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  1. It may work... I'll let you know once I've tried it. I am having some unexpected issues that may keep me from setting this up for at least a few days. Kind regards, craigr
  2. DHCP on is coming from the router. However, the unRAID server is on a static IP as is the PC. So I don't think the PC would need to pull a DHCP as long as it's static. DNS is assigned at the unRAID server and specified at the PC as well. PC is running Windows 7. Thanks! craigr
  3. Yes exactly. However the switch handles LACP (HP 1810-24G J9803A). Thanks! craigr
  4. Also, right now both unRAID and the PC are connected to my switch, all with static IP addresses. craigr
  5. I want to do a kind of strange thing; I'd like to connect my PC (which is right next to my unRAID server) directly to the unRAID server AND be able to access the internet on the PC running "through" the unRIAD LAN port. I have an Intel 4-port I350 coming tomorrow and want to use all four port for 802.3ad LACP. I will then have two available NIC ports on my Supermicro. I would like to connect the PC to one of these two ports to access unRAID, but maintain internet connectivity with the PC by using unRAID's connection to the internet. Could somebody point me in the direction of how this may be accomplished? I know it's not that difficult, but lack the proper vocabulary and knowledge. This would make it so that I don't need to run anymore Ethernet cables through my walls to my office. Thanks for any help and kind regards, craigr
  6. I am having similar issues. I will post a log next time. If I am unpacking a large RAR file on the cache drive nothing else can happen on the array. Netdata will even freeze and when it comes back there is no data (a blank section) on all the CPU charts for however long it froze while extracting the files. craigr
  7. The CPU is in and running nicely. Thanks again, craigr
  8. I've been using this plug in for a very long time and absolutely love it. Thanks so much! I have a request. Would it be possible to move the "IPMI Summary" on the Dashboard from the top of the page to the bottom of the page? With the newer look of unRAID the look and layout for the IPMI Summary just down't match and I'd also like to have access to other information at the top of the page. A silly cosmetic tweak I know, but I just thought I would ask. Kind regards, craigr
  9. Finally was able to reboot and update. All looks good here, but I don't run any VM's. Thanks, craigr
  10. Well it’s been a while, but it looks like you may already have the right vendor to flash directly without cross flashing. You are in firmware 15 so you absolutely should upgrade. i think you may find that you can just flash it with no option rom directly. I’ll look at this more later when I can get to my computer. and yes I can send you version 14 if you need it. best, craigr
  11. I can already tell this is running really well. Big improvement! Thanks, craigr
  12. I have this problem as well coming from RC3. craigr
  13. Looks like a lot of great additions n the RC. As soon as I can reboot I'll apply it! Thanks, craigr
  14. I am running binhex-delugevpn already. Is it possible to run binhex-SABnzbdVPN at the same time considering there would be two VPN connections from the same PC? Better yet, is it possible to simply use the same VPN connection that binhex-delugevpn is already using? Thanks for any help! Kind regards, craigr
  15. Whew! Thank you sooooo much! I figured it had to be that way, but how intel spelled it out made me really question... Thanks for your help yet again. You’re a real asset to the forum. kind regards, craigr