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  1. Taddeusz

    6.6.0 RC3 ssh with zsh Weirdness

    Thank you. This seems to have fixed this particular issue. Unraid seems to have a bad xterm-256color terminfo definition.
  2. Taddeusz

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc5 available

    Doing this from my Mac fixed my agnoster zsh theme problem. There does appear to be a problem with the xterm-256color terminfo on Unraid.
  3. Taddeusz

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    @jakeaw I’ve personally not seen this before and my Google searches pretty much came back empty. There seemed to be some indication about specific versions of xrdp causing this. Not sure which version.
  4. Taddeusz

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    @alturismo I haven't written a guide on how to configure MariaDB with the Guacamole schema. I should probably create one. In short you would either install the MySQL Workbench or use the mysql cli command then: Create guacamole database. Create guacamole database user. Grant guacamole database user access to the guacamole database. Run the 001-create-schema.sql and 002-create-admin-user.sql SQL scripts to create all the necessary tables and the default admin user. Modify your guacamole.properties file with the IP address or hostname of your MySQL/MariaDB server, and guacamole user password (I assume that your database and user are both "guacamole"). To get an idea of the process here is the snippet of scripting code that is used in the Docker: echo "Creating Guacamole database." mysql -uroot -e "CREATE DATABASE guacamole" echo "Creating Guacamole database user." PW=$(cat /config/guacamole/guacamole.properties | grep -m 1 "mysql-password:\s" | sed 's/mysql-password:\s//') mysql -uroot -e "CREATE USER 'guacamole'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '$PW'" echo "Database created. Granting access to 'guacamole' user for localhost." mysql -uroot -e "GRANT SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE ON guacamole.* TO 'guacamole'@'localhost'" mysql -uroot -e "FLUSH PRIVILEGES" echo "Creating Guacamole database schema and default admin user." mysql -uroot guacamole < ${MYSQL_SCHEMA}/001-create-schema.sql mysql -uroot guacamole < ${MYSQL_SCHEMA}/002-create-admin-user.sql The container auto-generates a password so this part of the script grabs that password from the guacamole.properties file. I will work to create a more concise guide. I might even be able to create a script to help manage this and schema updates to an external database.
  5. Taddeusz


    The problem could also be a bus bottleneck. How many PCIe lanes are those eSATA cards?
  6. Taddeusz


    I would guess the problem with throughput is SATA bus contention. If you have both those cases filled with drives that is conservatively as much as 2400MB/s (150MB/s * 16) trying to be pushed through two 600MB/s SATA connections. That's not even taking into account the overhead of the two port multipliers in the cases switching between drives. I don't know what kind of latency SATA port multipliers confer when switching? I have 9 drives hooked to two LSI 9211-8i cards. During parity checks or rebuilds I get a total throughput of about 1.3GB/s.
  7. Taddeusz

    [6.6.7] Spammy erros, missing vm's, share issue.

    Make sure your flash drive is plugged into a USB 2.0 port. Not sure why but USB 3.0 ports can be flaky for the the boot flash drive.
  8. Taddeusz

    App to List PCI Devices

    For Unraid I think the closest you're going to get to that is the CLI command "lspci". If you run "lspci -vv" it will give a pretty detailed list of devices.
  9. Taddeusz

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    @kenmaglio I'm sorry, I cannot repeat your problem. It appears the drive you're using for your appdata is on a drive mounted through Unassigned Devices? Theoretically it should work but I have no way and no interest in testing this kind of unorthodox configuration. Why do you have things configured this way? What file system is your "ssd" drive formatted with?
  10. Taddeusz

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    @kenmaglio I see you're appdata folder appears to not be accessible through the /mnt/user structure. What happens if you place the ApacheGuacamole folder whether on your array or cache that can be accessed through /mnt/user and point /config through /mnt/user?
  11. I'm on a MacBook Pro Retina in the 1440x900 mode and noticed that long Docker container names overflow into the adjacent container area.
  12. Taddeusz

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    Looks like I've been running it since November 2017. That's the creation date on my container's appdata folder. The only thing I can say is to make sure you're running the latest version of the the MakeMKV container. Make sure in the settings for this container the Repository is set to jlesage/makemkv or jlesage/makemkv:latest, apply, and then check for updates. If you didn't have to change anything check for updates and update if necessary.
  13. Taddeusz

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    I appear to be getting LibreDrive on mine but I'm getting the message: LibreDrive firmware support is not yet available for this drive (id=AD8D206E4291) I have probably an older revision of the LG WH16NS40. I just watched a video of someone using the same model LG drive but has it working at least in Windows.
  14. Does Time Machine over SMB require a private share like AFP does/did? That's how I have my Time Machine share configured and it works fine.
  15. Taddeusz

    Time to replace the SAS card?

    What happens if you move the card back to the original slot or put another one of your cards in that slot? It's possible that the connection to the card was interrupted in that slot due to dirt. Moving it to another slot "fixed" it.