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  1. The only caveat to this is that if you use Plex to record TV it uses the temp while recording. I discovered this myself when recordings were failing due to running out of space. It does this to produce a streamable version of the recording just in case you want to watch it while it's being recorded.
  2. Ok, so finally I've determined that if monitor sleep in Windows is enabled and no monitors are connected the VM will freeze. I've recently changed my setup to have two monitors. One has two HDMI inputs and the other has an HDMI switch. That way the one with two inputs can always be connected to the VM. I've re-enabled monitor sleep and haven't had a lock since. Now my problem is the second monitor's color is different. 🙁
  3. For Guacamole's VNC file transfer to work it's going to need to be able to talk to the remote directly. This won't be possible with your virtual network configuration and I don't know how to work around that. I need to be able to access my VM's directly so I don't have it configured that way.
  4. You would need to be running an SFTP server on your Windows VM for that to work.
  5. I'm not sure how to get this set up. I installed the container. It had an error the first go and stopped. I restarted the container and now I can get a login screen but how to I login to manage it?
  6. As a container maintainer how do I make my change log available when someone clicks the "more information"?
  7. Click on the lock to the left of the address and there should be an option there to allow the site to access your clipboard.
  8. I was going to ask what browser you're using. As @alturismo said it works under Chrome. Safari doesn't seem to give the same kind of access to the system clipboard so you have to manually paste into Clipboard input box.
  9. Press shift-ctrl-alt on your keyboard and paste whatever you need into the Clipboard text box. Then you can right click in the terminal and it will paste.
  10. I see your point but if the logged in user is not an admin then it makes perfect sense. If you’re in an environment where security is a more serious concern walking away from your desk while logged in as admin is the real problem.
  11. To change the logged in user’s password you have to go to the Preferences tab. It makes sense for security purposes so someone can’t blindly change the logged in user’s password without knowing their current password.
  12. @nuhll Have you tried logging in as guacadmin and then going to Settings and then Preferences? You can change the password there.
  13. Did you try a longer more complex password? I changed my guacadmin password a long time ago so I know it’s possible. I used a rather long complex password though.