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  1. dont think so. ask @
  2. Yep thats very weak. I am running a chron script that edits my filerights every some minutes. Thats not good but good enough
  3. Can you post the docker run statement that is shown in your browser after you click on "apply" there should be a docker parameter thats is not suppost do be there. maybe my template is broken?
  4. @Squid thanks a lot for that!
  5. Hey, is there any kind of real XML Schema to test against. I have at least 2 xml files that will be blacklisted. since I dont know why it would be very nice to have a XML Schema to test against bevor uploading it to github. xml/my-prpdf.xml xml/my-librespeed.xml
  6. downloaded newst version - how? did you change the docker tag or did you changed files in appdata? normally you change the docker tag to a upper version and it will take from there.
  7. Thats exacly the way you go. Remember to run that as post execution with every start of the container. Cheers.
  8. Hey, Sometimes its better to read Before I am Sorry to say but this container contains the document server and you have nothing left to do But, no matter witch nextcloud Version the guys from nextxloud never really make the Integration work a 100% thats why a lot of us are not very happy with onlyoffice. Cheers Gesendet von meinem Redmi Note 8 Pro mit Tapatalk
  9. try docker exec -it -u33 /bin/bash and run it from there - you can just hit y then. or try to type -y after your command
  10. Did you run it as docker exec or just in appdata. Only docker exec will work. Cheers Gesendet von meinem Redmi Note 8 Pro mit Tapatalk
  11. Hi @ich777, thanks for that awesome work. Hope you will keep it going for the upcoming releases of unraid. Cant miss that. I just tryed to get my Tevii S470 running with openElec drivers and it worked just plug and play with your plugin! Danke, Alles Gute! Cheers
  12. Hi, just change the Repository to nextcloud:21.0.2-apache or nextcloud:latest to get all new updates I am running on stable-apache You can find a list of supported tags here
  13. Thanks, your configuration works much better than mine! So nothing to do for me on the docker side thanks!
  14. Hey everyone, I was wondering why so i setup a reverse proxy with nginx and it sucks so hard. it takes a very long time. without the reverse proxy its there in under a second. So I think we have to investigate on that I dont have any idea. I dont think its about the docker. Is anyone very familliar to nginx configuration. I will try to find a solution but maybe we can search together. cheers