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  1. I'd really appreciate a link, thanks. I'd like to know because I am not sure I understand. When the container launches it does so quickly so I don't think it's downloading any updated version or anything. For me, with the official PLEX docker it was the only repository that actually allows me to get the PLEXPass version properly. I now have been suspecting this may be why I wasn't having issues when others were. Kind regards, craigr
  2. If you are running the official PLEX docker and want to run the PLEXPASS version, you should also change your repository to: plexinc/pms-docker:plexpass craigr
  3. Nobody know what tape goes on those cables typically? Any insight would be welcome! craigr
  4. Could somebody enlighten me please? What kind of tape is it that you typically find on SAS to SATA cables? It's some kind of fabric tape and I'd like to get some to make custom cables, but I also want to be sure I get the right tape so that it holds up. I mean is this it",+High+Temp+Wire+Harness+Wrapping+Tape%2C+Black+Adhesive+Fabric+Tape%2CNoise+Damping+Heat+Proof+(19MM+×+25M)(2+Rolls)&qid=1618521057&sr=8-1
  5. Yeah, it doesn't matter if the file or directory is there or not, just create it. You can use: touch /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf Or simply navigate to the directory in your FLASH share and use Windows or whatever OS you are running. I did it in my VM's GUI. craigr
  6. For whatever reason, I do not need to downgrade PLEX. On my system hardware acceleration of all kinds including h.265 4k HDR with tone mapping is working properly on all of the newest PLEX Server releases. My config is in my signature. Just saying not everyone may need to downgrade PLEX. I have no idea why it works fine for some and not others. craigr
  7. Updated from 6.9.1 with no issues so far. VM's and dockers all working fine. craigr
  8. This is what I am wondering about for you? craigr
  9. I just crawled out of bed and tried with tone mapping on or off, both work fine. I am using the official PLEX server docker. Based on your thread, the problem may be only with certain CPU's. I'm running an Xeon E-2288G. craigr
  10. I think I read somewhere this was an issue but I thought it was solved. I’ll try turning mine off and on later if I can (got second covid shot yesterday and it kicked my butt). It may be that you need plexpass for it? Do you have a license? craigr
  11. All the info is in the documentation. There is also plenty on runnin the Nvidia drivers. See what happens if you leave “chmod -R 777 /dev/dri” in your go file. Mine didn’t need it, but some may. craigr
  12. i915 Is for the Intel’s GPU. you can also create the file in windows just by navigating there and creating a new text file with extension .conf. craigr
  13. I need 20 ports minimum and I am wondering if this exists? It seems that all of the 20+ port SAS cards that are also PCIe 3.0 use SFF8643. Is there one with SFF8087, preferably LSI? I'm trying to reclaim a PCIe slot and really don't want to use a SAS expander if I can help it. I might be forced into the RES2CV360 if I want to keep my nice SFF8087 breakout cables. Thanks, craigr
  14. This guide by lotetreemedia has been very helpful for me, but starting with unRAID 6.9.x the steps that are unraid specific should be done differently because unRAID has implemented GPU drivers. Everything lotetreemedia says to do in PLEX is still valid, but activating the driver is different. If you have lines in your "go" file you should remove them and change unRAID as follows: After completing lotetreemedia 's steps in the PLEX docker, all I had to do to get QuickSync working with 6.9.1 was r
  15. All 17 data drives were spun up; not the PARITY drives though. craigr
  16. Well hold on. I had rebooted earlier today and the drives had only had the SMART read once since then. I just restarted File Activity and each drive, one by one, is getting spun up and SMART read. This will require further investigation so I'll play with it. craigr
  17. All my info is in my sig if you need it, version 6.9.1. I was running the file activity plugin, but I actually turned it off to test if this was causing the issue. Not surprisingly it's not the file activity plugin. With file activity running, it does not show any files being accessed either. The only thing is that the log says SMART is checked and the drive is spun down. craigr
  18. Yeah, that is HBA IT only so you won't have to do a thing in software. Just plug-and-chug. craigr
  19. Run an extended (long) SMART test. I have had drives that pass preclrear but fail SMART. They are in a landfill. craigr
  20. Yeah, I have been wondering about this too. Mar 12 12:02:55 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdn Mar 12 12:02:58 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdg Mar 12 12:02:58 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdw Mar 12 12:02:58 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdd Mar 12 12:02:58 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdt Mar 12 12:02:58 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sde Mar 12 12:02:58 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdu Mar 12 12:02:58 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdr Mar 12 12:02:58 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sds Mar 12 12:02:58 unRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev
  21. It will work fine this way. I have used half a dozen of the M1015 cards and they are great if all you need is PCIe 2x. craigr
  22. Yeah, that's the trouble, you need a desktop that predates UEFI to use sas2flsh.exe, or a motherboard that uses a very early version of EUFI that will work with sas2flash.efi. My 12 year old desktop now runs Chromium OS for my son's 1st grade at home learning. Many evenings after he's asleep I have gone in there and flashed LSI cards with a DOS flash drive 😅. Two servers ago I ran a E3-1285v4 with a SuperMicro board and that UEFI worked with sas2flash.efi. I was shocked after I upgraded and sas2flash.efi didn't work anymore. craigr
  23. As long as the controller is HBA you shouldn't have to do anything with your configuration. Just physically relocated the drives and boot up. Are you connecting the external chassis via SAS? craigr