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  1. You re welcome, thanks for the flowers.You can buy me a Pizza if you like to donate So if you ask me I would redommend using a reverse proxy and port forward that ports. For security reasons. Just an example how to do that, we can set this up together on discord if you want but there are videos and tutorials out. A hell lot. Use let's encrypt from the community apps and get it working. Edit the config to that it will reverse proxy to your openproject docker as already mentioned in this thread Port forward 80 and 443 to the evil internet and maybe setup a dyndns or subdomain to your ip. Second and more secure is to use a vpn. So you setup a vpn Service like wireguard or openvpn port forward those ports and connect to vpn. Cheers Gesendet von meinem Redmi Note 8 Pro mit Tapatalk
  2. You cannot use the -s pipe multiple times. just use 2 snapcast container with a different adress. The Issue: Are you running Spotify? I had some troubble with a non valid configuration / authorisation with Spotify that endet like this. Cheers
  3. More details, log file, situation report please. can´t help you out with this info
  4. Are you talking about unraid? This should be a docker network think.
  5. this is very advances but a nice project! snapfifo tmp is here: /mnt/user/appdata/mopidy/tmp/ it is mounted to Mopidy /tmp/snapfifo and to snapserver /data/ all you have to do is to create another snapfifo pipe for the other Mopidy. You have to change this locations: Snapserver: Post Arguments: snapserver -s pipe:///data/snapfifo?name=Example&sampleformat=44100:16:2 Mopidy3 [audio] output = audioresample ! audio/x-raw,rate=48000,channels=2,format=S16LE ! audioconvert ! wavenc ! filesink location=/tmp/snapfifo
  6. Maybe thats your issue too? https://help.nextcloud.com/t/app-list-not-available/68519
  7. login: admin, password: admin
  8. @hundsboog are you on discord? that would be much easyer.
  9. Hi, I tryed to install it with your settings and I got the same message but it does not stopped me from accessing nextcloud and setting it up. So I guess its just a warning. Did you came further installing it? Cheers
  10. Hi @Cessquill nice to hear that everything works well at the moment. To answere your questions: File Ownership, I am very unshure why your owner of the config.php is nobody. I think you started the docker right away with the extra parameters (GUID etc.) thats the only reason that this may happen. but it works? It should be ok to run them as nobody since they´re in the same group. .htaccess File I am sorry but this question should be discussed in the nextcloud community forum. they´re very active and will help you out fast. Since I did not changed the image itself you should not be the only one. Cheers
  11. Optional. If you wish Do edit files from shares from nextcloud and your OS
  12. I just added my Snapcast Template to the App-Repo you should be able to install it in community apps soon. I never tryed to play different music. Normally you use mopidy because you want to use Google Audio/Home or Snapcast to stream and sync music to every room and Mopidy is your central music station. Give it a try - I dont know
  13. are you shure that "nextcloud" is the name of that docker container? for me it seems to be ok.
  14. jip but you can use snapcast for android - that works well