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  1. All right. That all makes sense. Thanks one more time. Best regards, craigr
  2. Strange. Do you have any examples of why this could be the case? Seems very odd to me. Do you think this drive is OK? Best, craigr
  3. Thanks. So that would imply that that my data was good on the drive? And also the sectors were good? Is this drive OK? This would imply that my parity was also sound when I rebuilt the drive, right? Thanks again, craigr
  4. So this is what I have after running preclear... # ATTRIBUTE INITIAL CYCLE 1 STATUS # 5-Reallocated_Sector_Ct 0 0 - # 9-Power_On_Hours 7108 7154 Up 46 # 194-Temperature_Celsius 32 33 Up 1 # 196-Reallocated_Event_Count 0 0 - # 197-Current_Pending_Sector 8 0 Down 8 # 198-Offline_Uncorrectable 0 0 - # 199-UDMA_CRC_Error_Count 0 0 - I got the warning that I had a smart error on one of my WD80EFZX drives showing "197-Current_Pending_Sector 8" so I replaced the drive and rebuilt. I took the drive with 8 pending sectors and ran an erase and preclear on it. After the preclear ended I now have zero pending sectors, but also 0 for reallocated event count. I presumed that when the pending sectors were cleared that the reallocated event count would go up. What happened to the 8 pending sectors? Granted, this was the RAW value, but still... shouldn't something have changed.? The disk appears to be 100% fine according to the smart data with no reallocated sectors. What gives? I'm going to run three more preclears on the disc and if it passes I think I'll return it to service. What do you all think? I did a parity check a couple days before I got the smart error. I've been using unRAID for many years and this is the first time I had anyparity sync errors that I did not expect; got 2 parity sync errors that were "fixed." Could it be that I did not actually have parity sync errors, but that some of the data in the 8 sectors that had been pending reallocation were what was actually bad, and not the parity? At this point I have rebuilt the array and overwritten parity so if the pending sectors caused the error than somewhere on that disk I have some bad data... Thanks, craigr
  5. Sorry to revive an old topic, but this is the first thread that comes up in Google... I am wondering if pause and restart the server has ever been implemented for parity checks... Thanks, craigr
  6. Sorry if this has already been asked, but is it possible to use "binhex sabnzbdvpn" and "binhex delugevpn" at the same time? I ask because it seems like there would be a problem with two VPN connections on on computer at the same time? Is there a way for one docker to use the VPN service from the other? Thanks as always, craigr
  7. Updated with no issues. Thanks, craigr
  8. Thanks clowrym for this Transmission docker. I'm having issues with Deluge and wanted to try something different. Apparently Deluge can start to have issues when you are seeding more than around 100 torrents... Anyway, your Transmission was simple to setup with PIA and I am getting an IP in Toronto with port forwarding. I read several pages of this thread, but didn't see an answer; does your Transmission docker have a kill switch? I see this under "open VPN options" "--inactive 3600 --ping 10 --ping-exit 60 --restart=always" what exactly does each mean? Should I add the --restart=always? Best, craigr
  9. Updated without any issues. Thanks, craigr
  10. Yeah, I understand that. If I had the knowledge I'd do it... but I'm not a coder so I don't Kind regards, craigr
  11. Yeah, I can see why you are torn. I think on something like "196 Reallocated event count" or "197 Current pending sector" that the highlight should remain, but with UDMA CRC errors, once you correct the problem it's fixed until another event happens in the future... at which point you will be notified. In fact, I would argue that having the highlight go away after acknowledgement, and then show up again if another error occurs would actually make it more noticeable. Like you I think there should be a more intuitive way to acknowledge the error. I didn't even know it could be done until I searched the forums with google and then I had to ask here how to actually do it because I couldn't figure out how. I just replaced all my drives under 8TB several months back and many of them had UDMA CRC errors from a day a SAS cable was not fully inserted... my solution until today had been to turn off notifications on all of those drives, and there were like six of them. I really wish I had known about the ability to acknowledge the warning before now. As far as the highlight goes, it would be cool if the user could choose whether or not to display it really. Maybe on a line by line basis, or maybe with certain themes? Anyway, thanks again for your help. craigr
  12. Actually, all I had to do was spin up the drive and the orange icon showed up. I acknowledged so hopefully that's it. However, I wish that the "199 UDMA CRC error count" line on the "Disk 5 Settings" page were not still highlighted... Oh well, can't have everything I guess. I do think it would be a good feature to have the highlight removed after acknowledging an error though. Thank you so much again, craigr
  13. THANK YOU! The Dashboard does not have any orange SMART icons right now, but I had monitoring of the attribute disabled. I suspect I will have to wait until tomorrow after unRAID checks the health of the array for the error to come back. I just re-enabled "SMART attribute notifications:" for "Attribute = 199 UDMA CRC error rate" on that drive and right now I show no errors on the Dashboard page. I'll follow up for sure. Kind regards, craigr