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  1. Here are my diagnostics. unraid-diagnostics-20210304-0828.zip
  2. I moved everything off my cache drive, stopped my array, then used the blkdiscard command to erase my SSD cache drive. Now when I start the array it gives me the error, Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout. It hasn't repartitioned and reformatted the drive. What do I need to do?
  3. @Brian5542 Yes, login as guacadmin and then go to Settings and then Preferences. The spot to change the password is there.
  4. @Brian5542 I honestly have no idea. Is there a time zone setting somewhere in the Duo management?
  5. @Brian5542 Are you editing your guacamole.config file in Unraid or in a Windows text editor? You need to make sure the file has UNIX line endings and no extra spaces at the ends of the lines.
  6. @Brian5542 Did you follow the Duo authentication guide here? https://guacamole.apache.org/doc/gug/duo-auth.html
  7. I haven't personally used DUO in a while but I just tested it and it worked fine. Obviously there's something wrong with the time on your server. I assume that is your correct time zone?
  8. NTP is the protocol that Unraid uses to synchronize time. That time should translate to its Docker containers. If you go to the container's console and type the command "date" what is the output. How does it compare to Unraid's date/time?
  9. @Brian5542 It should pick up the time from its host server. Is the system time synced correctly?
  10. If you remove that path does it return to normal?
  11. Because Guacamole runs through a browser it has to provide overrides for the back and forward mouse buttons that would normally browse back and forward in the history. If that’s even possible. You can always create an Apache JIRA account and recommend the change if one isn’t already there.
  12. For those who have asked about mobile support it looks like the developers are moving toward better mobile support. The latest commits to their git repositories show added support for multitouch events.
  13. @phatcat No, this container is not designed to work on it's own to have TLS/SSL security. I'm not sure how to implement that functionality in the Apache Tomcat that Guacamole runs from. You are the first person who has asked about this. At this time I'm not really interested in adding this functionality. You are certainly free to fork my code to add that functionality.
  14. @joshallen2k To be more exact the proxy parameters are only needed when guacd itself is located separately on a different computer or container. Since it is located within the same container as the client (web GUI) those settings can always be empty.