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  1. 2022 Update. Hardware changes: none. This thing has been rock solid! UPS Battery #4 is in, they seem to last about 2 years (non-APC branded batteries). They get a fair amount of emergency change over when storms hit and its saved from hard resets on numerous occasions. I also have my cable modem and network gear on this UPS so in an outage my phones and internet still function. My two older 3TB drives just surpassed 80,000 power on hours. The other two are 30-40k. I'm starting to think my SSD cache (SK Hynix 120GB) is starting to fail.. i've noticed delays while navigating its folder structure that I didnt see before. System reliability is great, uptime is usually in the 100's of days and only resets when I have to swap out a UPS battery or perform an update to unRAID.
  2. Not only which provider, but I've never used a provider other than PIA with this docker, and I believe the docker was written for native PIA support but a non-PIA provider can be used. How do we use a non-PIA provider with this docker? Anyone know?
  3. So 3+ years later and very little has changed with this server. The UPS is on its 3rd battery now, which is ok by me since its cheap insurance. The server has been running flawlessly for all these years, with the only issue being a fan that has started making noise. Overall I'm very impressed with the entire build. It's been rock solid, through various unRAID upgrades, a house move, and frequent streaming (I have 3-4 remote streaming users on my Plex not including in house streaming). Space still hasn't been an issue for me. I frequently go through the files and purge what's old and never accessed (from a media perspective). I no longer use a Plex Media Player VM. Found it somewhat unreliable and Android TV's completely erase the need for it.
  4. I'm using France, getting about 15MB/s all day long.
  5. Interested in any trades? I'm also in Ontario (Brampton / Oakville area) but can travel. PM me and we can discuss.
  6. I have a restart for 6.3.4 still pending, lol.
  7. I wonder if the unraidserver.plg can check for free ram before unpacking and post an alert if utilization is too high?
  8. Definately USD, as that would be almost half price CDN...
  9. Could not change the remote stream limit on the server side and/or client side?
  10. Your LAN network is defined incorrectly. It should be
  11. Too much money. Custom build one or get a used from eBay.
  12. You should only have the ovpn file for the server you are trying to connect to in the config /openvpn folder.
  13. What are path settings in Sonarr for post processing?
  14. Indeed, he's trying to work with "M:\ ..... " no way Sonarr on uNRAID is going to know wtf that is.
  15. Maybe the microserver isnt fast enough to transcode it in keeping up with a remote connection.
  16. Also, there are settings for remote quality in Settings on the android client.
  17. So some more reading has identified the KoD packet as a Kiss-of-Death packet, stemming from abuse of the NTP server. Did the system change the NTP polling interval from 6.3.2 to 6.3.3 at all?
  18. Seeing this every minute in syslog since. This update. ntpd[1607]: receive: KoD packet from has inconsistent xmt/org/rec timestamps. Ignoring I've disabled ntp for now even though it seems harmless as it's been safely ignoring it for 3 days now. However it's a nuisance for sure.
  19. USB drives cannot be used as an array disk.
  20. What value do you have for protocol? 443 is TCP and default is UDP.
  21. Everything seems to be working fine until this point: 2017-03-26 00:47:15,080 DEBG 'privoxy-script' stderr output: mkdir: 2017-03-26 00:47:15,081 DEBG 'privoxy-script' stderr output: cannot create directory ‘/config/privoxy’ 2017-03-26 00:47:15,081 DEBG 'privoxy-script' stderr output: : Permission denied Try turning PRIVOXY off and restarting the container.
  22. What about any 1U case and convert it to water cooling?
  23. Maybe the image is corrupt..have you tried deleting the image and re-adding it via the my- templates?