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  1. when using host mode theres not much you could do wrong, may one thing, try with dlna off in plex. also in case u already tested some more tv proxies in plex, may clean up ... check at the discord channel on xteve for specific help there about the app.
  2. also thanks from here to @bluemonster for the fix and @ljm42 for the script
  3. g morning, since tha last CA Apps update it seems there is something weird with LSiO Dockers, always showing update available even all updates are done. when i then say update all it also pulls 0 byte and just restarts docker. when i then again say check for updates lsio dockers are all available again ... no big issue, just wondered ... sample when updating
  4. enabled this EPG grabber module ?
  5. or to use as subfolder (i had to dig a little to find) take a look at your filebrowser.json sample here to use as my.domain.com/files in filebrowser.json "baseURL": "/files", nginx location ^~ /files/ { auth_basic off; allow all; # Allow all to see content include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; proxy_pass; proxy_buffering off; access_log off; }
  6. 502 ... u sure u got it correctly addressed ? working fine here behind lsio letsencrypt nginx ... from nginx conf proxy_pass;
  7. glad it works as it should. in case ... just leave a message.
  8. there should be a sample_xteve.txt file in your /_config folder ... when you open it ... i added a optional startup for xteve extra for cases like this so you can choose ... may check the readme, so when u edit and rename the file, xteve should start with those options. i hope this answers your question
  9. well, there is actually no plan to add this feature cause xteve is designed to take as much m3u´s as u need and build a final m3u and xml ... i use 5 m3u´s sources as sample ... i think about it if there are more wich would need that feature, it is of course possible. for now as easy command docker exec -it <dockername> xteve -config="/root/.xteve/server2" -port="34401" & now u have a second instance running with its subdir /server2 inside your mounted folder listening on port 34401 alternative of course run 2 docker instances just sep. unraid folders like .../appdata/xteve1/ .../appdata/xteve2/ i hope that helps for now ... if there are more i will add this feature basically
  10. added in the xteve only version. new option use_TVH_xml="yes" ## TVHeadend xml as source in case wanted ### Disable TVH_move caue senseless and looping epg ... TVHXML="/root/.xteve/data/tvhguide.xml" to get the new config, rename the old one to get the updated file version and make your settings.
  11. pretty sure and pretty simple, let me test something and i report back
  12. Docker - ovpn_privoxy alpine based privoxy with openvpn in Docker Git: https://github.com/alturismo/ovpn_privoxy Dockerhub: https://hub.docker.com/r/alturismo/ovpn_privoxy ## update, auto restart ovpn added, check every 3 minutes online status, if offline and auto reconnect failed (sample, router disconnect ...) Docker - xteve alpine based xteve with cron job Docker Project: https://xteve.de/ Git: https://github.com/alturismo/xteve Dockerhub: https://hub.docker.com/r/alturismo/xteve Docker - xteve_guide2go alpine based xteve, guide2go with croncron job Docker for Schedulus Direct subscriptions, for SD setup follow the guide Project: https://xteve.de/ Git: https://github.com/alturismo/xteve_guide2go Dockerhub: https://hub.docker.com/r/alturismo/xteve_guide2go Docker - guide2go alpine based cron job Docker for Schedulus Direct subscriptions, for SD setup follow the guide Git: https://github.com/mar-mei/guide2go Dockerhub: https://hub.docker.com/r/alturismo/guide2go SD: http://www.schedulesdirect.org/ Docker - owi2plex alpine based cron job Docker to grab EPG Data from enigma openweb interface Git: https://github.com/cvarelaruiz/owi2plex Dockerhub: https://hub.docker.com/r/alturismo/owi2plex Dockers have a config to setup wich lineups to fetch and a configurable cron (persistent). There are some extra jobs like updating xteve and move guide to TVHeadend as im using them, can be turned on/off. credits to the source programmers, i just used those apps and prefered the docker solution, so i putted them together to fit my needs.
  13. nevermind to bring it together the breaking point was the change of the vfio bus due a bios update and autostart on the vm where the bus then broke the usb bus from unraid. pci usb passthrough ... change from 07... to 08... while then 07... was the unraid one ... and as the vm was setted up to use 07... passthrough it always ended up here with a crash as soon the vm started, and it starts always as soon the array starts, and without array i cant edit the vm. before bios update 07:00:0 PCi USB Card (passed to VM) after BIOS update 07:00:0 USB Bus from system where unraid is booting from 08:00:0 PCi USB Card (passed to VM) <<-- new bus .... so, i booted up after bios update AND edited the vfio.config, BUT the VM setting still was on the OLD bus wich now was the USB bus from unraid usb ... so, when i start unraid normally, the vm did also start and i couldnt do anything anymore (no more settings at all ...), the VM was working actually ... webui as described in 1st post and flash was "disconnected" when i start without array i cant edit the vm to change the bus in xml from the vm ... so im in a mousetrap then ... solution was now to me, ren the /system/ibvirt.img ... system booted up with started array and adding the vm´s again ... new ibvirt.img of course, by opening the original ibvirt.img it was pretty easy cause i could check the settings etc ... but opening a 1bg file in notepad aint so nice i know i have the options to autostart the array or autostart vm etc, my suggest would be to make the autostart vm adjustable in such a case ... may it is in some config wich i couldnt find, but in the end i guess ALL vm settings are in ibvirt.img wich is not editable normally ... only through vm manager wich only works with a running array. thats why i was in this "mousetrap", nvm, got it solved and all is up again ...
  14. Come on ... i know that it is a option .. but once ... not anymore . Gesendet von meinem SM-G950F mit Tapatalk