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  1. Have you updated WSL? Run “wsl -update” from an admin prompt. The distro shouldn’t matter. Each container has its own kernel. I can’t explain why it’s not pulling the whole image. I do know the image on Docker Hub works and is complete.
  2. Are you building it yourself or pulling the image from Docker Hub?
  3. Yes, it’s running an Alpine base but that should not be the issue. Because the logs show that it’s not at all attempting to run MariaDB it appears to have pulled the wrong image or an incomplete image. I personally tested the “latest” image in Docker Hub again and it runs MariaDB as expected.
  4. I'm not sure what would cause this. It does appear to be pulling the wrong image. The only thing I could suggest is to delete the image locally and redownload it. Not saying it can't run from Windows or any other OS but this container was designed to run on Linux. Specifically Unraid. You probably need to set the PUID and PGID variables to match the user you are expecting to run under. The 99 and 100 are specific to "nobody:users" on Unraid.
  5. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Every version has its own separate image tagged with the version number. Updates to a version are additionally tagged with a dash followed by a number indicating which update. They are there. The last 1.4.0 version is tagged 1.4.0-3 or 1.4.0-3-nomariadb depending on which version you want.
  6. I think it’s got to be a time or time zone problem. How does your server’s time compare to the time in your time zone? Do you have NTP set up on your server? Do you have the time zone set correctly on your server?
  7. Do you have any custom TOTP settings in your guacamole.properties file?
  8. Is the time within the container the same?
  9. Is the time on your server set correctly? That’s the only reason I can think that it world be failing.
  10. @dhuesca Have you tried clearing your browser cache and reloading? Is the DNS entry for your guacamole set to proxy? I'm also on Cloudflare and have proxy disabled for my guacamole hostname.
  11. @uldise I'm glad you got that figured out because that really had me stumped.
  12. @uldise I'm not sure. Are you running on Unraid?
  13. The T-Mobile network is ipv6 only. When I connect to the VPN I can ping the ipv6 address of my Unraid server but not any ipv4 address. I also tried connecting to a Windows machine through ipv6 and that didn't work. What do I need to do to have this work?