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  1. Hello unraid people I think I have a bad drive, and no replacement drive for it right now. So I've unplugged it (both sata and power) and now I can't start the array. I'm unsure of how to do it. Can you tell me, or link me something so I can figure it out? - I tried look at Spaceinvader One's videos, since he's my go to guy on unraid, but I can't seem to find anything regarding this.
  2. Good morning (I'm from Europe) I haven't changed any config files or anything, since I wanted the sever to go online first. It shows this on my servers when I try to find it: Does it mean it's online? I've only used the default port for now. Does it mean, if I change the port, I need to set it all up again, and not just restart the server?
  3. It is possible to see it in the steam server browser. But I just had a friend test, and it gets stuck at "connecting to server". I looked at the log on unraid, it said this: It's the last part in red, that makes me wonder what it is, and why my friend can't connect to it?
  4. I've got the server running now, but I can't get it to be access able on WAN, only LAN. Can you look through a config file or something, or should I show you some screenshots?
  5. So it should look like this, if my token as "1234": Is that correct? I'm just trying to get it to work at first, then I will run it with a different IP.
  6. I'm trying to host a CS:GO server. I've got a static IP, I've port forwarded the port to my server, and it's not online. I was sure where I was supposed to put in the login token (screenshot added). I've added a screenshot of my setting. The docker log says this: I've tried to look through everything. But I can't get it to work. Does anyone have a beginners guide to it?
  7. My router was messed up, so I had a friend drop off a router, and everything works now. Thank you for trying to help, it's really appreciated.
  8. My router was the issue. I can even use Deluge now.
  9. I'm better at network than unraid. I've had issues on other devices and systems with the current router. So I'm setting a new router up now. is on the same network as the gateway. The netmask is huge, but the DHCP pool is limited. I just want easier numbers to remember, that's all. The usable host addresses on the network is from to, so almost 17 million addresses.
  10. If I restart the server, "Fix Common Problems"'s issue with the DNS, is gone at first, but comes up again after 5-10 minutes, or if I scan with it. Any ideas why? If I change the DNS to Google primary ( and secondary (, and Cloudflare ( as the third, and scan it with "Fix Common Problems", it still thinkgs the DNS settings are messed up. Does anyone have an idea of what I can try?
  11. The DNS problem disappears when I restart the server, but the torrent issue persists. Just to try it out, I installed Deluge on my Windows 10 Pro, and it works right away. The use the same network configuration, except the unraid server has a static IP, and my Windows PC has a DHCP IP.
  12. Hell unraid forums. According to the CA "Fix Common Problems", my DNS keep being messed up. I noticed when, when I tried to set up Deluge (the regular one), and it wouldn't download the torrent, and I've tried 3 different Linux distibutions. But somehow, after a restart, it downloads the torrent that is already added to Deluge, but if I add new ones, it does absolutely nothing. I don't know what you need from me, beside the diagnostics. nanounraid-diagnostics-20200308-1232.zip
  13. My DNS is for some reason messed up again. I think that might be the case right now. I don't know why it happens "Fix Common Problems" detected it. I guess I'll have to fix that first.
  14. When I booted up unraid today, it did start downloading ubuntu, so I tried adding the fedora and debian torrent to Deluge again, and it's being a jerk to me now. It does get the IP now, where it said n/a before. It adds the torrent in paused now, and I can't resume them. Any ideas?
  15. Alright. Let me know if you can think of something Thanks for trying to help anyway.
  16. Tried 2 other Linux distros, and downloading the ubuntu torrent and adding it again. It doesn't show my IP in the bottom now, it did that before. Is that normal?
  17. This is my "Downloads" and its 4 subfolders: Now Deluge mentions no error in the bottom right, but still gives the error in tracker status. I've removed the torrent, rebooted the docker, and added the torrent again before it gave this error.
  18. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Can you explain it, or somehow show it?
  19. This is what I have right now:
  20. I don't know if it's mapped properly. How do I check that? The port is open in the router, even though https://www.canyouseeme.org/ is not agreeing with that.
  21. Mother of.... Was it that simple?! I feel stupid now. Big thanks though. I did only download 2.39%. Then it says "Error: Connection times out". If I recheck and update the tracker, it goes straight into the error in tracker status. I tried getting a ubuntu torrent to see if it was the one I used, or a second one as well. The second one messed up too. Is it Deluge, or me? I think the last one, but I'm not sure. A quick Google search is unclear to me.
  22. If it's a spinning drive (mechanical) it's normal. Imagine it's a CD/DVD disk, on the edge it will access more data, because the circle is larger, because it has more area to read/write from, the closer it gets to the center, it will have less, because the circle is smaller.
  23. I'm really new and unexperience at unraid. How do I check that?
  24. I have typed it exactly the same way, with capital D and I. I'm not sure about the second part. I can show you some screenshots of the paths of both Deluge and the share?