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  1. Can you use the native UI, the one on port 7802?
  2. The Docker image needs to be updated. I'm working on this.
  3. What the browser is showing exactly ?
  4. The maintenance license only allows you to get support from code42, but doesn't prevent the software from working. It's not the same thing as the license key, which is needed to unlock the software.
  5. Is this version as working fine before ? If yes, then probably there is something else (than the docker container) that is causing the slow rip.
  6. Same thing, try to load the previous Docker image version, or the one before, to see if the speed returns to normal.
  7. Did you try an older version of the image to see if it's working again ? Also, were you using the latest version of the image ? Looks like a similar problem has been resolved with the latest version of MakeMKV:
  8. Are you using default container settings? Usually, the path /mnt/user/... doesn't exist inside the container. By default, /mnt/user is mapped to /storage inside the container. So you will find your Media directory at /storage/Media in the container. Also, by default /storage is read-only. You have to edit the container setting to change it read/write (Advanced view must be enabled for that).
  9. You may want to try the debug version to see if more information can be retrieved from the conversion log. Just use the tag "v1.25.1-debug".
  10. Can you try to "touch" any file in the watch folder, or add a new one ? This should kick the automatic video converter again. BTW, the log from the web interface is incomplete. You should run the "docker logs HandBrake" command to get all its content.
  11. If you prefer it's probably better to revert to the previous version, by changing the "Repository" in settings to: jlesage/handbrake:v1.24.2 But before doing so, can you please share the full log by running: docker logs HandBrake
  12. By default it should run every 5 seconds, but maybe the interval has been changed. You can check its value by looking at the "Automatic Video Converter: Check Interval" container setting.