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  1. Can you provide the output of: ls -la /mnt/cache/appdata/FileBot And: echo START && find /mnt/cache/appdata/FileBot -maxdepth 1 -type d && echo END
  2. Have you selected a QSV encoder in your preset ?
  3. By default the container has only read access to your data. When you want to restore, you need to change that. Edit the container's settings, toggle the "Advanced View" (upper right corner), then edit the "Storage" setting and change the "Access Mode" to "Read/Write".
  4. You can use the "Tips and Tweaks" unRAID plugin to increase the number of watches. The plugin shows the current number, along with the number used. There is no recommended values, since it depends directly on the number of files you backed. Using the plugin, try to increase the "Max User Watches" and then see how it goes.
  5. The way to go for captcha is to enable MyJDownloader and use the MyJDownloader browser extension.
  6. With default container settings, dupeGuru works with data under /mnt/user. To my knowledge this is safe and you cannot screw up things.
  7. Thanks for reporting, I'm fixing this.
  8. Please try the new image.
  9. Thanks for reporting, I'm fixing this!
  10. You mean the "dockerd" process ?
  11. Ok great, thanks for the update!
  12. What "top" shows when run on unRAID itself (not inside the container) ? Looks like something else than the container is using all the CPU ?
  13. You were probably running v1.22.1 when you did your successful rip on 2022.10.13. So you are saying that you tried this same version and still had the issue ? I've seen some cases were the drive started to work again after a reboot, so maybe something to try.
  14. The ":latest" tag is the default one when none is used. I've been able to update successfully recently these images. So maybe you should report your issue to the Community App plugin thread ?