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  1. After many attempts, it ends up closing the tab (chrome) 2021-03-19 09-01-38.mp4
  2. It's solved in 6.9.1 but, i have aliased "exit" to "e" and when typing "e" it reconnects. Any way to change this behaviour?
  3. Hey! I would like to know if I can freely edit `/boot/config/plugins/dynamix/notifications/agents/Telegram.sh` and it won't get overwritten via updates or others.
  4. Has someone created a custom rm binary so you can remove some certain file? I sometimes upgrade my plex media files and I don't want to have duplicates there. So, I don't want to be looking for what drive that certain file is on and "chattr -i" plus "rm". Sure I'm not the only one looking for this script
  5. I neither can't see the port even being open. I think that the docker is not really running the openvpn server. Docker logs: https://pastebin.com/Tw87t1F1 Shouldn't the port 1194 be listed in here? sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN rpcbind 2091 rpc 8u IPv4 16702 0t0 TCP *:111 (LISTEN) rpcbind 2091 rpc 11u IPv6 16705 0t0 TCP *:111 (LISTEN) rpc.statd 2096 rpc 9u IPv4 9798 0t0 TCP *:59245 (LISTEN) rpc.statd 2096 rpc 11u IPv6 9802 0t0 TCP *:55001 (LISTEN) docker-pr 4424 root 4u IPv6 119630 0t0 T
  6. General question: What time does it take to fetch the update on unraid? I'm "check for update" but it doesn't find it, and your docker is updated.
  7. Are you running the command on unRAID terminal or the docker console?
  8. So, today I changed the mail and password for my server. Then lost access to it, via ip or app. Tried renaming "Preferences.xml" to "Preferences.xml.old", no luck. Then changed the appdata path, from "plex" to "plexNew" and still coulnd't find the server. Removed image and downloaded again, with the same change on appdata path and no luck. Tried plexinc docker image and worked. Don't know what else to change to see if your image can work again...
  9. I was taking a look at my syslog and there's no debug at all when the failure did happen. It just stopped working. And any thing was scheduled to run at that time.
  10. It happens to me that sometimes I have to log in via cli beucase server is not responsible at all: dockers, VMs, webGUI... I can only do something with my attached monitor and reboot from there. I could cp the syslog so I'll attach syslog.logit here. I was doing nothing strange, just browsing my sonarr, radarr and some plex users streaming.
  11. Is there a (easy) way to have the VM run from a passthrought NVMe drive?
  12. Forgot about that! I'm on 6.8.3 Seems like you might be issuing de "rm" not on the root path. Adding "/" to "usr" would do it (I suspect)
  13. rm: cannot remove ´usr/local/emhttp/plugins/plexstreams/Plex_Streams.page.off´: No such file or directory I'm getting this error on boot. Version 2020.07.23