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  1. Super cool, watched the first one and enjoyed it. Still have reconstruct write set in my system 🙂 Will tune in!
  2. @limetech @trott This seems to be taken care of in the latest 6.9.0 beta1.
  3. 6.8.2 is on an older kernel. We are waiting for the new 5.4+ kernel.
  4. Exactly. I use last pass for example, and it has a companion app called authenticator. With this, I use it for anything 2-FA that offers Google authenticator support, and it all syncs to my profile. So when I get a new phone, just install last pass and all my rolling codes come down. I think these are all pretty universal, it's just the QR codes they want.
  5. @wesman it's in the readme in the op: https://github.com/jlesage/docker-makemkv#access-to-optical-drives
  6. I assume that was likely directed towards @itimpi , but, and this is just a straw man, but since today we already have to rename EFI- to EFI in order to set the thumb drive to UEFI boot mode, could the same also not be done in a way to select what menu is invoked during boot? So there is a legacy menu for EFI- and an UEFI menu for EFI?
  7. I think that would be a nice addition, if the boot menu (even if only staying up for 5 seconds) stated whether "Legacy" or "UEFI" boot was called out. A nice belt and suspenders confirmation to users as well in case they were questioning whether it was in fact booting UEFI/Legacy, instead then booting all the way up into unraid and checking the flag there. Easier to CTRL+ALT+DEL in the grub menu and try again. (I see what you mean by the licensing on their page, site license etc...)
  8. New Intel vulnerability found dubbed "Cache Out": https://www.pcworld.com/article/3516302/new-cacheout-attack-targets-intel-processors-with-a-fix-arriving-soon.html Intel Processors affected (Intel CPU Skylake/Cascade Lake onward. Broadwell and earlier are seemingly not affected). AMD seemingly not affected: https://software.intel.com/security-software-guidance/insights/processors-affected-l1d-eviction-sampling No mitigation created yet, so time will tell how it's addressed.
  9. Update the integrated memtest utility to run on UEFI boots. I downloaded the latest free standalone, and that boots fine as a standalone via UEFI: https://www.memtest86.com/download.htm Is there the possibility to roll in the free UEFI compatible version? (Or perhaps remove memtest from the menu if UEFI boot is detected to avoid confusion)
  10. Sure, just wanted to field the community for ideas and input first before shooting right to a feature request.
  11. Welp, that answers that 🙂 Thanks buddy. I am NOT crazy then.... at least that crazy Is there the possibility to roll in the free UEFI compatible version? Or perhaps remove memtest from the menu if UEFI boot is detected?
  12. Happy new year to the unraid family 🙂 Has the integrated memtest utility been testing to run on UEFI boots? I have all my systems switch from legacy to UEFI boot, but honestly have never used the integrated memtest.....until now 🙂 I am was benchtesting a rig for a friend who runs unraid as well, and we ordered some cheapo OLOy china memory from Newegg (that seemingly works GREAT). But for the life of me could not get unraid memtest to run, it just reboots the system. Unraid itself booted fine, gui and non gui mode. Just couldn't get mem test to go. So UEFI booting was working fine, I was able to get to the main Unraid menu during boot, and arrowed down to the Memtest and selected, would just pause then reboot when selected. I downloaded the latest free standalone, and that boots UEFI fine, and is what I am currently benching on his rig: https://www.memtest86.com/download.htm Just curious if anyone tested this. Maybe it's a secure boot option or something 🤷‍♂️