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  1. You have to edit the folder rights of your appdata / openhab folder so that you can edit that files
  2. did you mount that folder. As described on the first page you have to volume mount the share folders to the container and than you can use that extension. I dont think you need to setup rights for www-data that for. Cheers
  3. Is this an external SMB or the Shares of Unraid. Becuase Shares of Unraid is much easyer with volume mount -> youll find all in this thread about it.?
  4. Hi the Containers port is 80 I think so you have to bring Host port 8586 to 80 and not 8586 to 8586? But I am not familliar what organizr does - you have to figure it out.
  5. Are you running on br0 or with bridge or host mode. If you are running in on br0 it has to be changed in the configuration. with bridge or host you can use the port mapping docker feature of the UI.
  6. Mount and edit the php.ini The extra parameter are experimental. Maybe you just need them for the first start
  7. you have mounted that folder to /config ? or where? /mnt/usr/appdata/filebrowser shoud be mounted to /db than /config is in /db/config yes like this https://github.com/filebrowser/frontend/tree/master/public/img
  8. did you mount that folder and the img did you check if all file are in that folder inside the container with docker exec?
  9. have you try to use bridge mode for proxynet? I got it runnig with br0 and letsenc but without proxynet Cheers
  10. Please ask at the general community apps or docker thread. I dont know how to help out. Cheers
  11. Only with this docker? Sounds like a General Problem.
  12. Hey, Please change "name of this container" to the namr of your container
  13. Thats not okay... Do you have access to your shares if you exec it into the container? Thats how it should look like
  14. Hi, this docker does not contain any database, please install a separate docker contaiber for you database and connect it in the Installation process, this is very easy. Cheers
  15. Permissions: Since documentserver and onlyoffice are affected by this, this should be checked again. But its more about a security warning User-Shares: So if I did not miss a step we should try step by step. Did you share a file and checked if the shared user can edit this file. Please click + New Textdocument write something and share that file with a user. If this works sharing and file rights are set correctly and thats not the problem. Cheers