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  1. Yes this is a known issue/behaviour change. For now you can add "--security-opt seccomp=unconfined" into advanced parameters or enable privileged mode.
  2. You talk about the icon under the Docker page? How do you change it?
  3. That's make sense: the Internal Error is usually due to the Letsencrypt service not being table to reach your container.
  4. If port 80 is blocked, you won't be able to get SSL certificates from Letsencrypt. HTTP validation is the only method supported by Nginx Proxy Manager. You may try the letsencrypt container instead, which I think supports other verification methods, like DNS.
  5. I don't use this myself, but looking at the provided examples, it seem that web socket support may be needed. Did you enabled that ?
  6. Correct, process explained here: https://github.com/jlesage/docker-filebot#installing-a-license
  7. You are right. The issue seems to be caused by the usage of a system call not allowed by default by Docker. I'm looking to solutions, but as a temporary workaround, enabling privileged mode should fix the crash. You can also revert to the previous version.
  8. I also noticed this issue. I'm looking at this....
  9. You can't. However, if you mount this share in unRAID, then you can map the folder to the container.
  10. Yes, this is common and expected. CrashPlan service is known to be slow. However, with deduplication, you may end up with faster completion time...
  11. By default, "/storage" is read-only. HandBrake is expected to write to "/output". So if you navigate under /output and create the folder, it should work.
  12. Sorry for breaking your setup. Because shell variable expansion can occur at multiple levels, it's not easy to get it right for everyone and every scenarios. That being said, putting your ignore parameter between double quotes should fix your issue: --lang de --def "ignore=[.](ts|idx2)$" --def plex= --def emby= -exec bash /config/postprocess.sh {historic.f} {f} {n} {t} {s} {e} {seconds} The parentheses were the characters causing the issue.
  13. On the Docker page, if you click the icon of the container you installed, you should have a Support link. HandBrake itself has support for NVENC, but not all Docker implementations of HandBrake have it.
  14. Port mappings only apply when you use the "bridge" network type.
  15. I good place to start is to look at the log file for your proxy host under /mnt/user/appdata/NginxProxyManager/log/nginx/.