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  1. Then I will need a new disk to transfer it to. Well, I'll be using Windows as my NAS until I get the disk I want for the unRAID system
  2. Hello unRAID community. So, I'm close at getting the system for unRAID I'm planning to do. But before I throw myself into it all. What file system does unRAID use? If I plug in my current disks with NTFS, will I be able to use it with unRAID, or do I need to format them before I can use them with unRAID?
  3. I didn't think of it that way, but it makes sense. But you could argue, that manufacturers (hopefully) gets better at their job. But I'll get a DataTraveler SE9 2.0 USB. I've already found one with 16 GB, and it's like $10 + shipping here in Denmark, so I'll just use that. Thank you for clarifying and helping out, it's really appreciated
  4. I might be a bit stupid here. But why 2 over 3, does it matter that much if you don't take the speed into account?
  5. Ah, yeah. I've been looking into it. So far, I haven't seen an improvement yet. But it might be because I'm using my current system for everything, so it's not really showing a difference yet
  6. Sweet baby Jesus! That sounds awesome! I need a new USB stick then
  7. I need the rig first, since I'm gonna need a second PC case, and an entire new setup. But yeah, thanks a lot!
  8. So if I have 1 SSD, I can have the OS, and the cache on it?
  9. Alright. I will look into it when I've set up the system. Thanks
  10. Nanobug

    NAS setup

    I see. Well, guess the old DDR3 system will be used as a NAS/Media Server then! Thanks again!
  11. I guess I'll have to check what the bit rates are on each video then. So, the cache can be spread across the number of drives I have?
  12. Then I will build a new rig for gaming, streaming and working, then use my current system as NAS/Media Server. Thanks!
  13. Nanobug

    NAS setup

    What case I should go for. I don't mind spending money on a case, I just don't want to buy the wrong one.
  14. I'm planning on using it at first, I just wanted to check if it's completely hopeless to even start. I assume unRAID uses less resources than Windows 10 64 bit Pro. I can run roughly 1 - 1080p stream while gaming and streaming at the same time. It's not the best gaming experience for me, but the stream is as smooth as the gameplay (no frames dropped), but I do drop to 30 fps some times. But the stream is working as intended. Not sure what i915 QSV. Do you mean Intel Quick Sync?
  15. testdasi, from what I remember, as long as there's not 5 streams of 1080p at the same time, from the same drive, it should be fine. Why shouldn't I go for the Pro drives? I'm always buying from a Danish retailer with good RMA, so I won't have any issues in case it should be there. I don't know if I need or want NVME yet, it was just an idea to get good speeds for the cache. So, I can't use the cache for getting updates so I won't have to download them from a Steam server? Or did I misunderstand what you meant? I'm thinking 1 TB of storage for the cache.
  16. Nanobug

    NAS setup

    Hello unRAID community. I'm looking for a case I can use for a NAS. I have a few requirements, I will list those below, and some I'm looking for guidance for. Case requirements: Dust filters Silent I cant decide what amount of drives I'm going to need. I was thinking as many as possible within the case. I've looked into DARK BASE PRO 900 rev 2. (be quiet) SILENT BASE 801 (be quiet) I've looked at other cases as well, I just can't remember them all. There's a few cases I don't wanna go with, since I'm also looking a bit at aesthetics, but I'm willing to compromise if needed. I can also use my old Antec Twelve Hundred (original version), which has a lot of space for drives. I need to replace the fans, since they're really loud, but otherwise, it has like 12 drive bays or something like that, so I'm thinking of using that case.
  17. Hello unRAID community. I've decided to go with WD Red, maybe even Pro for storage for my future NAS. I want a silent system, and the specifications says WD is more silent, and the failure rate is lower if I remember correctly. I'm still searching on input regarding the storage, so WD vs Seagate. Also, I think I'm gonna go for either a normal SSD or NVME SSD for the OS, depending on if I go with my current system, or a complete new one. For the cache, I'm thinking of using a second SSD or something, so I can put all games there so I don't have to download updates to my Steam library directly from Steam, but from the NAS instead. If you have any input on it, like what your process was, and what you ended up with, and why, I would really appreciate it.
  18. Hello unRAID. Currently I have the followe MB and CPU: MB: MSI Z77A-GD65 (I know, old AF) CPU: Intel i7-3770K (old AF as well) Would it be enough to run unRAID and a decent Plex Media Server? I'm thinking a maximum of 5 simultaneously 1080p streams at most, that might have to transcode it to 720p. With Windows, it takes quite a lot of CPU usage. I can also build an entire new system, I'm thinking AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, but I'm not sure on the MB yet, or if I should go PCIe 3.0 or 4.0. 4.0 might be a bit overkill for a NAS. Any input on this?
  19. Thank you for clarifying. Is it possible to do with other clients, like battlenet, Origen, GoG Galaxy etc.?
  20. Thank you. That was helpful. I've saved those links. I have a question though. Will I be able to use a cache for Steam games for example? So when there's an update to a Steam game, Steam will look at the cache first and update it from there, instead of getting it from a Steam Server?
  21. I'm not trying to find to be lazy, annoying or anything like that. I'm trying to understand it, so I can make a decision on what hardware to buy, or not to buy.
  22. I did look at it, before and after you linked it to me. It's just a bit difficult when English isn't my first language, that's why I was asking.