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  1. Confirmed. Updated and rebooted, we are back in business!
  2. No stress, appreciate your work on this!
  3. @ich777 , I got a similar error now. Production branch does not work, always falls back to latest. ---Can't find Nvidia Driver vlatest_prb for your Kernel v5.19.17 falling back to latest Nvidia Driver v530.41.03--- --------Nothing to do, Nvidia Driver v530.41.03 already downloaded!--------- ------------------------------Verifying CHECKSUM!------------------------------ ----------------------------------CHECKSUM OK!---------------------------------
  4. Confirmed. Successfully updated to the latest production branch version - v525.116.03. Cheers!
  5. No stress, take your time. I am currently on: 525.105.17
  6. You got it, please see attached. unraid3-diagnostics-20230428-0848.zip
  7. Seeing this notification lately: Production Branch: Not found for this unRAID version!
  8. One of your drives is running hot, and yes - most likely when the validation happened your drives were above the 45C threshold. A recommendation given above is valid, improve air flow - you want your drives running cool.
  9. Technology that is used here is called TOTP (Time-based One Time Password). I would recommend migrating to Authy (https://authy.com/) which allows you to have multiple devices and encrypted backups of your secrets (seeds) for generating TOTPs. Cheers.
  10. Thank you for your due diligence in addressing security vulnerabilities. https://www.cisa.gov/uscert/ncas/current-activity/2022/11/16/samba-releases-security-updates
  11. .0 to .0 release, brave man - I like your style!
  12. Upgraded 4 servers. 4/4 upgraded successfully. 6.10.3 -> 6.11.0 One of the servers has Quadro P2000 with 515.76 Driver - SUCCESS! Thanks!
  13. I would also mention below multi-page discussion on RFD if you are curious to see what many Canadian users have to say about unRAID : https://forums.redflagdeals.com/unraid-unraid-sale-30-off-2548456/