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  1. craigr

    Big HDDs 8,10,12 TB

    Western Digital used to always be WD RED drives. Any model RED could be in there; all 5400 RPM some with 128 meg cache and some with 256 meg. Some made in Thailand and some in China (I made sure to always get ones made in Thailand). Now Western Digital has been putting "WHITE" drives in often. By all accounts, the WHITE drives are just RED drives with a WHITE label so that people can't shuck them and then resell on eBay as RED drives; and also to instill doubt in the minds of us shuckers. I have two WHITE drives out of the lot, both look just like the RED's case and PCB, are made in Thailand, have 256 megs, and are 5400 RPM. One WHITE is installed and the other is a cold spare... I always keep a cold spare. However, I hear there is now an 8TB RED drive that is not helium filled and these are also starting to show up in some externals. I'm going to buy a few more next month and I will avoid the air drives. craigr
  2. craigr

    More cache on the parity drive a good thing?

    That's kind of what I figured. Thanks, craigr
  3. Just to complete this topic, I pulled the drive out of the server and put it into my Windows desktop. The desktop can only see the drive's model number if the PC boots with the drive in (no hot swapping). Disc management couldn't do anything with it nor could using the cmd. However, I drooped it into a TiVo DVR and it worked (only sees 3TB which is normal on a TiVo...). So since the server motherboard controller worked, I unplug all the drives from my server, threw in a 500 GB hard drive, and did a quick install of Windows. Sure enough I then could see the suspect 4TB drive in Windows using the server mother board controller. So I partitioned the suspect 4TB drive for a TiVo while in Windows (this is necessary for TiVo to be formatted in a Windows PC to access more than 3TB of the disc). I put the 4TB into the TiVo and now have a good working 4TB drive with all 4TB. In the server I'm replacing 5x drives with WD 8TB drives. The 4x 3TB drives are coming out, but I first swapped an 8TB for the weird 4TB drive and rebuilt perfectly. Everything is running fine on the sever... and TiVo. craigr
  4. I've got five more WD RED 8TB drives to install. Some of the older ones have a 128MB cache while the newer ones have a 256MB cache. All things being equal, is using a higher cache drive for parity at all beneficial. When compared to use in the array? Thanks, Craig
  5. The only thing I can think to try is a different SAS to SATA breakout cable. The four I have are identical so if the one drive suddenly isn’t getting a good connection with these cables’ SATA terminator... craigr
  6. craigr

    Big HDDs 8,10,12 TB

    I've got two WD 8TB RED's and am about to add five more. These are easy to get as externals and then shuck them. They can be regularly had for around $150 and on super sale for as little as $135. craigr
  7. Well, I tried backdating the firmware on the LSI9211 from to version 19 and version 16. That did not change anything either :-/ WTF? craigr
  8. Well, the drive also passed short and extended SMART tests and all SMART data looks good. craigr
  9. Oh, I also tried two other drives on the odd ball WD40EZRX power and SATA cables and they work fine... craigr
  10. I have six WD40EZRX (five from the same lot) and one of them (all have about 4.5 years on them) suddenly stopped being recognized by its LSI9211-IT controller. I tried swapping SAS to SATA cables, power cables, power rails, and every channel on my two LSI9211-IT boards. One time the broken WD40EZRX showed up, but then I could not get it again. If I connect the strange WD40EZRX to a SATA port on the main board the drive is fine and the array starts on power up. This has been running perfectly since the drive was new in this configuration. Today I powered down my server for about five hours and when I booted back up unRAID said the WD40EZRX was missing. I am temporarily (hopefully) running the drive off a MB SATA port. What gives? Anyone have a thought? I pulled down the menu in unRAID to assign a device and the drive is not there. I'm pretty certain the controller is not seeing it. I cleaned the contacts on the drive, removed the PC board from the drive and cleaned the PC board to drive contacts. I do SMD rework as part of my profession so I checked each pin with magnification and a dental pick for the SATA and POWER inputs on the drive's PC board (all are good). Thanks, craigr
  11. craigr

    Preclear plugin

    It seems that the script is more aggressive on testing the drive and takes a lot longer. Is that my imagination? craigr
  12. craigr

    Preclear plugin

    Are others having this issue? I just picked up 5x 8TB drives and want to preclear. I’ll avoid updating unRAID until this is resolved. craigr
  13. Fix common problems checking your drives. You can set FCP so that it only does that to drives that are spun up Ah, THANK YOU! Though I thought I had already set FCP to only check drives that are spun up... but I hadn't. craigr
  14. I have this activity on all of my discs at the exact same time (15 discs and cache as well). What is causing these temp files to be created, opened, then deleted, any ideas? I have had issues with discs spinning up randomly as well. The only users that have write privileges are my login and root. ** Disk 13 Apr 29 00:12:33 CREATE => /mnt/disk13/1628246992.tmp Apr 29 00:12:33 OPEN => /mnt/disk13/1628246992.tmp Apr 29 00:12:33 OPEN => /mnt/disk13/1628246992.tmp Apr 29 00:12:33 DELETE => /mnt/disk13/1628246992.tmp Apr 29 00:19:18 CREATE => /mnt/disk13/651708839.tmp Apr 29 00:19:18 OPEN => /mnt/disk13/651708839.tmp Apr 29 00:19:18 DELETE => /mnt/disk13/651708839.tmp Apr 29 04:30:47 CREATE => /mnt/disk13/701376598.tmp Apr 29 04:30:47 OPEN => /mnt/disk13/701376598.tmp Apr 29 04:30:47 OPEN => /mnt/disk13/701376598.tmp Apr 29 04:30:47 DELETE => /mnt/disk13/701376598.tmp May 06 04:31:22 CREATE => /mnt/disk13/1207819530.tmp May 06 04:31:22 OPEN => /mnt/disk13/1207819530.tmp May 06 04:31:22 OPEN => /mnt/disk13/1207819530.tmp May 06 04:31:22 DELETE => /mnt/disk13/1207819530.tmp May 13 04:30:57 CREATE => /mnt/disk13/2135694730.tmp May 13 04:30:57 OPEN => /mnt/disk13/2135694730.tmp May 13 04:30:57 OPEN => /mnt/disk13/2135694730.tmp May 13 04:30:57 DELETE => /mnt/disk13/2135694730.tmp I'm concerned. Thanks, craigr
  15. craigr

    Preclear plugin

    Avoid running cables parallel to each other. Having them cross over each other isn’t usually an issue, but if run side by side the EM fields can cause errors. craigr