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  1. @Twitchstick Just ignore the commented lines.
  2. Here is the coming file I use for my Guacamole subdomain. I hope this at least gives you an idea. BTW, I have my Guacamole container network set to “bridge” so that it can have access to the host itself, which includes VM’s. guacamole.subdomain.conf
  3. @Twitchstick NPM is a JavaScript package manager. Do you mean Nginx or Node.js?
  4. My Windows VM currently has a PCIe NVME that I passed through. Since that was a PCIe device it was really easy. I'd like to add a second SATA disk to my VM. How is this accomplished?
  5. @Hugh Jazz You’ll have to run from within the container since it has the mysql command line utilities.
  6. MySQL is the correct choice. I’ll try and create some detailed instructions on how to create the database. But in short you need to create a database, user, attach the user to the database, and then run the schema sql scripts. If you’re not comfortable with this just use the container that already includes MariaDB.
  7. @Unmax If you need an example you can checkout my Apache Guacamole container. https://github.com/jason-bean/docker-guacamole
  8. @Unmax Thank you. I would recommend setting PUID and PGID for your container and have all your processes run with that user and group. On many platforms containers don't run well or at all unless these are set to match the local system. You can default them to 99 and 100 so that they match nobody:users in Unraid. Plus it's not really great to be running as root:root.
  9. I'm having trouble with the downloader "detaching" from the UI. I can see in the log that it's still downloading but doesn't show in the UI. If anything happens like the container getting restarted the download stops but can't start another download because it says there's still a download queued from that server but nothing is actually being downloaded. It seems to very easily get in this locked state. And of course I'm having extremely slow download speeds. I'm on what I think is the latest "dev" version.
  10. @kborvall Sorry, been out of pocket for a week. As far as I know it’s all or nothing. No way to filter based on the incoming IP address.
  11. I'm anticipating upgrading my Windows 10 VM to Windows 11. I realize that a TPM can be emulated in QEMU but I'd prefer to use the one built into my i5 8400 CPU. I'm not seeing any device in "/dev" that looks like a TPM. I'm almost certain the TPM or PTT in my case is enabled. The latest EFI update for my motherboard seemed to indicate it would bring Windows 11 compatibility without any settings changes required. My board is an ASUS PRIME H370M-PLUS. So how does Intel's PTT/TPM show up in the /dev tree and how can I pass it to a VM? Attached are my server's diagnostics if they could be helpful. unraid-diagnostics-20210920-1653.zip
  12. @AceRimmer I would take a look at those logs but my MBP is down right now waiting on a new battery.
  13. I still don’t think it’s necessary to weigh down this container with yet another feature when fail2ban can be provided in other ways and is likely the way most people are and should be routing applications to the public Internet. Another way to prevent this kind of attack would be to enable TOTP or Duo. You should be using some kind of 2FA on all your accounts anyway when it’s available.
  14. @bigbangus I personally leave my Guacamole container set to Bridge. I just think it’s too much of a security risk to let every container be allowed to have host access. My Guacamole container is the only outside accessible service that needs this kind of access.
  15. @bigbangus Do you have your container’s network type set to a custom network? If so you probably need to have “Host access to custom networks” enabled in your Docker settings.
  16. My apologies. I misread your answer. The only thing I can think you could do is clear the container’s appdata folder and start from scratch.
  17. @RichardU Do you have another database source configured such as MariaDB or MS SQL Server? If you don’t plan on using a separate database you need to use the container with MariaDB.
  18. What did the container log look like? Which containers are you using? The one with or without MariaDB?
  19. Just want to get some opinions on this. My Unraid server currently has an i5 8400. I'm running quite a few Docker applications including Plex (using Quicksync). I have a single Windows gaming VM sharing 4 cores with Unraid. Even used i9 9900K's are still going for around $300+. I'm curious if it would be worth it to essentially max out this "dead" socket? If I were to get the i9 I would probably pin 4 of the core/HT pairs to the vm leaving the other 4 for Unraid. Just wondering what kind of real world performance increase I might see and if it would really be worth the price tag?
  20. @tantris My board is ASUS, YMMV. 🤷‍♂️
  21. @ljm42 What video card is set to be primary in your BIOS? If the boot screen shows on the video card you intend to pass through it’s not going to work no matter how vfio is set. On my motherboard I must have a monitor connected to the integrated video for it to work as primary. Otherwise it automatically boots to my vm’s video card and fails to pass through even though the integrated is set as primary.
  22. I agree. Their 2FA management is non-existent. There's no facility for backup codes or a way to disable it. I've had to manually edit my database before to recover, I think, after the last time I upgraded my iPhone.
  23. There's been a minor update to merge a change from Steve (4o66) to add the logrotate package to prevent the catalina.out file from growing forever. I've also added some tooling to automate the image build process from Github to Docker Hub.
  24. @bombz It's definitely active. I usually only make posts when there's an update. The Guacamole team usually only makes as many as two releases a year. Otherwise it's pretty quiet.
  25. @bombz It should be fine. AFAIK exposing the RDP port is the only way to connect to a Windows machine. Otherwise it's going to be blocked just like you've experienced. There's always risk to everything but as long as the machine is behind a router firewall and not connected directly to the internet it should be fine.