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  1. @AntaresUK How did you solve this? Did you install a driver or did you just leave it as is? I have the exact same unknown device, running on a TR 1920X.
  2. Dusing installation, what should be put in for cache directory? Leave blank? Create a share?
  3. @dlandon I suppose the easiest would be to start from scratch. But I would really like to keep/restore all my settings and configurations. How do I do that? I guess I should keep a few selected files/folders in appdata för that?
  4. Sorry for tagging @dlandon but need to get my Zoneminder up and running again. Perhaps you have some idea on what's the issue for me? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone. Zoneminder has stopped working for me all of a sudden and I don't know how to fix it. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. I think the issue started when my array accidentally got completely full. I fixed this, but since then Zoneminder won't start again. I'm getting some kind of mysql error. I've copied the last part of the log below where I get the errors. Let me know if the full log is needed. What does these error mean, and how can I fix it? Thanks!
  6. Time to get a couple of new drives. What type of WD are best for this? I'd like to be able to put them back together if a get a failed drive again. The My Book Desktop, and Elements Desktop, are about the same price.
  7. Damn... Chucked from a Seagate USB drive. Guess I'm screwed on warranty as well?
  8. How should I interpret this? Is my drive failing? It's about 6 months old.
  9. Looking for an i7 7700 or 7700k. I'm in Sweden, but anywhere in the EU should be fine.
  10. I recently had the same need for upgrade for HW 4k transcoding. I only run a few Dockers incl. Emby. I had DDR3 ram like you, so I got a Asrock board with an integrated Celeron J3455 CPU and DDR3 support for about $100. Perhaps not the "best" best option, but a very cheap and low power one that works.
  11. Thanks, seems I missed enabling mcelog. I've attached new logs. Can you anything more of importance? tower-diagnostics-20180709-2201.zip