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  1. My current setup has 8 sata ports (4 sata 2.0, 4 sata 3.0)on the motherboard. They are currently filled. In the near future I am looking at grabbing a used LSI card from ebay. Is it worth the extra paying the extra money for a 9300 series vs a 9200 series card? What performance difference would you expect to see between the two?
  2. /mnt/cache/appdata/PlexMediaServer would be /mnt/user/appdata/PlexMediaServer this should allow you to change the mover settings to do the procedure
  3. I have been using a USB 2.0 16GB Sandisk Cruzer Fit for 7 years. They are still available on amazon. I recommend to do a full (not quick format) FAT32 reformat before using. The Usb 2.0 seem to be more robust.
  4. I had some issues setting mine up as well. You have to enable the "less secure apps" in Gmail for it to work. Enabled - check true Host - Enable Secure SMTP - check box for true Force TLS - unchecked Port -587 From Address - I used my gmail account Username and Password for Gmail account. After entering all the information be sure to hit "Save" button on the bottom left of the page before sending the test email.
  5. On my docker tab if I hit advanced view I can see 5 orphan images. How do I go about erasing these?
  6. Does anyone have any luck with the IOS app? If i load Ombi from the safari on my Iphone it works perfect. The app seems to be only partially update. Missing half the media availability.
  7. In the process of setting up Ombi. I can't get Ombi to see my plex server. The Token and Identifier have auto filled out. When I load servers in Plex Configuration it finds my server in the list. Oddly it loads the port as 10101. I change it to 32400 and it does no communicate with or without SSL. Port 10101 doesn't work either. My Plex is setup as Host and the Ombi is setup as Bridge. At a bit of a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated. UPDATE: Not sure when this stopped working but I noticed the webgui for my plex docker doesn't seem to work anymore. I get http:/
  8. Post your diagnostics from the tools tab.
  9. If it’s a set up as a share it will move the appdata from all drives
  10. I assume you have the docker for plex set up and running? If so go to your shares tab. On appdata set cache to “prefer”. Stop all your dockers and go to settings and disable docker. Hit the “move now” button on the main page and allow it to finish. It could take a long time as plex appdata has a lot of small files. When done enable docker and start your dockers up. I assume your plex appdata is already in the appdata share.
  11. I have been testing SWAG and saw in the notes that Zerossl may be better to use for certs. In the Zerossl site it says a free account entitles you to unlimited acme certs vs 5 a week for Letsencrypt. I assume that Swag uses acme certs exclusively? During testing SWAG and different setups I hit the 5 cert limit for Letsencrypt. If I switch to Zerossl this should not be an issue? So I have to get a free zerossl cert account and change the certprovider in the docker setup to zerossl. I am not at home currently but assume the email from my zerossl account has to be entered in the docker setup
  12. Yes. Put your appdata (plex and other dockers) on a cache drive preferably SSD. This will stop writes to the array and will allow the array disks to spin down. You will also be very surprised how much faster Plex performs. You can use mover to move your appdata once you get cache installed.
  13. If your plex appdata is on your array then plex will make some writes and prevent that drive from spinning down. Ideally a cache drive is recommended for all appdata.
  14. I have tried my isp email setup and get the same error messsage.