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  1. Also, look at the container's log to see what AMC is doing.
  2. Note that you should not put cli parameters directly in configuration. For example, look at the description of "Action": you should only use one of the allowed values. Also, for movies/series formats: you might need to do some escaping. For example, you could try to change "" by ''. You can also try to temporarily set formats to {plex} to see if at least AMC is working.
  3. I'm not aware of a way to prevent the browser cache issue. I personally never got this problem...
  4. On this date there was a new image version. An update cause block information to be re-synchronized. At almost 12TB of data, this will take a while for sure. Does it look like the process is restarting from the beginning ?
  5. It still tries to update? What CP version the UI is showing ?
  6. So it's a browser cache issue. However, you should be able to clear cookie/data associated to a single site, i.e. the IP address of unRAID.
  7. Is it working in a private/incognito window ?
  8. And how it's setup inside CBB ? Also, I guess you had to change /storage to be read/write ? You are probably better to add a new "Path" that will be used as your backup destination in CBB.
  9. You could rip the single large file by increasing the value of the "Automatic Disc Ripper: Minimum Title Length" setting. However, ripping only the individual episodes doesn't seem to be possible: this would require a way to set the "max title length", which is not supported by MakeMKV :
  10. How are you using this ? Are you invoking the filebot binary yourself or you are using the integrated AMC feature of the container ?
  11. This doesn't seem normal. You might want to share you container config so we can better understand what's happening.
  12. Is this a feature of the 6.10 beta ?
  13. I don't see problem with that. A symlink is a pointer to another file. CBB backups the pointer itself by default. I think this is a good option, unless yo have specific needs. Also, I guess that if you have symlinks in your backup selection, you also have the files they point to included.
  14. Did you try to clear your browser cache and/or access the UI via an incognito/private window ?