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  1. On the notification setting page hit help in the top corner it show as the “?”. It will give you the instruction how to setup telegram app using botfather. Check the agents box for any of the notifications you want sent near the top of the notifications settings page.
  2. You didn’t mention which docker you are using. Some I beleive the plexinc one will require a new token. Have you tried to access your plex settings direct from the website?
  3. Use the standard replacement. However before you do you may want to post your diagnostics here for the gurus to look at your SMART data as it could be a cabling issue and not the drive.
  4. Are you Did you add a new drive and click parity is already valid? If you are adding a new disk that has not been precleared then that would not be the case. Most users use XFS for the array. Post a diagnostics for the gurus (Tools tab click diagnostics and attach file). Here is the procedure for adding disks.
  5. Under Settings it can be changed in "disk settings".
  6. Can you confirm that the port forward is external port 443 to internal port 1443 and external port 80 to internal port 180 for servers ip? Sounds like it could be port forward issue.
  7. Looks like this may be the case I have a few extra certs from when i was setting up. The log mentions that the certs are not going to expire. "The cert does not expire within the next day. Letting the cron script handle the renewal attempts overnight" I guess Ill just have to be patient and wait it out. Thanks
  8. Here is a great post for setting up syslog server.
  9. The log should be there in realtime. I have not setup a local syslog only remote or mirror to flash. If you want to test your UPS you could set the shutdown to 1 minute and turn off the breaker.
  10. If your server had an unclean shutdown it would have automatically started a parity check on reboot. Unless you are using a syslog server it won't retain logs.
  11. I installed Swag back in March and everything is going good. I have been getting emails from zerossl that my certs will expire within 14 days. I assume SWAG will automatically renew them when the time comes? Or do I need to manually renew them?
  12. If it passed extended SMART and as long as the number don't increase you should be good. Wouldn't hurt to check your cabling. I have a drive with similar errors that has been good for over a year now.
  13. If you want to rebuild to the same drive. 1. Stop Array 2. Unassign Disabled disk 3. Restart array 4. Stop Array 5. Reassign the disabled disk back to its original spot 6. Start Array 7. Wait for rebuild to complete
  14. Has there been any headway to get the built in Only Office to work or is everyone using the Only Office docker in addition to nextcloud?