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  1. It sounds like you will primarily be using your server to store, download and organize media. Do a search on youtube for "spaceinvader one". He has a video for everything you want to do.
  2. Ok so the reallocated sectors just went up to 2. I am going to send the drive back and get a replacement. Should I let the rebuild carry on until the replacement gets here? Or stop it now? I dont really care about any data on it as it was only in for a day or two. I dont like leaving my array unprotected . Drive is upto 4 sectors now. Speed is 1.4MB/sec. Can I just cancel now and put replacement in tomorrow or new config and rebuild my parity?
  3. Just got 1 reallocated Sector count I assume this means the drive needs replacement?
  4. Ok thanks. It seems to be rebuilding now. Would you mind taking a look at my diagnostics. There were two I'm not familar with "Seek Time performance" and "Throughput performance" . Is this a failed drive? tower-diagnostics-20200615-1544.zip
  5. So I just rebooted that server. Was doing some searching and found this: Normally, you would replace the hard drive of a disabled disk; however, you can try to re-enable a disabled disk as follows: Stop the array. Power down the unit. Physically remove the failed disk, leaving the slot empty. Power up the unit. Start the array. Stop the array. Power down the unit. Re-install your failed disk. Power up the unit. Start the array. Is this the proper procedure I am supposed to follow after changing the cable?
  6. I bought and installed a brand new sata cable but the drive did not come back online. What is the best way to proceed?
  7. I installed a new 8TB drive on the weekend. I ran a preclear and the drive seem to pass successfully. Today I woke up an the drive has been disabled. Any thoughts would be apprieciated. Is this a possible bad cable? tower-diagnostics-20200615-0537.zip
  8. Just precleared a new drive. I am curious what the authorization errors mean?
  9. Ok so I ran an extended SMART and the drive passed and the drive seems ok. I acknowledged the SMART errors but today my Array Health Report notification came up as a FAIL. Am I missing something or does it just need a clean 24 hour window? tower-diagnostics-20200611-0533.zip
  10. Woke up this morning to SMART errors in my array. Does this mean its time to change the drive? tower-diagnostics-20200610-0547.zip
  11. Thanks for this. I recently just switched from the Plex inc docker due to excessive writes to my cache drive and had the exact same issue. This fixed me up. Thanks!
  12. Yesterday I was running Plex inc docker and noticed I was also getting excessive writes to my cache drive. I switched last night to linuxserver Plex docker and all seemed good. Today I had 2 streams running and my docker image was increasing in size 1% every 3 minutes or so. I restarted the docker and my docker image returned to its normal size. Not to sure whats going on. Any thoughts?
  13. Maybe post a picture of your share setup. If cache is set to Yes then mover should move the files. If VMs or Docker is using those files they will not move. If this is the case you could disable docker and VMs and then run the mover.
  14. You should be good. I changed to a Xeon last year and no issues at all.