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  1. Are you pinning dockers or vm's? I think each config/xml file for each VM/docker will contain it's own CPU pinning settings which you may need to remove/adjust manually first. For example, here is the cpu pinning settings of my docker "HandBrake": Here are my CPU Cores that coorelate: I suspect you've pinned a core number that doesn't exist anymore, and the system is having a hard time interpreting that.
  2. Not seeing the same CPU pinning behavior. Did you recently change hardware maybe and perhaps have CPUs pinned that don't exist anymore?
  3. Just want to throw out that I use the 32GB FIT and haven't had any issues with it, might be worth circling back to once you get all your other issues sorted out:
  4. @limetech Just wanted to say thanks again, all seems to be working well. Got some tuning to do on my side, switch level, but all seems to be within spec. Seems it was the driver....
  5. @limetech thanks for including the latest out of tree driver, so far so good with a basic test using a 2.5Gb nic. Tomorrow will test more in depth with 10Gb, was just too excited to wait:
  6. Ooof, sorry about that. I was eager to test this as well, since I also use bonding. However, I am reluctant to say I was rushing to get on a work call, so my quick google and copy/paste was off the cuff and out of place.
  7. Looking at the current changelog for intel's ixgbe driver, seems they already added support for 5.16, so we should at least be good for this go round: stable/5.14.6/ The readme for igb is not quite as specific.
  8. Fair enough, generous of you and very much appreciated. At least when RC4 comes out I'll know that my perf issues were driver related or not and we can move forward. If you decide to revert back post RC4 to the old in-tree, then either I stick on RC4 and I wait for drivers as plugins or I continue to have to fallback to an add on nic for the time being. For anyone who has issues with RC4 related to the latest intel driver in rc4, I apologize in advance right now 🥺 However, I would like to think of it as nothing but a positive change.
  9. Thanks for the update @limetech, I guess in the future when 6.11 comes out and the move to drivers as plugins becomes available, then knowing what driver you're using would be more obvious. Making the ability to pick and choose for comparison much easier to help weed out issues or regressions. In my work with AsRock currently, is there any idea what "version" the current "in-tree" driver is, let's say for the current RC3 release which seems to be using the 5.15.27 linux kernel, is there some command I can run to pull a version string or revision number from it? Or is it really just an unknown?
  10. Yep, all clean after uninstall UD and UD Addon (and a reboot):
  11. I uninstalled UD and UD Add on and noticed strange folders getting removed (before and after). I need to reboot to see now if rootshare comes back.
  12. I also am getting the same warning this morning. Just upgraded to RC3, and I have UD as well as Recycle Bin installed and updated both plugins this morning. I assume you have recycle bin or UD installed? Looking at todays release notes, it specifically calls out root share: Maybe @dlandoncould take a peek? EDIT: Actually, looking at the UD page, seems it's a new functionality added. I guess it's just FCP that needs to be updated.