhere and if it has I would appreciate a link. My config is in my signature but its a SuperMicro X11SCZ-F motherboard with four Noctua NF-P14s redux-1500 PWM fans connected to FAN1 and FAN4. I have these fans set to poll the hard drives for temperatures. The trouble is that they are running too fast most of the time and not as fast as I'd like them to during a parity sync. I just switched to "Fan to PUE2 (Power Utilization Effectiveness) Speed" but it seems identical to "Fan to Optimal Speed." With my high temperature threshold s
  4. I know this is old but just to follow up... I had to flash three more of these yesterday and found that sas2flash.efi only works on older UEFI versions. I was not able to quickly locate an old enough EFI image so I tried using the sas2flsh.exe DOS program. This resulted in the error you got: ERROR: Failed to initialize PAL. Exiting program. And then I remembered, this error happens when you try and use the DOS sas2flsh.exe on any modern computer that has an UEFI BIOS. I took the card out and put it into my 10+ year old desktop that now runs Chromium OS for my son's school
  5. I don’t ever sleep the server, only the Windows 10 VM running on it. craigr
  6. Need to report Need to report same issue. Spin all drives down and spin back up resolves.
  7. So your saying if a SATA drive is connected to a SAS controller that spindown and up are still crazy? This is a huge problem for me as I have 16 spinners connected to my LSI condoler that are getting spun up and down for no reason multiple times per day. Many of these drives world otherwise go days or even weeks without needing to spin up otherwise. I love the multiple cache pools and otherwise RC1 is running like a dream for me. Installing RC2 now. Thanks for the continued hard work and development, craigr
  8. And now more. It basically spun up a bunch of drives to get SMART data, took a break, then started again.
  9. All right, I am getting weird spinups now too: Dec 12 20:14:00 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sde Dec 12 20:15:28 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdn Dec 12 20:55:49 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdv Dec 12 20:59:41 unRAID emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdn Dec 12 21:37:57 unRAID emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdt Dec 12 22:00:33 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdn Dec 12 22:13:47 unRAID emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sde Dec 12 22:21:25 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sds Dec 12 22:43:40 unRAID emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdv Dec 12 22:54:15 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdh Dec
  10. Both my Samsung 850 and 840 PRO drives support standby. In that state they consume less than 0.07 watts. It had been working in v6.8 so I suspect the new spindown functionality upgrades? The only beta of 6.9 I tried was Beta35, but it was so brief that I am not sure if the issue was present in Beta35 as well or not. Kind regards, craigr
  11. I don't seem to have many of the issues reported with discs improperly spinning up and I am still having correct spindown. Maybe because the LSI card is well supported? What I am seeing however is that my SATA SSD's are not "spinning down" or entering power saving mode. They are plugged into the motherboard SATA ports, not the LSI controller. Thanks, caigr
  12. CA Backup / Restore Appdata Community Applications Custom Tab Disable Mitigation Settings Dynamix Cache Directories Dynamix Local Master Dynamix Schedules Dynamix SSD TRIM Dynamix System Information File Activity Fix Common Problems IPMI support Libvirt Hotplug USB Nerd Tools Parity Check Tuning Preclear Disks Tips and Tweaks Unassigned Devices Unassigned Devices Plus User Scripts VFIO-PCI CFG There you have it. Kind regards, craigr
  13. Yes, BTRSF. I only use UD for discs that I want to drop in and pull out later at the moment. craigr
  14. Updated from Beta35 yesterday. Painless. Only issue was that on the first reboot a parity check started. craigr