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  1. Hello Im having some problems.. I try to install my mullvad vpn to binhex qbittorrent, i used this guide: https://gist.github.com/jonocairns/18162fbd6c85211a00dbfce0906c88f4 Anyone ?
  2. Hello again and thank you for your help Is there anything i can do? delete something?? re-install something?? Do i have to install the Dynamix WireGuard ?? Thank you
  3. Hello again My configuration is this regards wireguard.docx
  4. Hello again, and thank you It didnt work, the thing is that i can access the qbittorrent webgui. When im not using vpn.. Dont know if that helps?? regards
  5. Thank you. Here is the log.. regards qbittorrent log.txt
  6. Thank you for reply. But it still not working?? regards
  7. Hello again. The thing is that im only able to acces the webui, when i turn off vpn. And yes im using bridge network. regards LOG
  8. Hello i´ve tried to install this plugin. But when i enable vpn and wireguard. It wont open?? i ´ve copied the .conf file to the wireguard directory. But with no luck What am i doing wrong?? Am i suppose to install wireguard, some way else?? regards
  9. Hello again, thank you. I think that i've found the problem.. I cant open ports in my asus router, other then 180?? and plex.. In Spaceinvader's video he describes that i need to open port 180 and 1443.. the 180 is open.. but no matter what i do i cant open 1443?? I have done the exact same thing, on the other port??
  10. Hello I have a little problem with reverse proxy.. i have setup the duckdns, like the spaceinvader did in his video.. The problem is that i dont understand how i encrypt?? when i go to the http, website i can see all my content. But how do i encrypt the server?? I want to use a docker called jellyfin? I understand the theory, but i cant make it work?? i've looked st letsincrypt and traefik?? Thank you regards..
  11. Hello again thanks for your help.! I formatted it all again.. And now it works, i also formatted the usb. thanks a lot
  12. Im sorry but i dont understand?? How is chkdsk on my main pc suppose to help my server?? i've installed the usb and hardrives into the server.. I have copied the key - both as a the link, and tried to upload it, from my email into the server, and that is where it is not working? regards
  13. Hello again, and thank you.. I've formattet the drives so how do i do a chkdsk?? Is it possible to make a chkdsk, when the array is not working because of the license problem??
  14. Do you want me to format the usb and reinstall it????