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  1. I will do that, thanks. I'll do that. It's weird, since I just reinstalled it all not too long ago. Is there any way to verify the USB stick? I think it's a 3.0, I can't remember exactly. I do have a 2.0 for the purpose of unRAID ready when I need to replace it. It's in a 2.0 port though.
  2. That worked. Is that the solution if it happens again? And do you know why it's happening, or how I can troubleshoot it in the future if it happens again?
  3. It's like 6 months ago that I set everything up on unRAID again, so I don't get it. Could it be the USB stick? Remove the nvidia driver plugin, reboot and install it again and turn on the dockers?
  4. It said a drive was missing, so I turned it off to have a look, and when I turned it on again, it couldn't start Plex, and I noticed the GPUID was missing again. Diagnostics is added. ls -la /boot/config/nvidia-driver/packages gave me this:
  5. Hello, I have this issue again: I've rebooted it multiple times, did the checksum and tried different versions, and it's not showing up
  6. Then I need some new SAS to SATA cables. I'll check the cables just in case it's loose or something. If I get the issue again, I guess I need to buy new cables for it. Thank you for your help
  7. It completed without errors. Do you think it's safe to use? I'll take the drive out next time I get the chance and I'll add the numbers and all on them so it's easier for next time.
  8. It has been rebuild without errors, I'm running an extended SMART test now.
  9. I turned it off, but I forgot to note which disk it was, so I turned it on again, and now it's rebuilding the drive.
  10. Hello unRAID forums, I have the red x on a drive, it has 64 errors when I checked. I looked at the documentation, and it looked like I need to check the cabling at first, whiceh I will do tomorrow. unRAID says the drive is not installed. I can't run a SMART test. I've added the diagnostics. The drive is a WDC WD4001FFSX with 30.000 - 35.000 power on hours so far. Is there anything else I should think about/do in this case?
  11. I can't figure out how to install Element. Does anyone have a guide or can point me in the right direction of how to do it?
  12. I need help.... I messed up my AMP container, so I started over. I know I'm missing something here, because I've done it before. For some reason, I can't an instasnce to work. I'm using an UDM. Here's myport forwarding: - I know it's a bunch of ports, I'm just too lazy to edit it all the time, that's also why logging is enabled. It's added in the docker settings: - I couldn't exactly remember how it should be, but it didn't complain, so I assume it's right. I've added the ports in AMP: And in the
  13. Ah, like that. I thought you could do it on unRAID somehow. I've got both, so I'll just check it with whatever is nearest next time I'm around.
  14. I'm not sure how I'l test the boot device. I'll run the memtest whenever I'm not too lazy to drag a monitor down to the rack How do I test the boot device?