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  1. Thanks devs for timely updating the plugin for 6.7.1! ALSO thank you for updating the driver version to 430.14! Cheers!
  2. Updated three systems, no problem. Rock on!
  3. Presently if disks are running hot (45C+), the array health check reports as 'FAIL'. This is technically not correct: 1) Parity is valid 2) No disks have reported failures 3) Disks are operating properly Proposals: 1) Create an option to report array as 'WARN' if disks are running hot 2) Ignore high disk temps and only validate parity and cache pool status and report accordingly, which in this case should be 'PASS'. NOTE: - Same thing goes for array status report (health check) when parity check is running, it shouldn't be FAIL, it should be PASS. - Now if it is rebuilding - it should be WARN as the correction process has begun and it is in progress. - If no rebuilding is in place, no parity check and we have a failed disks in either array or a cache pool - FAIL, that's a legitimate failure that should trigger a failure notification. Cheers.
  4. All docker containers show 'Update available' if no internet is present when checking for updates in 6.7.0 . This probably should be fixed.
  5. You can segregate those and put them behind another NAT
  6. Nice, noted. This doesn't provide you with redundancy, but you can compensate with daily backups through other plugins.
  7. I've been using OPNSense and SophosUTM (Home Edition) for years. Been a pretty solid setup.
  8. A gentle RTFM. I see... The answer was: -- 6. We will produce one Nvidia build per Unraid release, we will not be updating the drivers multiple times for each Unraid version, unless there is a critical bug that demands this. So please don't ask. --
  9. Just to clarify, this plugin only installs version 418.56 of the drivers? Any further updates that are scheduled? Cheers.
  10. Would be nice to have 'cache groups' for different purposes. For example: "cache group":storage -> used strictly for storage "cache group": docker -> used strictly for docker images "cache group": VMs -> used strictly for VMs That way they won't have to fight for Disk I/O. One can only dream...
  11. So a quick note, every time my plex container gets updated, p2000 starts to spin the fan at 70%. The workaround is to start encoding something, then it resets back to normal. Cheers.
  12. I can attest that copy/pasting code blocks from the forum has caused major headaches. The one mentioned above for nvidia plugin is a perfect example. Took me at least 40 minutes to figure out why the nvidia card wasn't getting passed through, I had to copy the command line generated when the docker gets created/updaets and paste it into a text file then save it and open it with vi/vim and notepad++ with show all characters to see where the issue was. It's rough to troubleshoot...