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  1. No, all of the other drives are solid - just Parity 2, my newest drive, which is sick.
  2. The parity check completed in 16 hours, 11 minutes with zero sync errors.
  3. Well, here are the diagnostics. It does seem to be simply a very high number of read errors near the beginning of the drive tower-diagnostics-20200927-2234.zip
  4. It's because Parity 2 has clocked up 7942 errors during the parity check! Anyway, the estimated time is down to ten hours now. Clearly, I need to replace the drive, but with what? Are the WD Red Pro still good, or should I be looking at other models?
  5. I think I have a problem - after an unclean shutdown the parity check started. Many errors are being reported on Parity2 drive and the estimated finish for the parity check is currently more than 400 days! Zero sync errors, though! Apart from changing the Parity2 drive (my newest drive) does anyone have any advice? The majority of my drives are WD Reds - what drives are people using now to avoid the issues with shingled drives?
  6. I have CouchPotato/Jacket working fine through DelugeVPN Privoxy
  7. A 7.5GB mkv download just completed on NewGen, and now playing. No apparent issues.
  8. PIA NewGen up and running, with download, using the Sweden endpoint. Remote client connected without problem, from Linux Mint. All looking good, so far. Much kudos to binhex!
  9. Wow! I don't know what the version is of the docker image I just downloaded, but it connected to the Czech endpoint in a mere five or ten seconds! (I haven't yet got around to entering multiple endpoints in the configuration).
  10. Information looks good, but only covers Wireguard, so far. OpenVPN script is still in progress - but it does give us hope that our issues will soon be resolved. I'm sure that Binhex will be on to it as soon as the OpenVPN script is posted. As far as connecting my router, which doesn't support OpenVPN or Wireguard, is concerned, I guess that I'm stuck with the oldgen endpoints.
  11. Are you sure that you're using the correct .ovpn file? Is ca-toronto.privacy.network = ca.torronto.privateinternetaccess.com? A wild guess, but are you using the .ovpn for the newgen endpoint?
  12. I'm currently set to use the Czech endpoint. We had a power outage this afternoon and it took two hours for the connection to come up afterwards. I think that all the endpoints still work but (depending on load?) it may take some considerable time for the connection to establish.
  13. I'm currently connected to Czech Republic but I find that (most of?) the servers will eventually connected if you leave the docker to retry. Yes, I've seen lots of error 52 and 56, but it does connect, and once it is up there's no problem.
  14. Not directly related to DelugeVPN, but I've been experimenting with with IPTV streaming, via PIA VPN, and find that I experience a lot of rebuffering on the stream. The rebuffering occurs whether I use PriVoxy from DelugeVPN, or I set up a dedicated VPN connection on my router, solely for use by Kodi. If I stream direct, not via VPN, rebuffering very seldom occurs, so I presume that the problem is due either to PIA, or general VPN overheads. The rebuffering seems to be most prevalent from about 1400 UTC (10pm here in Philippines). I'm thinking of changing VPN provider - Ivacy and Mullvad both claim to have fast connections and support port forwarding. Does anyone have relevant experience of these providers, either in terms of configuration/use with DelugeVPN, or streaming performance? Mullvad have the disadvantage that they don't support PPTP/L2TP connections, so wouldn't allow a connection direct from my router. Does anyone have suggestions for other VPN providers to be considered? I have a 100Mbps fibre connection.