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  1. I think this has been discussed above and might be a permissions thing but try: sudo nano /boot/config/go
  2. No problem at all I mainly plagiarised @Hoopster but i'll take it
  3. Damn that is strange and would bug me out too. I almost never say this but I’m wondering if it’s a hardware issue. Only reason I’m thinking that is you’re having a difficult time getting to BIOS. QuickSync should really help by making your machine more efficient and not slowing down the other containers when transcoding. Shot in the dark here but you wouldn’t happen to have another CPU to test? Another shot in the dark is your NAS plugged directly into the wall socket and getting clean power? Quick Sync shouldn’t be drawing too much power but I’ve also seen weird issues crop on when machines aren’t getting clean power, more on GPUs though
  4. Cryptic? I’m not sure what’s more explicit than it being number one on the pre-requisites. Let me know which part you found confusing and I’ll try to elaborate more
  5. I doubt the B2 tier would. As you pay for what you use. Regarding BackBlaze Desktop - they do say unlimited and I've seen posts where people are uploading a lot, but not sure TBH.
  6. RIP your CPU ☠️ Sorry wasn't too sure on your question. If you meant CPU usage - I think you can see this on the dashboard If you meant weather your GPU or iGPU is being used in the transcode - depends which one you've given your Plex container access to. If you're using a stock version of Unraid, it can and will only by your iGPU. If you meant is your iGPU being used for transcode - You'll see (hw) in the Plex status page
  7. Your Cache values are also reporting half of what they need to be: I'm checking your motherboard manual for where there might be a setting for # of Cores or the like. Seen other Mobos with such a setting
  8. Certainly sounds like a misconfigured BIOS setting.
  9. Any chance you can switch to another processor? Intel Xeon E-2244G Offers Intel UHD Graphics and will take precedence over the AST2500.
  10. Ah good point You on stock Unraid or the Nvidia one? Tried another VM? Also are you using the Graphic ROM Bios?
  11. I had this a couple of times. Have you tried a dummy HDMI plug? https://www.amazon.com/Emulator-Headless-Display(Fit-Headless-1920x1080-3840x2160-60Hz)-2Pack/dp/B074NNZYW4 solved it for me!