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  1. Updated 6.11.4 to 6.11.5 no issues, thanks for the update.
  2. If you have the fix common problems plugin installed which most do and is good to have then you will have a Update Assistant under the tools tab which is: Update Assistant This script is part of Fix Common Problems These tests, while not definitive will give you recommendations on what you should do prior to updating your unRaid OS. The tests are run against what the available update for unRaid expects and/or wants. There may also be perfectly valid use-cases for any issues that this script finds.
  3. It's also good practice to run Tools> Update Assistant first to check for any compatibility issues there could possibly be before updating
  4. It will or you can just go to tools> Update OS
  5. Upgraded from 6.11.3 to 6.11.4 with no issues, thank you for the update & your hard work.
  6. Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi with uBlock Origin & Privacy Badger. https only browsing as much as possible. Encrypted dns & Bitwarden pw manager hosted on my UNRAID server with swag by linuxserver.
  7. Updated from 6.11.1 to 6.11.2 with No Problems, thank you very much for the update.
  8. Upgraded to 6.11.1 from 6.11 with no issues. Thanks, very much appreciated!
  9. Welcome to the UNRAID team Eli, congrats!
  10. Upgraded from 6.10.3 to 6.11.0 with no issues. Thanks for your hard work for the upgrade, much appreciation to everyone who contributed. Thank you very much!
  11. 6.9.0 > 6.9.1 went smooth no problems. Thank You for your hard work. Only minor issue I have noticed is still some CA apps showing as not installed when searching for them that are in fact installed, but show correct under CA Installed apps tab.
  12. I tested it and you are correct, hope this helps you fix or suppress these log entries. I appreciate your contributions/work you do for Unraid and us the users. Thank You
  13. It stops filling the log when a transcode is in progress & when the transcode is done it starts filling the log again.