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  1. Hey @Djoss, i looked through the container logs with the docker command you mentioned and did realize a late change. It finally generated the missing certs today. With this in mind i reapplied my LE certificates and 'voila'. I don't know why it suddenly is working. Did you change/update anything? ..if yes then that must've fixed it. I use the docker container "watchtower" to auto update all my containers. Watchtower sees every update of a container and auto pulls it and then restart my running containers. Sorry for trouble 😕
  2. Hi, i cannot start handbrake because it seems to not load ssl. here is a screenshot from my env: Other containers from Djoss works fine! Just this one seems to not load maybe due to ssl (it also doesn't generate certificates if you dont have already any)
  3. actually i just attach it to the usb port of my linux mint machine. Linux then automatically mount the drive to /media/username/nameofharddriveorssd/ i use for a graphical administration of my local docker containers on the same machine.
  4. Okay then i guess i'll need to script something which stops the container before unmounting/removing the external hard drive and starting it again after attaching. Hmh 🧐 ..maybe a cronjob with combination of other things. My brain is smoking 🤔 @Djoss there is some donation flying around if you'll be willing to assist me a bit (if you could or have any good idea and hints how to reach this goal, leave me any message here) 👍
  5. Will check that now and get back to you with the results 🙂 Edit: Wow with Chromium it did work and then i retried it with Firefox and it worked, too again. Kinda weird because yesterday it didn't work. I did some updates on my operating system and i remember that the graphics from the top bars of windows on the apps look a bit different (more modern) now. Im not sure what or who fixed it 🙈 Did you update anything? (i have watchtower running which automatically pulls and updates my containers) Edit: The integrated clipboard function is not working. But
  6. @Djoss I have a special use case for this container actually. I mount a external hard drive to my ubuntu machine running this container and then i start the container with the specified /output location. But when i start the container before mounting my external hard drive to my operating system then the container creates the missing folder and my operating system adds another folder with a number behind. The downloaded content will then be written to the internal drive because of this behaviour. I would be happy if someone could guide/help me a bit with this problem. Maybe i can correct it ea
  7. Aha, oh okay then let us try to solve the issue. I am using Linux Mint 19 (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) as my main operatings systems together with Firefox as my browser.
  8. Hey Djoss, it's me again 🙂 I have two things that would be really awesome with this and also with your other containers. The first thing/suggestion is: I have two locations where i need to specify my files. This is due to heavy storage and the storage is split between two volumes. (Now it's about 60TB of data - split to two RAID volumes) Could you please add the possibility to specify two /output folders ? ...that would be awesome. I think it would be totally fine if FileBot or any other container app will show all of the two outputs all together in the c
  9. @Djoss I'll try that and reporting back Edit: I tried it with renaming my certificates which where generated by my webserver in combination with let's encrypt. No luck so far. Either the openssl doesn't accept my certs, i am doing something wrong or a bug is present in the docker file. Until now - thanks for developing ssl into your dockers. That's really great ! I did send you a pm with detailed error reporting. Maybe your willing and able to provide helpful hints Edit2: Okay we got it working. I only had the cert.pem and chain.pem, after
  10. @ljm42 Hey, i have mixed feeling 'bout that solution. Also not too smart but thanks anyway for your support / suggestion. My local server already has a certification environment and a reverse proxy installed. That one is handling the certificates and automates renewal of those certificates. That's why it's at least for me not the smartest solution to set two extra containers up for this :-) with best regards dockerstarter
  11. You are my personal hero! Take your time, good work needs time.. I have another Idea that could be game changing with your dockers: - Support for optical drives / external usb devices over IP (especially MakeMKV would profit from a usb dvd drive, which you could be able to directly use dvds onto your NAS from remote hosts per web vncviewer/virtualhere combination for example) - add the ability to use optical drives from remote hosts via usbip protocol. I have read and cross read many threads about this. They'll saying that on my NAS the "usbip" module i
  12. im patient, he does a really good job and all in his spare time. I'd like to support him on the translation part of ombi v3 at that point he'd going to implement translation abilities. Already asked and hoping he will contact me when it's time
  13. Hello, i want to use VirtualHere to be able to connect my optical usb drive to a docker container. With this setup i would be able to use backup software/files from optical drives directly from my server in combination with web client software. The way in want to reach this: - Docker container with backup software/access to files on optical drives over ip -> - web client software for accessing docker container with backup software-> - virtualhere CLIENT installed in docker container-> - virtualhere server used/installed on laptop or computer
  14. Hi Djoss, i have the following setup: Your docker images running on my NAS. It's working great but now i want to be able to remotely access the software through secure TLS/SSL connections. I have certificates for my sub domains and want to use them. Normally i reach this goal with my pre-installed reverse proxy where i could redirect incoming traffic from a domain on port 443 to an internal mapped port. So i can map port 443 to internal port 5800. The problem is that the web viewer will be loaded but the connection fails due to the needed vnc port 5900. I am not ab
  15. Thank you Djoss! Well done. may i ask any donation link?