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  1. Yes the date is the correct and both the same.
  2. Yep it it set correct. It always worked fine and now is one day out.
  3. Not sure what happened but suddenly the calendar is off by one day. Everything that airs Monday shows for Tuesday and so on. I did update on the weekend but reverting to the last version didn't fix it. It really more of an annoyance than anything. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue or has a solution?
  4. Just wondering if anyone is using delugeVPN version 2 with Sonarr/Radarr? I recall there was some compatibility issues. Just wondering if they were resolved?
  5. Great OS. The flexibility and ease of expansion made Unraid the choice for me. I have converted 3 people at my work so far this year. Keep up the great work and Happy Birthday! Couldn't ask for a more supportive community!
  6. Worth mentioning SPACEINVADER ONE has a great video on Youtube which covers unbalance if you are not familiar with it. The video is titled "Must Have unRAID Plugins - Part 3 Disk Utility Plugins"
  7. Read the section on shrink the array. The clear the drive method works great and maintains parity during the whole process. To copy the existing data off I recommend you install Unbalance from the App store. https://wiki.unraid.net/Shrink_array
  8. Yes. Stop the array and unassign the drive you want to remove and restart the array. It will require a parity rebuild thou. I have used the unbalance docker in the past to copy the data of the drive to other drives on the array. Why do you want to remove the drive?
  9. Ok so I setup a syslog server on my windows machine. Hopefully next time it does it I should find some clues. I should be secured as I am setup with password. The weird thing is if my system was shutdown proper it should have copied the syslog over to the usb. However the odd thing was it didn't start a parity check on startup either.
  10. I see it now. Sorry for being an idiot. Lol
  11. This only shows the regular scan errors. It does seem to show Extended Test results
  12. I have run Extended Test and upon completion it says errors found. Where can I view these errors I assume there is a log?
  13. I am running 6.7..2. I will have to update signature. This happened one other time like 3 months ago. Is it possible to dump the syslog to my windows pc? Like you say 3 months could be a long time.
  14. That should work. But you will require a parity rebuild.