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  1. I had the same problem: Solfed it with this User Script on array start #!/bin/bash docker network create -d macvlan --subnet= --gateway= -o parent=br0 br0 With the last Update the Problem went away Cheers Gesendet von meinem Redmi Note 8 Pro mit Tapatalk
  2. As for every docker you can use host or bridge with Port mapping (Please add the portmapping to Port 8080 to your template) or a very easy way is using br0 with an IP of your subnet Please have a look at the logs it takes a long time at the First Start. Cheers Gesendet von meinem Redmi Note 8 Pro mit Tapatalk
  3. Application Name: OpenProject Overview: Support for Docker image of OpenProject Application: OpenProject - https://openproject.org Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/u/openproject
  4. I had to edit this Post because I got it running. I am trying to make it more stable and will publish it to the conmunity Apps very soon. You will find the support thread here: Cheers
  5. Change the User so everything will work Now. Thanks
  6. I would use a base Image and create my own. YOu can create a docker file or you can exec it into the Container install everything and after you finished you make a commit to your own Image.
  7. Mapping a folder you Do docker run -v /hostpath:/containerpath Docker does not Support Single files
  8. Hi, If you read the manual there are two ways to get it running. You can use docker compose or you can run it in a Single given Container therefore you just have to add a New Container in the WEB Interface with openproject/community:10 and setup everything. There is no template in the conmunity Apps Now. I think I will create one Hope that helps. Cheers
  9. Normally if you set it up from scratch it should automaticy install onlyoffice. If you click on + it should show you the option to create a document. If not please got to Apps and enable onlyoffice and the document server. If this will not work we´ll meet at discord. Cheers
  10. Thanks. Since I will not change the image because I dont want any fork you have 2 options: 1. build your own with cron: https://github.com/nextcloud/docker/tree/master/.examples/dockerfiles/cron/apache 2. use the cron from unraid (Webinterface) and use docker exec. Cheers
  11. IT is the official docker image thats why the author is nextcloud.
  12. Nextcloud based on the official docker hub image. Nextcloud 18.0.1 with full ONLYOFFICE integration. Based on: https://hub.docker.com/_/nextcloud/ Tag 18.0.1-apache Please make shure you got the volume mounting correct. Please note you can mount any share to for example /mnt/Share and mount it in nextcloud with the "external storage" app. If you want to run it behind a reverse https proxy make shure you got your proxy configuration right. Than add ‘overwriteprotocol’ => ‘https’ to your nextcloud config. You will not be able to access it without your https reverse proxy anymore. Any questions? Dont mind to ask Addon: Nextcloud Security Check You can schedule a task that will automaticly check the security level and gives you a push notification if there are any issues. It is based on https://scan.nextcloud.com/ https://github.com/maschhoff/nextcloud_securipy
  13. This is a very lightweight Speedtest. You can run it locally between you server and your clients. Based on: https://hub.docker.com/r/adolfintel/speedtest/ Source Code: https://github.com/librespeed/speedtest
  14. Guys, I just uploaded my template to the community apps with the official nextcloud 18.0.1RC2 where I was able to very easily get ONLYOFFICE running. If you are ready for a fresh installation or just like to try it out, it will be there soon. It is working. But not with the LSIO image build.