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  1. i would say its read only meanwhile ... worked before, but now ...
  2. Hi, pushed updates now to all guide2go related dockers, important Note ... new guide2go NEEDS a new configuration !!! a little work but some benefits https://github.com/mar-mei/guide2go/blob/master/README.md
  3. @cbr600ds2 if u can identify them ... here a sample, i ignore 2 filetypes as sample, .ts and .idx2 files are here ignored and may a tip for filebot related things, there is a filebot forum with alot howto's and a discord where the author is very helpful and active, just as note ... for filebot specific questions how todo this or that ... if u want to move them "untouched" this would also be possible etc etc ... filebot can also trigger a script to run with any command and so on ...
  4. @Jessie yes, i refered to that cause this one comes pretty often. About your issues with the sep. one, i can say here im fine, can open documents fine also on android devices (no apple user here). Of course also in browser instance like chrome etc ... before i used callabora, but i prefered the ui of onlyoffice
  5. @skinsvpn in the logs u see what happens when u trigger filebot, may give a try at filebot forums or at the filebot discord channel, the author is very helpful ... and when u paste the logs he can advice what went wrong or why this happens. most common for tvshows recognized as movies are missing episodes in filenames in my experience, but as mentioned, author is active and helpful.
  6. as its /tmp i d say its from the last reboot up
  7. may take a look at the user scripts page, right hand besides your cron settings u can watch or download the log
  8. 7 Posts up and before u see we tried already, still no luck with all alpine based NC dockers, also not the one provided from NC directly (they also have a alpine based one where OnlyOff... is not working)
  9. hw transcoding needs a premiere membership if thats the question
  10. ok, thanks for taking a look, then i didnt missed something ... i ll try these days to switch slots (tv cards with satta expansion card) and look what happens, otherwise its prolly just broken
  11. tested with stock unraid now (thanks for the tipp), looks to me like its the same result. iommu is not active as far as i see and also not possible afaik with this board, cant actually check at the bios cause its remote ... its a friends unraid which i manage log and diag attached with stock build may i ask, do you see the card somewhere ? tower-syslog-20200515-0626.zip tower-diagnostics-20200515-0826.zip
  12. Hi, may someone has an idea or a hint. a small unraid server i manage for a friend, made some changes (replaced disks), update, ... but im missing the sata expansion card, and when i check sys devices etc ... i dont see either a expansion card nor the disks of course. may someone could take a look at the diag if i miss something ? either if the hardware is completely dead (doesnt show at all) or may drivers ... due unraid updates ... i cant really tell. card has been pulled, plugged in again, sata cables replaced, ... its a small expansion card, Syba SI-PEX40064 4 Port SATA III PCI-EXPRESS 2.0 x 1 Controller Karte, grün https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00AZ9T3OU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 for now the small system is setup without the extra disks, just would like to know if a replacement is needed or its just a driver issue. syslog and diag attached thanks ahead tower-diagnostics-20200515-0723.zip tower-syslog-20200515-0522.zip
  13. the same for 19 rc2 yet just as note, so i wouldnt expect anything in the near future for alpine based NC
  14. may try this from nextcloud docker shell root@6d5906fa3630:/# sudo -u abc php /config/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar Nextcloud Updater - version: v16.0.3-3-ga0c2b25 dirty Current version is 19.0.0 RC1. Update to Nextcloud 19.0.0 RC2 available. (channel: "beta") Following file will be downloaded automatically: https://download.nextcloud.com/server/prereleases/nextcloud-19.0.0RC2.zip ..... pretty straight forward ...
  15. you can use a gpu simultan either unraid (dockers, also more then 1 like plex, emby, ... at the same time) or each VM means, 1 gpu for docker(s), a sep. GPU for each running VM sample usecase 3 gpu´s - intel igpu for dockers (plex, emby, tvheadend, ....) - Nvidia GT1030 for VM1 (running) - Nvidia GTX1070 for VM2 (running) what doesnt work, using a gpu from a running VM for anything else, not for docker(s), not for another VM. u can of course make 2 VM's using the same GPU, but NOT at the same time, so either VM1 OR VM2 using it ... or Docker(s) using it (VM wont boot while assigned gpu is in use by another VM or Dockers, Dockers wont use hw transcode when gpu is in use by VM)