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  1. The drives are assigned by the drive id so the specific sata port won't matter. Should work fine.
  2. Yes this card should be ready to go. If you are using SSD drives with this you may want to opt for x4 model.
  3. Worth mentioning there is also the CA mover tuning plug-in that gives you some additional flexibility on when you want to run the mover.
  4. Prefer will move files to the cache. This is normal. If you set the cache to yes the files will initially go to the cache and move to the array when you run the mover. If you look under setting and scheduler you can set the mover to run when you want. Personally I run the mover once a day in the early morning.
  5. Just updated my nextcloud and had the error pop up. "Some files have not passed the integrity check. Further information on how to resolve this issue can be found in the documentation ↗. (List of invalid files… / Rescan…)" How can I get rid of this? Rescan doesn't work. The list of files is below. Technical information ===================== The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix them. Results ======= - core - INVALID_HASH - core/js/mimetypelist.js Raw output ========== Array ( [core] => Array ( [INVALID_HASH] => Array ( [core/js/mimetypelist.js] => Array ( [expected] => 94195a260a005dac543c3f6aa504f1b28e0078297fe94a4f52f012c16c109f0323eecc9f767d6949f860dfe454625fcaf1dc56f87bb8350975d8f006bbbdf14a [current] => 1b07fb272efa65a10011ed52a6e51260343c5de2a256e1ae49f180173e2b6684ccf90d1af3c19fa97c31d42914866db46e3216883ec0d6a82cec0ad5529e78b1 ) ) ) )
  6. Verify your split level for the share that won’t spill over.
  7. Have you tried to manually enter the path in windows explorer? Mine almost never shows up any more. In the path bar in windows explorer type in "\\ip address" or name of server such as \\tower. I just pin mine to quick access so its always available. Not sure if its the same issue.
  8. I have a single BTRFS cache drive is the TRIM app still recommended? How often do you recommend to run it?
  9. You should be good to go. If your running just an array the requirements are quite low. If you want to run a pile of dockers I would look at a used I7 3770k (i believe this is the right gen for your board) off of ebay (around $100). If your looking to run VMs then you likely should upgrade the board and proccessor depending what you want to run. I run 20 dockers with no VMs with a Xeon E3 1275 V2 which is slower then an I7 3770k. If your happy with the size of your M4 I would just keep it. As long as your not running a GPU your power supply should be ok to start with.
  10. Those both should work good. I bought this one which also has Asmedia 1166 chipset. It was plug and play with no configuring what so ever. Most around here seem to stick to LSI cards in IT mode.
  11. I had a similar reoccurring issue. I made a backup (once the USB was repaired) and formatted my USB (not quick format) and restored the USB. That was several years ago and I have not had any issues since. You could give it a try if it happens again.
  12. Alot of gen 4 boards support 1 x16 PCIe or 2 x8 PCIe. Since this is a x16 card I would think this is the issue. Maybe check over the bios. Are you planning on using SSDs in the array or as a cache pool. If your using in the arrray keep in mind there is no TRIM support.
  13. Found that a molex pin had popped out on the molex 4pin to sata power cable. All good now!
  14. I installed a new 6 port sata card with an ASM1166 controller on it. The card is x4 PCIe and is installed in a one of 2 x8 slots. It does not appear to see a new drive attached to it. Can someone confirm that the controller is being seen by unraid? If so the sata cables all have the locking clips on them. Could this be the issue on a WD Red drive?
  15. Something you could try since it is repairing. I had the same issue. I reformatted the drive but make sure it is not quick format and then recreate the drive. Mine has been solid for years since.