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  1. In the past I used intel quick sync, and in addition I had to have this in my "go" file: # Setup Intel HW pass-through for Plex transcoding modprobe i915 chmod -R 777 /dev/dri
  2. To all, Has anyone been successful in setting up Cloudflare "Authenticated Origin Pulls" with this container, is it possible?
  3. Thanks @binhex for the release of v3
  4. Also seeing this same behavior, VM's section of the Dashboard collapses in on itself when I start a VM (even just 1). When I stop the VM, the section in the dashboard appears again. No VM's running Only Debian VM running (formatting seems to have stacked on itself in the docker section): If I collapse the VM section, then the Docker section formatting is again correct:
  5. Pay no mind to my notifications, it's something custom I do on my own, but was easy to generate notificaitons. @Squid If I relocate to top right, it works fine (And has that little gap between): If I put it back to bottom right (where I like it), it doesn't work, which is also the same behavior for bottom left:
  6. I can click to dismiss the individual notifications, but the close all button no longer seems to work. Browser is edge chromium
  7. Those are still needed. (I added some more screenshots above)
  8. Just wanted to share a quick success story. Previously (and for the past few releases now) I was using @ich777's Kernel Docker container to compile with latest Nvidia. Excited now to see this be brought in natively, it worked out of the box for me. I use the regular Plex docker container for HW transcoding (adding --runtime=nvidia in the extra parameters and setting properly the two container variables NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES and NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES). To prepare for this upgrade, while still on beta 30: - disabled docker service - upgraded to beta 35
  9. @Squid I hope all is well with you! Just wanted to drop by and point out something I recently noticed, but seems to have been there for a while. I have the Bitwarden_RS docker installed, and it works fine. Starting/Stopping from the GUI works without issue as well. But, what I am seeing is that however the CA Backup/Restore V2 plugin is handling the shutting down of dockers, it seems to not like the Bitwarden_RS docker. When I watch the backup status, I can see when it get's to Bitwarden it just perpetually waits for shutdown, but seems like it doesn't issue the shutdown command, s
  10. @ich777 Were there any updates to the template in the latest version, or just in the core itself? I only updated vs uninstall/reinstall. I am getting to have so many values in the template defined I really try and avoid deleting altogether if I don't have to 😁.