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  1. Can you make a Miscreated game server docker?
  2. I believe he is referring to this Linux ark server manager. FezVrasta's ark server tools. https://github.com/FezVrasta/ark-server-tools
  3. If you don't have a path for transcode under edit of jellyfin docker then just add one named Transcode, container path: /transcode, host path: /tmp /transcode for path in jellyfin transcoding settings path
  4. Install GPU Statistics Plugin from Community Apps & it will show info on dashboard tab. Set transcoding location in docker to /tmp which is memory in Unraid.
  5. Yes, I have it working great from following SpaceinvaderOne's video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD6FJEYRpsY
  6. When one gets released, add a +1 for me. Thanks
  7. 6.8.2 to 6.8.3 no issues except for same failure to connect to hypervisor error since 6.8 initial release.
  8. Open sourced alternative to Plex: Jellyfin SSD Cache: Yes
  9. Directly Accessing and adding a SSL cert to Plex on Unraid. https://www.target-bravo.com/blog/2018/7/10/blog-headline-1-6y3tj-49m5s-7tbal-gc7z3
  10. Try Pop! OS Nvidia version from System 76 based on Ubuntu but much better IMHO. https://pop-iso.sfo2.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/19.10/amd64/nvidia/12/pop-os_19.10_amd64_nvidia_12.iso
  11. Just found out MacOS High Sierra does not support Nvidia RTX cards, with Apple and Nvidia in some kind of conflict dispute none of the updates to MacOS since High Sierra support any Nvidia Cards.
  12. Installed HighSiera by following your video which works fine until I make any change via the vm template (yes I edited the xml afterwords and added the xml at the bottom from line 136 on. Also added the icon location back correct in xml. Then on reboot it just goes to clover install again, not boot the installed HighSiera. So I added back the correct loader & nvram info in xml which fixes the boot issue. But at this point any changes in vm template breaks the vm even after adding the custom lines from 136 on back in xml. So I added everything in template I want including Nvidia RTX 2060 gpu passthrough and compare the new created xml with the previuous working xml. I then replace in the new created xml from the vm template lines 136 and so on back to the bottom, the icon location, the correct type of nic, the correct loader info, the correct nvram info and it boots all the way up but with 4 little screens side by side at top of the screen. Any idea what is causing this or what I may be doing wrong? Unraid Nvidia 6.8.2 Is support from @SpaceInvaderOne gone for macinabox? I see no replies for this docker from him since December 19, 2019 last year.
  13. Welcome aboard Zack Spear @zspearmint we are so happy to have you at Lime Technology Inc. & join this great Unraid community!