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  1. _jonte

    Drive fail?

    Damn... Chucked from a Seagate USB drive. Guess I'm screwed on warranty as well?
  2. How should I interpret this? Is my drive failing? It's about 6 months old.
  3. Looking for an i7 7700 or 7700k. I'm in Sweden, but anywhere in the EU should be fine.
  4. I recently had the same need for upgrade for HW 4k transcoding. I only run a few Dockers incl. Emby. I had DDR3 ram like you, so I got a Asrock board with an integrated Celeron J3455 CPU and DDR3 support for about $100. Perhaps not the "best" best option, but a very cheap and low power one that works.
  5. _jonte

    "Hardware error" - what am I looking for?

    Thanks, seems I missed enabling mcelog. I've attached new logs. Can you anything more of importance? tower-diagnostics-20180709-2201.zip
  6. _jonte

    "Hardware error" - what am I looking for?

    It's the latest available.
  7. _jonte

    "Hardware error" - what am I looking for?

    Any idea anyone?
  8. I keep getting hardware error warnings. Fix Common Problems tells me to make diagnostics logs. But I have no idea what to look for in the logs. Help please.. What I could fint in syslog.txt Tells me nothing. tower-diagnostics-20180706-2204.zip
  9. _jonte

    Yet an other split level question.

    Got it, thanks!
  10. _jonte

    Yet an other split level question.

    I think I get it now.. So basically, all TV-shows will be distributed on all disks, but say all files within "Lost in Space" will be kept on the same disk. Correct? If I'd want all TV-shows on the same disk, I could choose to split at the top level?
  11. _jonte

    Yet an other split level question.

    I'd like do do pretty much the same. But not sure how this works in detail. Do I simply create the folders illustrated above manually on separate disks, and then Unraid will automatically keep that structure with subfolders?
  12. I'm running Unraid under VMWare on W10. Possibly VMWare passed through disk names have changed. Would that matter?
  13. Edit: Got it sorted! Hi, Not sure what happened here.. I had emptied one array drive and removed it from the computer. I made a New Config and re-added the only array drive I had left, plus cache. But now I can't enter my passphrase for xfs-encryption, Unraid instead wants me to make a new passphrase. Any idea what to do now? Removed another two drive a few days ago and had no problems. Array is xfs-encrypted, cache is btrfs.
  14. _jonte

    DDR3 vs DDR4

    I need some new hardware... Considering the crazy RAM prices, I'm wondering if using DDR3 memory is a viable option? Used, 32 GB can go for almost the same as 8 GB DDR4. There are a few 1151 motherboards that supports DDR3 and Kaby Lake CPU's. Any disadvantages? How much impact on performance?