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  1. @IamSpartacus long shot, do you have any special kernel parameters you are passing along besides the default kernel values? I assume not unless you added custom values to both standard and gui modes lines.
  2. Also seeing this same behavior, just to throw my hat into this mix. Same CPU, 3700X with ECC memory on ASRock X470D4U2-2T Motherboard.
  3. Good job on coming out the other side of this rabbit hole btw. Didn't affect me as I use cache drives, but was amazing to watch the gears turning through the RC's and 6.7.* releases.
  4. You can also trying setting as your primary DNS server in Settings -> Network Settings -> IPV4 DNS Server
  5. No I don't think so. But at that point, the easiest "restore" option is to just make a copy/pate of your USB key prior to merging the new files. If it goes sideways, just wipe the USB and copy back the orig files.
  6. If you didn't want to dig much further, you can always download the package manually and extract onto your USB.
  7. Upgraded RC1 to RC2, then to RC3. So far no issues, dockers all work, fine, webui stays logged in (unlike RC2), and system log is clean all night.
  8. Solution was not related to unraid, fyi. Was custom routing on the router that needed to be sorted.
  9. I'm running Intel 10Gb in my system as well over SFP+ to a 10Gb SFP+ switch, and that's working fine. But, my card is a dual port, where yours is a quad. I think it still could be driver related. Did you try the other ports on the card?
  10. Assume it's probably related:
  11. I added a firewall rule for the redirect from IP (pfsense as to localhost ( Not sure it's %100 needed, but wanted to be safe: pfSense settings ( I am using the ups/secret combo as I have a synology on my network, and they are hard coded for that): Unraid client settings: For Synology, choose "Synology UPS server" and then just point it to the IP of pfSense and it should connect since all the prerequisites are already met.
  12. Oh yeah! My buddy and I have been playing with wireguard for a few months now. We did the NordVPN beta, before that got repackaged. We are now using Mullvad, and works a treat. We have him running on OpenWRT for his home router, and the performance > load on the little ARM CPU in his router is just amazing. Muuuuuuch less overhead than OpenVPN, just a bizznitch to troubleshoot since nothings logged 🙂
  13. I didn't try this yet. But, the setup as it is already, offers the ability to setup an inbound tunnel from WAN into my unraid server? Sweet! My whole home is currently behind a VPN, with a few policy based devices routing out over WAN. If this let's me come back in over my tun into Unraid without having to create rules in my firewall, that's deserving of some beers to you guys. Let me know where to send them 🙂 EDIT: Setting it up now 🙂
  14. They worked for me first try, and it found an update: