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Unraid OS version 6.12.8 available

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This release has two very important fixes around security and data integrity, along with other improvements and bug fixes. All users are encouraged to read the release notes and upgrade.


Upgrade steps for this release

  1. As always, prior to upgrading, create a backup of your USB flash device:  "Main/Flash/Flash Device Settings" - click "Flash Backup".
  2. Update all of your plugins. This is critical for the Connect, NVIDIA and Realtek plugins in particular.
  3. If the system is currently running 6.12.0 - 6.12.6, we're going to suggest that you stop the array at this point. If it gets stuck on "Retry unmounting shares", open a web terminal and type:
    umount /var/lib/docker

    The array should now stop successfully (this release takes another stab at preventing issues related to Docker not stopping properly)

  4. If you have the latest Connect plugin installed, or Unraid 6.12.7-rc2:
    1. Open the dropdown in the top-right of the Unraid webgui and click Check for Update. More details in this blog post
  5. If you don't have the Connect plugin installed
    1. Go to Tools -> Update OS and switch to the "Stable" branch if needed. If the update doesn't show, click "Check for Updates"
  6. Wait for the update to download and install
  7. If you have any plugins that install 3rd party drivers (NVIDIA, Realtek, etc), wait for the notification that the new version of the driver has been downloaded. 
  8. Reboot


This thread is perfect for quick questions or comments, but if you suspect there will be back and forth for your specific issue, please start a new topic. Be sure to include your diagnostics.zip.

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Not really as Unraid does not provide an API, but not far off


the move to v6 from v5 was definitely a breaking change as that reflected the move from 16 to 32 bit with no backwards compatibility for 16 bit support.  We have no idea when (or even if) v7 will arrive and why the major number is to be incremented.


the minor revision tends to mean some major new functionality.   For instance 6.13 added ZFS support for the first time.   It does NOT guarantee backward compatibility.


the patch number DOES try to maintain backwards compatibility within the minor version but could break this if needed to fix a serious issue.


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Took another look this morning and the old UPDATE button is missing.  Is this expected?  Do I have to install connect to get this back?




Ok found the new Check for Update button in the top right corner.

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Found it
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22 minutes ago, hawihoney said:

No package updates this time? No new kernel version?


Possibly you missed the changes vs 6.12.6 from the release notes:


Package updates

docker: version 24.0.9

kernel-firmware: version 20231226_abfcad8


Linux kernel

version 6.1.74


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