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  1. Hello I have a little older server, and i can't remember what hardware i have. Is there a app, that can tell me that?? Cant run neofetch.. ?? Thank you..
  2. Hello I have a question that i hope you can help me with.. When im adding my tv show´s to jellyfin, i cant choose to identify all of my shows?? Only some of them are able to do this why.?? Hope you can help me.:) Regards
  3. Hello I´ve got a few questions, that i hope you can help me with... I run jellyfin, and i want to copy the docker, so that i´ve got 2. not running simultaneously though. The other question is, is it possible to change jellyfin´s local ip address thank you regards
  4. Hello I have a few questions, is it possible to use meshnet with this applikcation?? And if so, do anyone have a guide?? further more if i search nordvpn, in applications. I only get one app called glutenvpn. So how to get this docker?? Thank you Regards
  5. Hello I have a problem i hope that you can help me with:) I use the docker ich777/jellyfin which does not exist anymore.. But i want to duplicate it, so how does that work:?? Can it be done.? Thank you regards..
  6. Hello again.. It worked... Thank you so much. best regards
  7. Hello again, Thank you. The share is: NAS-Server Regards
  8. Thank you Here you go:)
  9. Hello people.. When i try to copy files/folders into my smb share.. it keeps saying that there are no more space?? When i look at my array, it say that there are 2 tb free?? What can i do?? Best regards:)
  10. Hello again, thank you for your respond:) When my server is running full load, it does not update the cpu/memory load sensor?? Is there another way?? I´ve heard of htop??
  11. Hello again, and thank you, so much:) If its a docker, is there a way to find out which one it is?? i have a lot? and could it be some clashing with each other?? best regards
  12. Hello again:) Took some time, but here it is. Hope you can help me..
  13. Hello good people I have a problem with my unraid-server.. For the past 4 days the server, has run full load all the time and i dont know why?? I have a hard time finding out why?? Could it be hacked?? Here are some info on the hardware:) Best Regards
  14. Hello people.. I use this container.. I use Vpn, but also a proxy.. But does anyone know how to check both connections simultaneously?? Best Regards