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  1. @Dimtar is iGPU hw transcoding still working for you ? if yes then may @ich777 rather can help why his plugin shouldnt work. if not, this plugin should also enable the hardware acc due the changes from 6.9 beta35 up, see here may take a look at your flash drive if the following exist for intel igpu like described in the changelog
  2. if the GPU is in use for a VM you cant "use" it in unraid OS or fetch data for gpustats, so i guess that wont happen.
  3. im using this feature since day 1 i believe and never had this issue, so nothing to report from me
  4. well, may try to play the scenario when you loose the settings and save the logs and open a report, as it doesnt seem to be a general issue (i maintain 4 servers with this option) and never had this and of course also sometime reboot (soft or hard) this hasnt been reported yet afaik.
  5. may again a general question, after playing around and asking here, its only to control via hdd temps, ok. Now, when i disabled now all fan controls in the plugin and uninstalled it, possible that the fans are still runing in the last state this plugin had ? and not using the default bios values ... Do i need to reboot the server to drop it for real ? or may missed something ?
  6. if the UAD devices are not in the dropdown list to exclude prolly not
  7. @Maginos Cont errors are pretty sure bad signal on this mux may try to scan again and cross test other channels on the same network, just to be sure its only this one channel ...
  8. both work, unraid buildin vnc and this docker is working on current rc release. if you have issues with your unraid vnc may open something in bug reports so you get help therefore. if you stuck in apple logo may try again from scratch by wiping all (also appdata) and follow the video, works nice besides the download issue for the wrong image (catalina, big sur)
  9. @b3rs3rk looking all good here the IMC Bus is always active as note, with or without transcodes, but also in igpu top .. so plugin works asexpected and i guess its normal for permanent activity
  10. appdata folder, remove file or edit it (remove entries), restart docker, sure thre is a trigger to force a rename again, just dont know it now, but filebot has a active dev who is helpful (forum, discord, ...)
  11. here from another one, i5 10600 ~# timeout -k .500 .400 intel_gpu_top -J -s 250 { "period": { "duration": 0.002041, "unit": "ms" }, "frequency": { "requested": 0.000000, "actual": 0.000000, "unit": "MHz" }, "interrupts": { "count": 0.000000, "unit": "irq/s" }, "rc6": { "value": 90.641842, "unit": "%" }, "power": { "value": 0.000000, "unit
  12. a quick runthrough, all looking ok, but was only a quick check, thanks
  13. forget it, my fault, didnt save settings vendor intel ... sorry
  14. @b3rs3rk little review intel_igpu_top dashboard output from your cmd attached thanks for looking into it output.txt
  15. by default your config should lead all to https ... check your default conf file head server { listen 80 default_server; listen [::]:80 default_server; server_name _; return 301 https://$host$request_uri; }