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  1. @GrimD My Unraid flash drive is MBR formatted and UEFI boots just fine.
  2. @GrimD You shouldn't need to have a GPT partitioned device for it to boot without CSM as long as the "efi" directory exists.
  3. Is your flash drive plugged into a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port? I know people have had issues with Unraid booting when their flash drive is in a USB 3.0 port. Putting it in a USB 2.0 port is ideal.
  4. @ghost82 Thank you. I'm sure that was set before I just forgot about it.
  5. I recently upgraded my CPU and then modified the CPU pinning for my VM. Ever since then the boot order is messed up and it goes straight to the OVMF UEFI shell. I try modifying the boot order but it never sticks and just switches back to having the UEFI shell first. I have two physical drives passed through, a PCIE NVME and a SATA drive. The NVME is the OS drive. How can I fix the boot order?
  6. I figured this out. If anyone else has this problem it appears the endpoint addresses changed between releases.
  7. My Keycloak docker updated last night and now I'm getting "We Are Sorry Page Not Found" when I try to login to my realm. I can get to the Master realm and login to manage it but nothing I do fixes my other realm.
  8. Does it make a difference if your Unraid flash drive is in a USB 2.0 port?
  9. It appears your flash drive is plugged into a USB 3.0 port. It is advisable to have it plugged into a 2.0 port.
  10. I'm closing this. Apparently this is a known bug between the Guacamole server and libssh2.
  11. They’ve been doing annual major version releases so probably not till January or February next year. I will try and experiment when I can. I can’t really promise a timeline.
  12. It appears that the version of OpenSSH included in 6.10 RC4 has deprecated negotiation with an RSA key. I have a user of my Guacamole container who can't get it to connect to their Unraid server. The current 1.4.0 version of Guacamole uses libssh2-1 version 1.8.0-2.1. For their upcoming version probably being released next year has switched to using Ubuntu 21.10 and it has version 1.9.0-3 of the libssh2-1 library. Apparently the latest version is 1.10.0. I'm unsure which version of the library will be necessary to be able to negotiate successfully with 6.10? https://forums.unraid.net/topic/54855-support-jasonbean-apache-guacamole/?do=findComment&comment=1110465
  13. @hot22shot Looking at it further I'd have to switch to building guacd myself rather than using their pre-built guacd container. Their pre-built guacd container uses Debian buster-slim as it's base which has libssh2-1 version 1.8.0-2.1. For their upcoming 1.5.0 version they've switched to using Ubuntu 21.10 which has libssh2-1 version 1.9.0-3. I'm not sure which version of the libssh2-1 library would negotiate correctly with Unraid 6.10?
  14. Not saying it’s not a problem but I have no problem connecting to my own Unraid SSH. I’m running 6.9.2. Unless something has changed with 6.10? I’m not going to be running 6.10 until it’s final. I just don't have the hardware to test this one container on the next version of Unraid. I don't want to risk my one Unraid server.