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  1. You can try to open a new tab and start a stop watch at This will at least confirm that there is no issue with Firefox itself.
  2. Also, are you sure it's not the site itself that has an issue when kept open for too long ?
  3. It's probably an issue with HandBrake itself...
  4. Sorry I'm confused. Is the PC your are shutting down the one running the container ?
  5. Did you check if symlinks were broken inside the container ? docker exec CloudBerryBackup ls -l /storage/user/backups/AWS_Syncs If symlinks are using pointing to absolute paths, they could be broken inside the container.
  6. I'm not sure these indicate real issues. Check instead the output of "docker logs Firefox".
  7. I would also check the container's log to make sure the behaviour is not caused by the container restarting or Firefox crashing.
  8. Forgot to reply here, but nightly builds are working again.
  9. Then I don't know how this is possible. So you see the same behaviour with default container and Firefox settings ?
  10. You can try to add something like "proxy_read_timeout 60s;" (adjust the time yo your need) to the Advanced section of your proxy host.
  11. If you open a web page in Firefox and then don't touch the container, the page will stay there forever. Are you saying that you see Firefox closing/exiting itself ?
  12. Are you using a reverse proxy? This is usually the one causing the disconnection.
  13. Support for Tixati docker container Application Name: Tixati Application Site: Docker Hub: Github: Make sure to look at the complete documentation, available on Github ! Post any questions or issues relating to this docker in this thread.
  14. Did you try to paste with "Ctrl-v" ? If that doesn't work, can you provide an example of what you are trying to copy/paste ?
  15. This is because the "Plex Media Server" folder is part of the internal CrashPlan exclusion list...