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  1. Suddenly getting "Conversion failed. A required codec could not be found or failed to install." when trying to play media. This warning appears in the plex console when playing fails: [Transcode] HTTP error requesting GET (6, Couldn't resolve host name) (Could not resolve host: I've tried deleting the codecs folder, and also chmod'ing it to 777 but still get the
  2. Upgraded just fine from 6.7.2. Now to look into replacing OpenVPN with WireGuard... Thanks for all your hard work.
  3. Can someone walk me through how to get this running behind an NGINX reverse proxy? I'm using the LetsEncrypt container.
  4. I do use DDNS. OpenDNS DNS-o-matic blasting out my home IP to several sources, including CloudFlare. I have no reason to use DNS-o-matic above anything else other than I've been using it for a long time and it was a simple 2 click step for me to add CloudFlare to it, any other DDNS would have worked including the CloudFlare DDNS docker.
  5. Port 80 is blocked by my ISP too, but Letsencrypt still works fine. Just use DNS verification instead of port 80 verification.
  6. I'm so curious about trying this. I have done the first few steps and rclone is working great to my Google Drive. I just can't bring myself to fully rely on Drive in case something goes wrong!
  7. Upgraded from 6.6.5 to 6.6.6 without issue.
  8. Another thank you. The tape trick worked perfectly on my eBay 310. Now I don't have the Marvell warning from Fix Common Problems anymore
  9. Well now I see that the update from limetech says that the update was taken down 5 hours ago. I updated about 1 hour ago. I wonder what my server downloaded? I'm thinking I'll reboot and it will still be on 6.6.3.
  10. Damn, I ran the update but haven't yet rebooted. What should I do?
  11. The fact that Amazon and Apple have come out with strong denials, and have even said that they are under no gag order, tells me that Bloomberg's report is wrong. Publicly traded companies can be compelled to not comment. They cannot be compelled to lie.
  12. Ah, thank you. I will plug it into one of my open drive caddies. Edit: Plugged a single drive into one of my caddies and it worked right away. Thanks so much!
  13. Trying to get some data off of my old Unraid server. The hardware no longer boots so I have pulled the drives and plugged them into an external USB enclosure. I've plugged the drives into my current Unraid server, but I'm unable to mount any of them so far in UD. The drives are formatted in ReiserFS. I get these messages in the log when trying to mount: Oct 14 11:12:35 Tower unassigned.devices: Adding disk '/dev/sda1'... Oct 14 11:12:35 Tower unassigned.devices: Mount drive command: /sbin/mount -t reiserfs -o auto,async,noatime,nodiratime '/dev/sda1' '/mnt/disks/old1' Oct 14 11:
  14. Can't think of much benefit to doing that. I'm relying on CA Backup for this. But if you do backup using Github and you use DNS verification, you'll want to exclude the file with your DNS provider API key.
  15. Thank for the replies. Got LetsEncrypt DNS verification to work after messing around with various security settings on CloudFlare.
  16. I'm on Cox residential. Is there no way for me to do this since port 80 is blocked? I've tried to go around this by circumventing DuckDNS and registering a domain, and using CloudFlare as my name server, but I still can't figure out how to make DNS Validation work.
  17. Last night I noticed an error in Fix Common Problems, reporting that even though Appdata is set to be Cache Only, some of it's folders exist on Disk4. Sure enough, I looked at the Appdata share and it is indeed set to Cache Only, but there are folders on Disk4. I used the Dolphin docker to copy the data back to /mnt/cache/appdata, worked like a charm. How did this happen though? My Appdata share has always been set to Cache Only.
  18. Bought 2 8TB EasyStores last week. Shucked and found white drives inside. Both register just fine in my Rosewill RSV-L4411 case's backplane.
  19. Interesting. I've never had this issue in 3+ years of this build. How can I mitigate?
  20. Nevermind. I shutdown, then figured out which slots those 2 disks were in. Removed and reseated them, but switch disk 8 with another disk to see if the problem traveled or not. The problem didn't come back.
  21. Disks 8 and 10 both got a single error. I got an alert on my phone about it. Trying to run short or long SMART tests from the disk pages results in nothing. Haven't rebooted yet. Attached diagnostics. Any ideas?
  22. Oh cool. I'm transcoding to RAM already, how are you writing Plex logs to RAM?
  23. Am I crazy or does mapping /transcode to /tmp work again?
  24. CA Appdata Backup is only supposed to backup appdata, right? If you're backing up your entire cache drive then it's going to backup TV, or Movies or whatever temporary shares exist on the cache drive at that point, waiting to be written next time Mover runs. So when you restore using CA Backup it will overwrite everything in the folders it is restoring.