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  1. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - CloudBerry Backup

    Thanks for reporting, I'm working on this!
  2. There is some built-in exclusions. You can edit /mnt/user/appdata/CrashPlanPRO/conf/my.service.xml and see if you can remove the ones you don't want.
  3. This is usually shown when the forward IP/port is incorrect. Is your unraid UI accessible via http or https? You can also check /mnt/user/appdata/NginxProxyManager/log/nginx/error.log. You should see messages about about the failure.
  4. You put the IP/port of the service you want to forward to on your local network. So in your case, if you want to forward to unRAID UI, your put the local IP of unRAID and port 8008.
  5. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - CloudBerry Backup

    Correct. Currently, CloudBerry backup supports backup destinations in the cloud, with the exception of a "File System" destination, that allows you to backup to a local folder. Normally, you could use a folder mapped to a network share on your local network. But since you want to backup over the Internet, I guess you need a VPN or service that would offer a similar functionality. Note that SFTP as a backup destination is in the "coming soon" features. This would greatly simplify the backup to a remote server. Correct, data is already encrypted when stored. Yes, that's also my understanding.
  6. You just need to change the permission of "/storage": edit the container settings, enable "Advanced View" (upper right toggle), edit the "Storage" setting and change the "Access Mode" to "Read/Write".
  7. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    "/output" is mapped to "/mnt/user/downloads/completed/Filme" if I understand correctly. So how easy is to reproduce the issue? From the log, it seems that the converted video doesn't exist when it's time to move it to its final location. I would try the following: Try to reproduce the issue while making sure your script is not running. Try to reproduce by forcing the script to run while the video is converted. While the video is converted, check the filename you have under the temporary output directory (under /output). Then check the log to make sure the same name is used when moving the file.
  8. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    Is it possible that radarr tried to handle the file in "/output/.mFHKFG" before its completion?
  9. Are you accessing the site via its DNS name? What https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html is saying?
  10. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    Nothing changed in the template. Currently the output folder is created before the video conversion. The video is then converted into a temporary folder before being moved to its final destination. So if your script removes the directory during the conversion, then video will fails to be moved to its final destination... I can mitigate this by creating the output folder just before the video gets moved.
  11. Yes this is a known issue. Note that as a workaround, you can change this setting from the console at crashplan.com/console
  12. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    Not sure why you are seeing this issue, but it may be related to the template update. Did you try to remove the container and re-create it? Not sure if I understood your question correctly, but if you set "SAME_AS_SRC" for the output sub-directory, required sub-folders will be created automatically under "/output".
  13. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    Looks like some left over from previous versions. Is the container image up-to-date? Once the tmp directories are removed, do they re-appear?
  14. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    Yes it's always in seconds. Ii can take any value, but you typically don't need to set something big here. It will just increase the time before the file get processed.
  15. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    I have one generation prior to yours. I generally start with a build-in preset and just change the encoder to QSV and it works fine. Also note that old CPUs are not officially supported by HandBrake. See https://github.com/HandBrake/HandBrake/issues/1701#issuecomment-448710278