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  1. Btw I understand this fully. Iv states multiple times I'm not blaming the developer. I said it's more an unriad as company and sensorship which is not only illegal but is currently being pursuid by the courts in multiple levels of monopolies.
  2. Again I'm not disrespecting the developer or any of the free non paid sources. The thing I'm tryin from understand in which I got my answer and can release upon approval of the person running this thread as im not gonna get banner for something that I am requesting to release. I'm mainly hating in the Unriad Developers the ones that made a paywall to use their premium services and when something doesn't work out the way they want. They going to shutdown anything that may in the smallest way inconvenience them. Haven't you wonder why everything else is supported in unriad 6.8.2 but only nvenc and hardware encoding is not able to be installed anything after this suppose security flaw was noticed and patched on 6.8.3. Anyone ANYTHING lower will lose only support for nvenc transcoding which in a nutshell is an essential process of using unriad and has been for anyone using it for a media server. The Unriad staff the paid unriad staff knows this. So they blocked anyone running their OS wit this security flaw having access to their main hwa encoding in a way to bully the community to upgrading so they don't have to have this security flaw around anymore. I believe if you made a mistake in your source. That's your problem your punishing innocent people that want and paid to use your software on any version. Then your pulling an apple. unriad paid staff is essentially doing the apple battery crap they did with their iphones. But depreciating their battery for bad use so they have to upgrade their phone and buy the newest and latest. Tbh it's just sad this practice is still be used by any company. You're assume this law that was put In place to stop bullying tactics like would make you think twice. Not only that but the recent google, and apple lawsuits brought to the Supreme a court for abusing their rights as google being a search engine and apple not making it fair for developer. I just want an answer from the paid staff of unriad as to why they are strictly bullying people into upgrading when they obviously paid for the software and want use a certain version. It's my right as a customer to use that version. I don't need an excuse as to why I am using as a customer it's my right to do. But you unraid paid staff requiring me to upgrade to a version so you can fix your source code messup is undenybly lower than apple. Atleast they don't claim to be run by the community and gave free developers but are blocking those free developers form developing plugins that are not approved by unriad. That's not free open source. That's controllee and monitored open source. At that point it's more of an apple type company in my eyes. Again someone who's very technology savage and has a lot of experience with cases like these. I find it very sad and poor decision making on unriad part. I'm going to make my own script that will add support for 6.8.2 thanks for being all apple has stood for. You guys rock good luck with your monopoly. I recon everyone should take note of these events unriad has taken to take control of their free support developers and only allow what they seem is in their best interest and not in the interest of their customers or community. Im now expecting a cease an decist form unraid. At which point I'll make sure my lawyer is ready and be ready to take this to the press. Becuase that's the only thing I can think of that would scare linuxserver so bad they won't even talk about it to me on chat. I had to visit a thread dedicated to this exact topic.
  3. thats fine i already reached out to them. Im just baffeled i gave you as a developer mutliple chances to admit fault. Thats fine i really dont care what your beliefs are. All im saying is this is 100% wrong. I meant we as in the commuity. Something is more than fishy with these statements. You can find on this direct forum Unraid-Nvidia-Plugin was one day shutodown no notice. They just say it will no longer be supported. They also seemed really angry that they were having to depreciate the repo. Im pretty sure it wasnt a choice they had bud. You can say whatever you want. I was hoping you would be a bigger person and admit that you wont develop for 6.8.2 or any other beside 6.8.3 or higher becuase unriad told you not to which is the in fact case. Because i know what security flaw your are talking about and I paid for my version of unraid and i feel its not okay that all of us are getting punished for a few bad apples that found the vulnerability. So unraid decided as a COMPANY not a sole community they would deal with it by patching the security flaw and dropping all support for anyone that doesnt upgrade to 6.8.3 version or higher. I dont understand how as a company who has a big opensource community you would shaft a majority of the open source community by make only certain services allowing to use your software for updates and current software development. I know its not your fault and im pretty sure your no the one enforcing this. But im my mind this business practice is no better than Google, Apple, Microsoft, Comcast or any other monopolized market we have now a days. Again this is not against you im directing this. I just dont understand how no one has got outraged by this in general.
  4. yeah but you disabling a function that was made available by another person/Company and then disabiling it and making yours propriatary is not okay. You saying upgrade or dont have a fuctioning HWA. Even though theirs a working method by linuxserver on a github that has access and has been available on any version of 6.8.x I still have yet to have my question answer on why i cant use linuxservers github repo that is depreciated now but still in a nutshell works on my version 6.8.2. I haven't been instructed on how to access or get it working since it was originally removed and they were made to drop support for it recently within the last year by apparently the unraid company itself. So I am asking why my question on how to get that depreciated github to work on my install in which it was built for.
  5. But we dont and i dont understand. If you had to rewrite the script from the linxuserver 6.8.x release. If i have the right to choose why am i only given this option on unraid on the newest release if there has been previous releases for the Unraids OS before 6.8.3. Why is Linuxserver no longer a supported on their own project.. Asd well as why were they forced to shutdown their repo in favor of an unraid plugin badged repo. Im sorry everything im being told in my eyes seems quite a bit fishy. So if theres been previous release for this type of plugin on other version ie 6.8.1, 6.8.2, why cant i use the github they still have up to install their release on my release of unraid 6.8.2 if i had options why are they not being presented by you guys. I do my homework before posting. I dont just post willy nilly. Please throughly read im not fool. So why are you treating me like one.
  6. so your saying becuase i prefer my 6.8.2 your denying me access to a common utility that i want to use on my release that i am comfortable with for personal reasons. It really doesnt matter to me the vulnerabilities as this is on a homelab and is only used for picture and home movies. So again is there an alterante way to get this working on 6.8.2. I have seen linuxserever had a repo for 6.8.x but they have since discontinued support. So is ther a current way to use it on my version on Unraid. Again im not trying to be harsh. But im a big person on freedom to choose. What your saying is right now is i have to upgrade to use the latest features which could be backwards compatible. Sounds a lot like an apple mindset. I dont want to be bullied into upgrading for a neccessary feature for trasncoding. Thats basically all big corpo mindset. Nor do i think its justified. As Google, Apple, Microsoft and a lot of others are finding out that monopoizing your customer market is not legal nor okay to be doing.
  7. is there an alternate way of getting my Nvidia Geforce 960 GTX working on unraid 6.8.2?
  8. There are certain personal reasons why. But i would like to keep the build on 6.8.2 Unraid version. Everytime i build it with the docker it would automatically build 6.8.3. I wanted to stay on the version of unraid im on currently which is 6.8.2. Could you specify how to build this or how to get Unriad working on 6.8.2 with gpu transcoding for a nvidia geforc 960 GTX.
  9. hey so i have a quick question I have unraid 6.8.2 and im using the unraid plugin on this post to get HWA with nvence in jellyfin with the Unriad OS on 6.8.2, but i want to keep my OS Unriad on Version 6.8.2, but everytime i try to use this plugin which automatically builds the repo it will build 6.8.2, and want build 6.8.2 would anyone know how to possibly fix this so can get unraid to work on 6.8.2 build with nvidia GPU for HWA.