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  1. .0 to .0 release, brave man - I like your style!
  2. Upgraded 4 servers. 4/4 upgraded successfully. 6.10.3 -> 6.11.0 One of the servers has Quadro P2000 with 515.76 Driver - SUCCESS! Thanks!
  3. I would also mention below multi-page discussion on RFD if you are curious to see what many Canadian users have to say about unRAID : https://forums.redflagdeals.com/unraid-unraid-sale-30-off-2548456/
  4. I am not sure if you are being serious or you are trolling us. This community is pretty large in fact you have a lot of technical folks who are willing to give away their knowledge helping the community members even if the questions are very trivial and can be easily searched via "Search" button on the forum. Lots of constructive responses in this thread specifically and if you noticed that people got defensive, this community is based on creating solutions especially for newer problems that might rise. We have high regards for the development team that tries to strike the balance of convenience, functionality and security ensuring newer joiners have a good experience adapting and adopting this solution for their homes. I will also re-post my comments regarding a recent sale on "PRO" upgrades:
  5. Upgraded two systems, no issues. To those who are running nvidia cards and the nvidia plugin, it was a smooth sail to upgrade. MUCH better than earlier versions. Cheers.
  6. This is a MASSIVE release, THANK YOU!
  7. Can you check this: grep "[0-9]" /sys/devices/system/edac/mc/mc*/csrow*/ch*_ce_count Should return something like this:
  8. Samsung bar plus (32GB) CA ---- https://www.amazon.ca/Samsung-BAR-Plus-32GB-MUF-32BE4/dp/B07BPKKYHY/
  9. I would recommend Authy: https://authy.com/ --
  10. It was 666 replies, sorry had to bump it up by one to avoid chaos. Go on.
  11. I hear you mate, it sucks... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, hopefully we'll see something on Boxing Day... *cough* @limetech *cough*
  12. Maybe toxic wasn't the right choice of words, but you haven't proposed a solution either? What advise would you give developers to promote their product better? I just get a cringe every time I hear' should do better', without actual strategy or proposal for how this could be done better. Solutions, and not criticism, change the world for the better !!!
  13. If you are not subscribed to any mail-lists, then how would they reach you? This sale was posted on several forums and reddit - not sure there is much more you can do. You are also missing the point that this solution has been in development for over year 10 years and this is the first time EVER they had a sale. Your blame "they should have done a better job" is uncalled for. This is community driven solution and we all contribute here, let's not be toxic. Source: https://wiki.unraid.net/Legacy/Releases
  14. Extending the offer might be a tough sell, this is the first time EVER a sale was done by Limetech. Mind you, the package is already as good as it gets - this is a LIFETIME license for a solution that is evolving so much.
  15. You know the drill - "Go PRO or go home"
  16. Is this happening when you are doing a parity check? If so, when such high activity task kicks in, the PSU is undergoing an immense load since ALL of the drives are spun up and are performing a set of validation tasks. As such, I'd recommend calculating, approximately, how much power do you consume at least on drives and looking at the power supply thereafter. For example, I have 16 x 1TB Seagate Drives: Power consumption per drive in my case: 1.8A x 12V = 21.6W Total HDDs: 21.6W x 16 ~= 350W So if you have a decent CPU and maybe a video card in the mix, then you'll need a powerful PSU to handle that. Remember, the PSUs can only sustain 80% efficiency for a prolonged duration of time.
  17. Only thing I'll mention is the TRIM support. Please refer to:
  18. Looks good! I am not a fan of Intel stock CPU coolers, those are pretty bad :-/
  19. Which means perl and temperature monitoring won't work? That's not good news.
  20. Can confirm run into the same issue. Drives that are not assigned to an array and for example are used as passthrough drives for the VM, send out notifications for drives surpassing the default thresholds of 45C, regardless of the values you set.
  21. When it comes to software development, ideally the structure would be: 6.9.1 6 - Major 9 - Minor 1 - Patch -- With unRAID we have seen that Minor releases are treated as major and contain a lot of new features.