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  1. you got a lot of trouble with your database. What kind of db are you running is it setup correctly?
  2. can you provide the log files from the docker container and the appdata nextcloud to view whats causing the problem. Some rights have changes maybe thats why cheers
  3. I thing that was the way I ran Mopidy usibg that config [iris] snapcast_enabled = true snapcast_port = 6680 [stream] enabled = true protocols = http https mms rtmp rtmps rtsp timeout = 5000
  4. I think this is now a docker related problem if othet devices work. Maybe try with priviledged rights
  5. how does your filebrowser config looks? perm.share ?
  6. maybe an issue with the base url? what does the browser colsole say any logs from file browser hint: works well with custom ips as well - better to use vlan
  7. this is not a docker related question. Maybe someone can answare it but better ask this to the developer on github cheers
  8. Thanks - I started with unraid 6.2 but I probably have a more current one now I tested it on 6.12.6 Cheers
  9. Hey everyone, after more than 8 years of using my flash drive for unraid I needed a new one. So I used the flash drive backup zip file and the unraid USB Creator. The USB Creator was finished but after putting the flash into my server it was not able to boot from that. It had two partitions but none of them was able to boot. Creating the recovery manual (format to FAT32, copy data, use make bootable) worked instand. Do you have an issue with the USB Creator or did I do something wrong? Cheers
  10. Hey zusammen, sollte jemand aktuell auf das Thema stoßen nutzt bitte die neue Methode. Diese in Kürze: Backup des aktuellen Sticks über die GUI oder regelmäßig über das Backup plugin. USB Creator von der unraid Seite laden und öffnen Statt stabel wählt ihr local und wählt dort die zip Backup Datei Neuen Stick rein, beschreiben fertig. cheers
  11. didnt try but the folder the files are uploaded to should be mapped as volume in the config. Give it a try
  12. short answare, dont! you can do but your changes will be flushed if you dont commit the container. there is @Kilrah s nextcloud with ffmpg installed. cheers
  13. the most youtube tutorials are very old and not made for this docker. Maybe you‘ll get some Inspiration but stick to this forums threads first page
  14. Hey, check your Database Server if the Database and all Tabels are there. Seems that the DB is not installed correct because the table is missing. cheers
  15. If you try to install additional moduls youre maybe better of wirh @Kilrah Nextcloud. He rebuilds the official build and adds those moduls. else you have to build a script thats installs all dependencies at the start of the container. If you restart the container everything is flushed. cheers