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  1. The issue is now fixed with the latest image. To fix the offline proxy hosts, just edit them and save.
  2. It could be. Maybe logs in the appdata folder could help determining what's happening.
  3. Sorry I'm not enough familiar with the feature to answer. You should try to find how this can be done with pure nginx and if it's possible or not to do it for a particular DNS name. Then we can figure out how to add the config to NPM.
  4. It seems that the "stream" feature of nginx could do the job, but I don't know if this can be mixed with other stuff on the same port...
  5. Port mappings work only when using the bridge network mode. In other modes, you have to work with container's ports (8080 and 4443).
  6. In settings of the Community Apps plugin, you have an option that allow you to get search results from Dockerhub. But since this container is based on jc21's one, you will probably get the same "internal error", which is usually related to an issue with the setup.
  7. It make sense to reverse proxy the admin page. I'm not sure about this the issue you are seeing with the access list, but since there is already a login page, is an access list needed?
  8. What is not working exactly with NPM ? Are you at least able to get the login page?
  9. Update to the latest image, where usage of CRASHPLAN_SRV_MAX_MEM is fixed.
  10. I never tried with iDrive cloud, but if they are offering an S3 compatible API and it doesn't work, maybe you could have better luck if you check with them ?
  11. Yes, keep it to the default value (/output).
  12. Humm privileged mode should not be required. Could you provide the output of : ls -l /dev/sr0 /dev/sg6
  13. In container's log, you should see messages like these, don't you? [cont-init.d] 95-check-optical-drive.sh: executing... [cont-init.d] 95-check-optical-drive.sh: looking for usable optical drives... [cont-init.d] 95-check-optical-drive.sh: found optical drive [/dev/sr0, /dev/sg1], group 19. [cont-init.d] 95-check-optical-drive.sh: exited 0.
  14. ls -l /mnt/user/Downloads ls -l /mnt/user/Downloads/DE
  15. You can look at the "Custom location" tab, but it's much easier and less troubles to use a DNS name for each service you want to reverse-proxy.