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  1. Did you try to edit the container settings and add a new "Path" ?
  2. Looks like you are not using the latest version of the container ? Your log shows you are not running the latest version of CrashPlan.
  3. Did you specified a CrashPlan server, either from the container's config or from the UI ?
  4. Did you see ?
  5. Recycle bin is not supported, so files are permanently removed :)
  6. In container settings, the fields "User ID" and "Group ID" define the user under which the application will run.
  7. I would suggest to check at /mnt/user/appdata/CrashPlanPRO/log/service.log.0 to see if there is anything useful.
  8. Ok, the CrashPlan cache can get large and the size depends on a lot of factors. Do you have a large backup size? Maybe this article can help:
  9. This kind of issue is usually caused by a browser plugin. Do you see the same problem in an incognito/private window ? With another browser ?
  10. What I'm maintaining is the container image. In other words, the integration of the MSP360 software itself. The MSP360 software is not open source, so we cannot change it. If there is a bug with it, it's MPS360 that has to fix it. I'm working to integrate a new version of MSP360 Backup. Once done, we can verify if you still get the problem. This is strange. Do you see this behaviour with other containers ?
  11. To be precise, the software has only been renamed/rebranded. So this is the same software as before. Licenses for MSP360 Standalone Backup (Linux editions) apply to this container. Yes this is still maintained and updated. You should provide more details about the issue you got. You are right, the new name should be reflected in documentation. I don't see this issue. Maybe you can provide a screenshot showing the problem ?
  12. See
  13. Ok, I also got the update for my account. I will update the Docker image.
  14. What do you mean by "reorganizing audio" ?