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  1. if you take a look here it seems radarr needs some special parameters in subfolder https://github.com/linuxserver/reverse-proxy-confs/blob/master/radarr.subfolder.conf.sample may try inserting some of those parts ... i dont use radarr so cant tell for sure
  2. besides the already mentioned "status" cosmetic thing i had a issue while upgrading from rc4 to rc5, system stalled on reboot and screen was here. First time i had something like this ... i waited a while and then hard rebooted, all good after reboot
  3. may a question what this error means when i want to remove the vm as it was a nice test with macos but really doesnt fit here with no rdp solution i d like to remove the vm.
  4. @mbc0 i just made a fresh docker install to test (u did clear /appdata ?) works as expected ...sorry to say from the log webui docker ... all good here ... please try with a fresh install and not with existing appdata, can be the only thing something is not compatible
  5. replace the "buffer": false, "buffer": "-", and restart, that should work then its a change in xteve ... so now when using existing settings its hard where to start, "old" or "new" ... thats why some have this "issue".
  6. the docker is restarting and updating automatically, this error comes from your settings.json, buffer setting changed ... check your appdata/xteve/settings.json and let me know what you have in there ... most common from playing with buffers ...
  7. Thank you very much, glad to hear
  8. may a little offtopic but a question to mac users is there really no rdp solution for mac, personally i try it as vm only with guacamole, but the vnc experience is ... lets say not the best, roughly there is even a huge difference using unraids web vnc compared to another vnc client ... when i read around there is no rdp possible ? only 3rd party protocols which then wouldnt fit either with guacamole. next question is, apple id, i tested my "very old" apple id and i can login to the apple web page etc ... but on the vm i always end up "there is a problem ...", and when i want to creat from the vm with my existing it tells me this account is already in use, now, i read about reset or remove hardware, also really possible only with another apple hardware device like iphone ? or by installing itunes on another pc ? sorry for offtopic and thanks for a tipp.
  9. may a question what could happen when changing cpu's vm settings ... i had mine running, made some small installs etc, then i thought lets switch the cpu settings. did that, changed them in gui part, saved, entered the xml part, reentered the bottom lines like described, VM bootloop ... well, thought lets start fresh then and set cpu before installing, wiped /domains/... wiped VM, started dockerm ewn files downloaded, waited until docker logs say restart array, did the restart, edited VM directly before 1st boot (only cpu settings), reentered manually the buttom lines, booting into clover, want to start install, looping directly back to clover ... anything i missed when i want to assign cpu's manually for the mac VM ? i wanted to assign 2 HT cores (4 threads) ### UPDATE changing the vcpu´s in a fresh template in the xml (advanced) works ... as note, mouse removing the USB entry ... saved alot thanks herefore
  10. ok, raw image really did it, installed and started, just have to find a way through this crappy vnc setup ... german keyboard, mouse is elsewhere, really wonder what unraid is using here as vnc bridge to vm's ... nvm, will figure that out too. thanks for the tip with raw, that was the winner
  11. ok, thanks for the resolution info. i ve tried 3 x yet with the same results (i always cleaned /domains ...) i ll try with raw instead, lets see if that helps my CPU is a i7-8700, should be fine thanks for the efforts. as note, the /domains/path issue ... was here the same, i also never used /mnt/user/domains for my VM's, after leaving docker settings default and creating /domains share all is good for now, just custim path didnt worked, i guess its somewhere hardcoded in the vm xml creation.
  12. may a question what could be wrong here. using the docker to create the vm ... stop / start array to get the vm visible. now when i watch the video, the first thing todo is to change in bios resolution to 1080p, here is my 1st hurdle, i can hit esc as fast as i want, no chance to enter the bios ... thought well, lets skip this part now, went further and erased disk, installed macOS, ok. looks all good, few minutes later ... reboot ... now im in a loop to clover, only message i see is may a hint what could be wrong ? or is it the bios gpu setting (1080p) ... if so, any chance to get in there in another way ? yesterday when i saw this docker i already made another test (bofore this support thread), same behavior, i then also went further and edited the xml already be removing disks and adding manual disk, didnt help either. for any tipps, thanks ahead