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  1. Meh, I do not want to pay a yearly subscription but I will pay for major updates from one version to another. I do not think the current "Your license is good for every future version" is a sustainable model. I have no problem, and never have had a problem, being charged for upgrades from one major version to another major version. Edit: I have a half dozen licensed licenses that would likely have to pay to upgrade, though not all boxes would likely get upgraded if the features in the release were needed/wanted.
  2. Yeah, I get that the power consumption will be different based off hardware and that could effect things quite a bit. I still have a hard time getting fussed over that amount of extra power draw. That amount of money over that amount of time is hard for me to care about. I have spent far more money in a far shorter amount of time on far stupider things... As for the analogy... Limetech does not hard integrate the Kernel, they have to include it for the machine to run but they do not control it, code it, etc. If Dell installs Windows OS on your machine and a Windows Update breaks something do you go to MS, Dell, the webcam driver creators website? I am sure Limetech, and a lot of other individual people, have reached out to/created tickets for this issue. Truth
  3. Going to ask a stupid question but what is the actual power difference between 6.12.4 and 6.12.6 where this kernel bug is? I ask from the standpoint of one who has never really cared about the power consumption of my server(s). Don't get me wrong I do not go out and look for quad socket xeon motherboards to run unRAID on, but power consumption has never been at the top of my list when building any of my 3 home servers. Your Apple analogy is flawed becuase Apple DOES control the entire chain and do not rely on open source piece for its things. A better analogy would be your web browser gets an update and stops working on your laptop so you call Dell to fix it cause they sold you the machine. The Kernel is more complex then your web browser but at the end of the day... hopefully you get my point. I am sure that this bug has hit more than just the unRAID community and the Kernel devs will be looking at it. I am also pretty sure Limetech are not Kernel devs so this issue is not within there wheelhouse.
  4. Going to ask a stupid question... why? I assume you want to connect all your drives via USB/Thunderbolt docks... but again why? To me the point of the NAS is that it is all self contained, as much as possible, to the point where I do not have to grab a bunch of docks hanging off the computer.
  5. I highly suggest getting used to and using Docker containters for anything that has them. They are far more light weight then a VM (especially a windows one). unRAID makes it pretty easy to get up and running with dockers for your apps.
  6. 2 things to check since this is a Ryzen system: 1. Disable global c-states in BIOS 2. If you have sleep enabled for the system disable that.
  7. I'm not trying to be mean but you fail to grasp the sheer number of hardware configurations out there that can cause different issues to present themselves. Not to mention that Limetech is not in control of the linux kernel nor most/all of the different drivers used in it. The VT-d and NIC combo issue seems to be specific to that configuration and I would NOT expect Limetech to have all configs of hardware covered, heck one hardware config might be perfectly fine from one manufacturer while another has issues; purely because of the BIOS. Software like Adobe CC should be much easier to control for as it is only the software layer, they don't care so much about the OS (while Limetech has to since they are building an appliance) As for Time Machine... it has from my experience always been finicky on anything other than Apple hardware or USB drives connected to a Mac. I stopped using it with my Mac laptops and desktop a long time ago for that reason. Most people are unwilling to test a beta/rc on there machines, but will willing upgrade to a stable release as soon as it is out. The pool of people willing to test is therefore much much lower and the number of different configs available for testing is smaller. It is a catch 22 for both Limetech and the person with the server. I don't upgrade any of my machines to the newest reason right away; my main box stayed on 6.4 until 6.9.2 was out. I doubt my machines will see 6.10 until Christmas, mostly because they are running beautifully right now and I don't want to touch them.
  8. Ha, as a software dev I can say with certainty that is not how it works. QA (Quality Assurance) and UA (User Acceptance) Testing tend to happen with a very small subset of the actual people that will end up using the product/service. You will almost ALWAYS find bugs once "stable" is released to the masses.
  9. Ah, ok, that makes it much more clear. You are taking those 4TB drives that use to be the parity drives and adding them for storage. In that case you would end up with 8TB of space available.
  10. You gain no space if those drive(s) have to be used as parity.
  11. I have a handful of the 16GB cruzer fit drives that I bought quite a while back. Knock on wood, all of them have been fine and the customers I have used them for have not reported any problems to me.
  12. We do not currently offer anything with 10Gig Ethernet built into the motherboard but if you have a specific build in mind feel free to drop us an email . If you have certain hardware in mind put it in the email and I would be more than happy to discuss a custom build to meet your needs. The builds on the website are out of date, I am working on a new website so the custom server email form is the best way to get the build you need and want.
  13. Built a new server for myself and am having an odd issue with the preclear plugin and specifically using the gfjardim script. When I kick it off to do a preclear on this new machine I get the below message in the preview window. /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/preclear.disk/script/ line 514: 0 * 100 / 0 : division by 0 (error token is "0 ") The main unraid gui shows that the preclear is finished but the machine is definitely still doing something as there is a dd process that is using CPU. If I start the process using the Joe. L script then the process starts as expected and works. I am running 6.9.2, the newest version of the plugin, and all that jazz. I do not particularly care which script I need to use when running preclear but figured I would mention it here in this thread to see if anyone has seen similar. The new build is a Ryzen 7 5700G, 16GB of RAM on an MSI B550i Gaming Edge Max motherboard. I have a much older build that is my test system that is running something like an Intel Q6600, 12GB of RAM on a supermicro motherboard and the gfjardim script seems to work perfectly fine on that one.
  14. 2 are production servers, one is a test server I play around on. There will soon be another one added to that mix... so a total of four within the next 6 months