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  1. It would like A. To be more precise, the AMC script would be executed every 30 minutes.
  2. Do you have more details about the failure if you go under History->By Files ? If not, you could have a look at the following log files: /mnt/users/appdata/CloudBerryBackup/logs/log_worker_* Finally, is the failure occur every time the backup runs ?
  3. Plex contains a huge number of small files. Maybe this is why it could be longer than downloading a single big file?
  4. It may be related to the fact that you hard linking between different volumes. When you use the UI, are you doing the same thing ?
  5. I got the same email. I've enabled two-factor authentication on my account and it did not affect the signing from the app.
  6. If you want to point the watch folder to your main video storage, then make sure that the output folder is different. Once everything get converted, this output folder will become your main video storage... Make sure that "Non-Video File Action" is set to "copy".
  7. Probably a cache issue. Try to clear your browser's cache.
  8. I guess you could do it by deleting yourself the source file using custom hooks ( But ideally you should copy only what you need to convert into the watch folder.
  9. No, this is not supported with this container.
  10. I'm not sure to understand the issue with NAT loopback. It seems to be an easier solution since you don't need to override local DNS... ?
  11. Did you enable WebSocket support ?
  12. Make sure you clear all your browser cache (including cookies, site data, etc).
  13. What the container's log is saying ?
  14. Can you try with another browser and/or to open the page in an incognito/private window ? Are you using default container settings ?
  15. Correct, mkvextract is not usable through the MKVToolNix GUI.