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  1. i´ve also installed a disk as paritydrive..? Could this be the problem? It says that device is on dev 1. and unassigned., and then there is a mount label .. What to do? thank you
  2. Hello again.. Do anyone have a guide for this?? I´ve precleared the disk, but when i stop the array, and then add the disk, i cant start again?? thanks
  3. Hey im running the new 6.9 version.. Im having the problem that i cant add a new harddisk to my encrypted array?? Anyone who know how to do this?? regards
  4. Hello again.. I have a mikrotik router.. and the standard ip range is something like 192.168.88.---- .. So think my port trouble has something to do with the internal network?? im using a regular windows pc. and when typing in ipconfig my default gateway is The thing is that when i go to my Dhcp server, my settings is I do not know if this helps??? regards
  5. hello again. Thank you supervisord.log
  6. Hello I cant make this container work, when it´s bridged?? it works when im not using vpn.. but when it´s enabled it wont?? It´s running but im not able to access it?? regards
  7. Hello Im using jellyfin at home, but i want to use it when im traveling.. how to do that?? have tried a lets encrypt guide but didnt work.. Could someone have an idea how to make this work?? thanks
  8. Hello Im having a problem with qbittorrent.. and wireguard? Can somebody tell me what is wrong?? Thank you.. Unraid.txt
  9. Hello i followed a guide to swag but when it did not work i deleted it all again, i can not get a wan address via my dockercontainer. anyone know why ??
  10. oh im not behind double nat. But in the container when it is setup even without swag, i cant find my wan in the container.. Any idea why ?? Thanks
  11. is there a way to get a wan address?? i dont think i can connect without it?? thank you
  12. Hello I have a problem. i i followed this video: Im trying to get jellyfin working outside my local network so followed this video. the thing is that it´s not working : i got this error: ERROR: Cert does not exist! Please see the validation error above. The issue may be due to incorrect dns or port forwarding settings. Please fix your settings and recreate the container.. how do i create a cert without the wildcard and cloudflare?? i´ve also tried swag and i think something is wrong.. the link to my duckdns is not working either? thanks in advan
  13. Hello Im having some problems.. I try to install my mullvad vpn to binhex qbittorrent, i used this guide: Anyone ?
  14. Hello again and thank you for your help Is there anything i can do? delete something?? re-install something?? Do i have to install the Dynamix WireGuard ?? Thank you
  15. Hello again My configuration is this regards wireguard.docx