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  1. This container doesn't support nvenc, only Intel QSV.
  2. You mean when using the UI ? In this case, you need to manually set the output folder/file yourself.
  3. No issue on my side. Is Firefox up-to-date ? Maybe try to clear the browser's cache ?
  4. I would still try to clear the browser cache or try with another browser/incognito window. I don't this these errors have an impact.
  5. You can probably keep all the default settings. Just set the folders on unRAID that will be used for your watch and output folders (Automated Media Center: Watch Directory and Automated Media Center: Output Directory).
  6. So everything is working fine now ? In the container log, do you see that the engine is restarting ? It's an easy way to see if it crashes (because of the lack of memory).
  7. Default settings should definitely work. Can you try again to re-create the container? Does unRAID report any failure after the creation ? If not, can you check container's log with this command: docker logs MakeMKV
  8. When you re-installed the container, did you keep default settings ?
  9. Which settings are you using in PuTTY to connect?
  10. Looks like the file is corrupted ? Did you try to see its content with a text editor ?
  11. I think the issue you referenced on GitHub is not the same thing. Also, privileged mode should not be required for MakeMKV to work when correct Linux devices are exposed to the container. It's generally a bad idea (from a security standpoint) to enable privileged mode. Finally, it's difficult to provide a template with Linux devices exposed by default, since the devices to use are not the same for every setup. We don't want to provide default settings that would make the container creation to fail...
  12. What is the issue exactly with the GUI?
  13. Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?
  14. You can look at /mnt/user/appdata/CrashPlanPRO/log/service.log.0 and see if there is anything useful. Also, maybe try to increase the memory limit to 5GB ?
  15. CrashPlan has been updated recently. This triggers a synchronization. Is it what you are seeing ?
  16. BTW, CrashPlan backup speed is known to be slow. So expect multiple days/weeks to upload 1.7TB.
  17. May the "completed" number is since the backup started? I.e. if you restart CrashPlan, will it still show 40GB completed, or it will restart from 0 ?
  18. This seems strange to me. What the browser is showing exactly when this occurs ?
  19. This version is currently crashing. I'm investigating this issue.
  20. Can you confirm that only x265 is broken ? Does the x264 QSV encoder work ? Also, can you try the debug version (by adding "-debug" to the image name) and provide the log again ?
  21. The problem with NVENC is that Nvidia doesn't provide source code for their library, nor provide version for Alpine/musl (on which this container is based on).
  22. Yes, a new key is needed. It should be published soon. Once the new key is published on the MakeMKV forum, you just need to restart the container: the key will be fetched automatically.