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  1. I just unplugged and re-terminated the CAT6 cable between the switch and unRAID and now have this again. Thanks, craigr
  2. Well it's happening again. I have screen shots of iperf3 after running, but must admit that I usually get above 9 Gbits/sec, but not right now for some reason. Screen shot of the unRAID info window and a screen shot of my ICX6450 switch showing a 10G connection. Thanks, craigr
  3. Thanks. I have been waiting for this to happen again as it used to be a regular occurrence. However, my server has been up for 81 days without reboot and still reports 10000 Mbps. It used to always start reporting 1000 Mbps within a few days so I have no idea what changed. I'll report back if this ever shows up again and post a log. Thanks all, craigr
  4. Running 6.9.2 and my full hardware info is in my signature. I am using an Intel X550-T2 NBASE-T network adaptor. When I first startup unRAID the System Information correctly reports 10000 Mbps, but after some time unRAID will report 1000 Mbps. My Brocade ICX6450 correctly reports a proper 10G connection and iperf3 (from nerd tools) confirms that unRAID is truly using the full 10G. It seems to just be a reporting error by unRAID and that the system is actually at 10000 Mbps. Thoughts? craigr
  5. Could you please point out where in the release notes where the workaround is. I have looked and do not see it. Sometimes release notes become scatter. I looked at these: I can't get pihole to run with the custom servers. I'd like to get that working, but for now I have just substituted and Thanks, craigr
  6. I'd really appreciate a link, thanks. I'd like to know because I am not sure I understand. When the container launches it does so quickly so I don't think it's downloading any updated version or anything. For me, with the official PLEX docker it was the only repository that actually allows me to get the PLEXPass version properly. I now have been suspecting this may be why I wasn't having issues when others were. Kind regards, craigr
  7. If you are running the official PLEX docker and want to run the PLEXPASS version, you should also change your repository to: plexinc/pms-docker:plexpass craigr
  8. Nobody know what tape goes on those cables typically? Any insight would be welcome! craigr
  9. Could somebody enlighten me please? What kind of tape is it that you typically find on SAS to SATA cables? It's some kind of fabric tape and I'd like to get some to make custom cables, but I also want to be sure I get the right tape so that it holds up. I mean is this it",+High+Temp+Wire+Harness+Wrapping+Tape%2C+Black+Adhesive+Fabric+Tape%2CNoise+Damping+Heat+Proof+(19MM+×+25M)(2+Rolls)&qid=1618521057&sr=8-1 Thanks, craigr
  10. Yeah, it doesn't matter if the file or directory is there or not, just create it. You can use: touch /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf Or simply navigate to the directory in your FLASH share and use Windows or whatever OS you are running. I did it in my VM's GUI. craigr
  11. For whatever reason, I do not need to downgrade PLEX. On my system hardware acceleration of all kinds including h.265 4k HDR with tone mapping is working properly on all of the newest PLEX Server releases. My config is in my signature. Just saying not everyone may need to downgrade PLEX. I have no idea why it works fine for some and not others. craigr
  12. Updated from 6.9.1 with no issues so far. VM's and dockers all working fine. craigr
  13. This is what I am wondering about for you? craigr
  14. I just crawled out of bed and tried with tone mapping on or off, both work fine. I am using the official PLEX server docker. Based on your thread, the problem may be only with certain CPU's. I'm running an Xeon E-2288G. craigr