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  1. Note that you should not put cli parameters directly in configuration. For example, look at the description of "Action": you should only use one of the allowed values. Also, for movies/series formats: you might need to do some escaping. For example, you could try to change "" by ''. You can also try to temporarily set formats to {plex} to see if at least AMC is working.
  2. I'm not aware of a way to prevent the browser cache issue. I personally never got this problem...
  3. On this date there was a new image version. An update cause block information to be re-synchronized. At almost 12TB of data, this will take a while for sure. Does it look like the process is restarting from the beginning ?
  4. It still tries to update? What CP version the UI is showing ?
  5. So it's a browser cache issue. However, you should be able to clear cookie/data associated to a single site, i.e. the IP address of unRAID.
  6. Is it working in a private/incognito window ?
  7. And how it's setup inside CBB ? Also, I guess you had to change /storage to be read/write ? You are probably better to add a new "Path" that will be used as your backup destination in CBB.
  8. You could rip the single large file by increasing the value of the "Automatic Disc Ripper: Minimum Title Length" setting. However, ripping only the individual episodes doesn't seem to be possible: this would require a way to set the "max title length", which is not supported by MakeMKV :
  9. How are you using this ? Are you invoking the filebot binary yourself or you are using the integrated AMC feature of the container ?
  10. This doesn't seem normal. You might want to share you container config so we can better understand what's happening.
  11. Is this a feature of the 6.10 beta ?
  12. I don't see problem with that. A symlink is a pointer to another file. CBB backups the pointer itself by default. I think this is a good option, unless yo have specific needs. Also, I guess that if you have symlinks in your backup selection, you also have the files they point to included.
  13. Did you try to clear your browser cache and/or access the UI via an incognito/private window ?
  14. Where are you trying to export ? /storage is by default read-only. You can either export somewhere else (e.g. to /config) or edit the container settings and change /storage to be read/write.
  15. This should now be fixed with the latest image.
  16. Yes, JRE is already part of the Docker image and I ready to be used by MakeMKV.
  17. Did you check the ownership and permissions of those files ?
  18. You can use a plugin to create a backup of the flash and then include this backup in CloudBerry Backup.
  19. Ok thanks, I will fix that.
  20. Themes were not supported officially by the container. How are you changing the theme ?
  21. Did you check if your Docker vDisk is full ? We see some errors in docker.txt related to that.