Tower cases with 5.25" drive bays top to bottom...


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the ideal tower case has external 5.25" drive cages top to bottom (i.e. Antec 900). I was reading some articles on SilentPCReview and found a list!


    brand / model / (5.25 bay count)


    AeroCool VX/VS-9 Pro

    Antec 1200 - (12)

    Antec 900 - (9)

    AZZA Helios 910

    Chieftec Smart WH-01

    Coolermaster Centurion 590 - (9)

    Coolermaster Stacker 810 - (11)

    Lianli PC-P80

    Lianli PC-P50


    Lian Li PC-A77FB - (12)



    Nexus Prominent 9 - (9)



    NZXT Evo - (9)

    Sharkoon Rebel 12 Eco / Value

    Silverstone KL01 & KL02

    Silverstone TJ-07

    Sunbeam AC9B-T Acrylic

    Thermaltake V5 - (9) (discontinued)

    Thermaltake V6 - (8)  (9 removal of top mount eSata for hotswap bay)

    XCLIO Nighthawk (9)

Xigmatek Utgard CPC-T90DB


Xigmatek Utgard Window CPC-T90DB-U02


Xigmatek Elysium Black Server Edition (non window) CCC-HSA0DS-U03 All Black Aluminum / Steel ATX Super Tower Computer Case - (12)






Xigmatek Elysium Black CCC-HSA0DS-U01 All Black Aluminum / Steel ATX Super Tower Computer Case - (12)




Xigmatek Elysium Silver CCC-HSA0DS-U02 Black / Silver Aluminum / Steel ATX Super Tower Computer Case - $220 + shipping


    Zalman MS1000

    Zalman Z7 Plus





hopefully this will help some new members find their cases for builds. I myself spent a few days looking at cases, this should speed things up a bit :)





MOD EDIT: added the AZZA Helios 910 and Nexus Prominent 9 to the list


EDIT (01/11/12): added CM 810 and a note in brackets for count (xx) = 5.25" drive bay count.

EDIT (01/12/12): added Xigmatek cases (12 bays) with pics/links.

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4-in-3s you'll be able to install without case modification.  For 5-in-3s you'll need to flatten or remove the tabs separating each 5.25" bay (in the photos it looks like they might be removable, I'm not sure if that's the case or not).


Thanks for the reply but since you've talked me into a 9 bay server I won't be needing 4-in-3 cages.  ;)


I will probably go with this case to save a little money unless you say otherwise.

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... since you've talked me into a 9 bay server I won't be needing 4-in-3 cages.


Not immediately, perhaps - but just think how nice that case would look if filled with a set of three 5-in-3 cages!


Aside from that, the practicality of having trays (or even trayless cages) really does simplify drive replacement and upgrades.

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