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  1. The paths used in movie/series/music formats should set according to the point of view of the container. For example, according to your configuration, you should use "/output/musique/{emby}" instead of "/mnt/user/medias/musique/{emby}".
  2. Yes, you just need to configure your preset to keep all tracks. This is basically under the Audio/Subtitles tab, then "Track Selection".
  3. The files should not be owned by root. The should be owned by "nobody/users". You can use "Tools -> Docker Safe New Perms" to restore standard unRaid permissions to your files.
  4. Did you check the permission/ownership of one of these files ? ls -l /mnt/user/path/to/file
  5. Did you update the image to the latest version ? This functionality was added in the latest version published today.
  6. Yes, when you search for similar photos, there is a preview of duplicates found. For similar videos, you can also double-click the file to view it.
  7. Each drive has its how devices. You can run "lsscsi -g" to see which devices are associated to your drive.
  8. You need to buy the Linux edition from It appears to me at 19.99 USD.
  9. You can look at the container's log to see what is happening. Note that you need to change the default action via "Automated Media Center: Action". By default, the action is set to "test", which doesn't do any renaming.
  10. Yes, CrashPlan always worked fine for me and for a lot of people!
  11. Maybe RG captchas now require a browser ? That would explain why the captcha window no longer pops up in JD.
  12. Yes, going back to btrfs should resolve the problem.
  13. This is probably the issue. This changes mount points inside the container and for some reason causes CloudBerry Backup to not detect /storage. Issue has been reported multiple times to the company, but so far no fix from them.
  14. Did you change the type of Docker vDisk (under Settings->Docker) recently ?