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  1. The first screenshot you provided doesn't seem to come from the container's UI... is it the case?
  2. Please verify/confirm that /mnt/user/appdata/FileBot/license.psm is the right license. If yes, you should contact FileBot support directly, since the issue seems to be the license itself.
  3. @Trylo, @Boyturtle, I'm looking at solutions to this. The cause of the issue is known: CrashPlan changed the location where pipes are created for restore operation. As workaround, running CrashPlan as root (set the User ID and Group ID in container settings to 0) should work.
  4. You clan clear the cache with this method: https://github.com/jlesage/docker-crashplan-pro#device-status-is-waiting-for-connection
  5. Could you provide the output of: docker exec FileBot /opt/filebot/filebot -script fn:sysinfo
  6. Just to be clear, I'm not talking about Firefox itself, but the browser you use to access the Firefox container.
  7. Do you have a typo somewhere ? The error message says "/stroage" instead of "/storage".
  8. Did you try to clear your browser's cache?
  9. Normally, when you close all tabs, Firefox exits an cause the container to also stop. To avoid this, you can edit the container's setting and add a variable "KEEP_APP_RUNNING" and set its value to "1".
  10. Try to clear your browser's cache.
  11. Not sure if you saw the answer on GitHub, but I would try to add the following under "location": error_log off; access_log off;
  12. No, this is not something that can be configured with NPM.
  13. The 502 error seems to indicate that NPM cannot reach pihole. Double check you proxy host settings.
  14. I think that deleting the certificate will also revoke it.