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  1. Then I will need a new disk to transfer it to. Well, I'll be using Windows as my NAS until I get the disk I want for the unRAID system
  2. Hello unRAID community. So, I'm close at getting the system for unRAID I'm planning to do. But before I throw myself into it all. What file system does unRAID use? If I plug in my current disks with NTFS, will I be able to use it with unRAID, or do I need to format them before I can use them with unRAID?
  3. I didn't think of it that way, but it makes sense. But you could argue, that manufacturers (hopefully) gets better at their job. But I'll get a DataTraveler SE9 2.0 USB. I've already found one with 16 GB, and it's like $10 + shipping here in Denmark, so I'll just use that. Thank you for clarifying and helping out, it's really appreciated
  4. I might be a bit stupid here. But why 2 over 3, does it matter that much if you don't take the speed into account?
  5. Ah, yeah. I've been looking into it. So far, I haven't seen an improvement yet. But it might be because I'm using my current system for everything, so it's not really showing a difference yet
  6. Sweet baby Jesus! That sounds awesome! I need a new USB stick then
  7. I need the rig first, since I'm gonna need a second PC case, and an entire new setup. But yeah, thanks a lot!
  8. So if I have 1 SSD, I can have the OS, and the cache on it?
  9. Alright. I will look into it when I've set up the system. Thanks
  10. Nanobug

    NAS setup

    I see. Well, guess the old DDR3 system will be used as a NAS/Media Server then! Thanks again!
  11. I guess I'll have to check what the bit rates are on each video then. So, the cache can be spread across the number of drives I have?
  12. Then I will build a new rig for gaming, streaming and working, then use my current system as NAS/Media Server. Thanks!