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  1. These ar e the type of problems I was experiencing a couple of weeks ago. I tried several of the European servers - in the end, I discovered servers in Canada appeared to be working correctly. When my year subscription is up, I will look at moving to Mullvad.
  2. After three years of using PIA, I had a problem last week, getting a decent connection. I tried several servers and experienced different symptoms with the various ones I tried. In the end, I discovered a Canadian server which was, and still is, working okay.
  3. Ah, that was just off the bottom of my browser window. Okay, that has done the trick - thanks.
  4. I have been selecting default colours, I have clicked the reset button, and the machine has been rebooted. What else can I do to gain control over the colours? See attached screenshot. Disks 1-8 are data drives, Drive 12 is unassigned (used for docker).
  5. What do you call "full speeds"? My connection is, at best 100Mbps (nominally 50Mbps), and I am still seeing downloads at up to 8MBps and uploads running at the full limited rate of 6MBps, with v2.0.4.
  6. But my Data drives are shown in a darker blue, and this colour doesn't appear in the picker.
  7. I run the deluge thin client on the Linux Mint desktop - that will intercept magnet links and direct them to the deluge server.
  8. Something odd has happened to my colour picker and I'm not sure what/why or how to resolve it.
  9. Great! Many thanks - all good now.
  10. This update has messed up the display of available disk bays in the Dashboard display. Slot number is too low, LED is too high.
  11. Thanks for that. I can get the configuration interface to come up in the web client, but not in my thin client (running v2.1.1.dev7501). Perhaps I need to find a 2.0.4 thin client for Linux Mint.
  12. Yes, it is possible - I don't actually use the /data directory. I have three separate folders, on three different shares, for leeching torrents, completed torrents and post-processed torrents, like this (simply create new container paths):
  13. If you look in the delugevpn logfile, I think you'll find that it has filled up with many occurrences of I'm hoping that Binhex will eliminate these errors by building the docker with the previous version of Python.
  14. Take a look at the 'downgrade' utility - available on AUR.
  15. Would it be unreasonable to force the docker to build with Python 3.7, for the time-being? Progress on deluge v2.04 appears to be slow, so I would suspect that we are stuck with v2.03 for a little while.