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  1. I agree. Their 2FA management is non-existent. There's no facility for backup codes or a way to disable it. I've had to manually edit my database before to recover, I think, after the last time I upgraded my iPhone.
  2. There's been a minor update to merge a change from Steve (4o66) to add the logrotate package to prevent the catalina.out file from growing forever. I've also added some tooling to automate the image build process from Github to Docker Hub.
  3. @bombz It's definitely active. I usually only make posts when there's an update. The Guacamole team usually only makes as many as two releases a year. Otherwise it's pretty quiet.
  4. @bombz It should be fine. AFAIK exposing the RDP port is the only way to connect to a Windows machine. Otherwise it's going to be blocked just like you've experienced. There's always risk to everything but as long as the machine is behind a router firewall and not connected directly to the internet it should be fine.
  5. @bombz What do the connection settings look like? You want to make sure the settings under "GUACAMOLE PROXY PARAMETERS (GUACD)" are empty and the hostname or IP address you're connecting to is in the "PARAMETERS" section.
  6. I have no control over that. I’m not a developer on the project itself. You’d have to file a JIRA request.
  7. It might be located under the PCI Express settings.
  8. @DaNoob Which video card do you have set in the BIOS to be your primary? You probably need to make sure the 1650 is set to be the primary video card if not already set.
  9. I’m updated to the latest version and QuickSync is still working for me. I have an i5 8400. I’ve seen people having issues with Intel’s 11th gen CPU’s and 4K HDR files.
  10. I have no idea. I was going in to verify the new version number but can’t see it because of this issue.
  11. I updated to the latest version today after I was notified by Plex that a new "everyone" version was available. Now when I go to settings I get the error "server settings are unavailable". I followed the instructions and deleted the login information from my Preferences.xml file. But then it wouldn't let me claim my server. Rather than going to the login it just says "server settings are unavailable". I was finally able to log my server back in by using the PLEX_CLAIM Docker variable. It still won't let me get to my settings though. Any ideas?
  12. @2Piececombo Go into your Docker settings, click the switch next to “basic view” to change to “advanced view”, disable Docker and click apply, enable “Host access to custom networks”, and finally re-enable Docker and click apply.
  13. They definitely need better management of 2FA/TOTP.
  14. @JorgeB Finally got a chance to test this out. I can say that this fixed it. We have an electrician out working and it shut down due to the UPS switching to battery. It booted back up without starting a parity check.