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  1. Hi Guys, I verified that I had a successful parity check, that everything was working fine etc. I went to plugins page and it showed that there was an update for 6.2 available. I clicked on update. It told me that a restart was required. I used the GUI to stop the array. Since then, the GUI is a blank screen - basically the page keeps on loading. I tried to powerdown the server when connected to the server via putty or direct console. It will say that Powerdown has been initiated but then nothing. The server does not powerdown. Can anyone help?
  2. Hi, I used to run unRAID 5.0.2 as a VM. I have done a clean install to 6.1.9 but when I start unRAID, it defaults to using eth0 as the NIC. eth1 is available but it will not use it. The only reason why I want to use eth1 is that I do not want to crawl behind the rack and then try to wire eth0. Any suggestions? Update: I just re-wired eth0 [had to do it because wife wanted to watch a movie. doh!]
  3. When unRAID is a VM, you pass through the M1015s to the VMs. It is possible that the drive letters may get messed up but as you said, easy enough to do a new config. I do have all my drives mapped correctly but I will verify before I perform the action. Would it be safe to assume that if the array is brought online by v6.x or v5.02, there "should not" be any data loss - meaning that there no new feature in 6.x that will may changes to the array as it is brought online that v5.02 may not understand?
  4. Hi Guys, I am currently running unRAID 5.02 as a virtual machine in VMware ESXi 6.0 (ESXi is installed on a USB drive) with 20 + 1 drives in the array. I would like to change from the current config to running the latest version of unRAID as the primary OS. Here is my thinking - please feel free to correct me: * Make a backup of the current unRAID USB drive * Shutdown the computer * Remove the USB drive with ESXi installed on it * Go into BIOS and change the "boot from" to the USB drive for unRAID * Reboot the server. Verify that the array comes up. Power down * Upgrade u
  5. Hi, I have been re-designing my home lab. One of the casualty of the re-design is the unRAID box. Its IP address has changed. How do I change it? Or is it as simple as using the ifconfig and route?
  6. Hi, I am running unRAID 5.0.2 as virtual machine on top of ESXi v5.5 (essentially a copy of the Atlas build created by Johnmm a while back). My unRAID array consists of a number of 3TB and 2TB drives totaling 37 TB (1 parity + 15 drives). Now that unRAID 6 is here, I am thinking of moving to unRAID 6 so take advantage of all its goodies. The problem is that I have no idea how to go about moving to v6 from v5.0.2 when unRAID is running as VM. Anyone have any suggestions how to do the upgrade without losing all my data? Do I need to build a parallel unRAID box - I really hope not?
  7. Thanks for your reply. Murphy is a huge fan of mine. He has been stalking me for a long time. Cheers
  8. Hi, So I installed the MonthlyParityCheck package via unMenu. Question is: Should I use NOCORRECT or CORRECT option?
  9. Wow. Thanks for the fast response and the great one-liner. I just play with the syntax to get the output in the format I want (i.e. suppress all those silly back slashes...) and then onto cron. Thanks again
  11. Hi fellow unRIADers, When I started using unRAID, I only had 4 drives. I am now upto 16 drives and growing. The other day, a horrible thought occurred to me - If one of the drives were to fail, I om OK. BUT, if 2 or more drives failed, I would lose all the data stored on those drives. So my question is this: does anyone have a mechanism (an app, plugin, script, etc) that creates a catalog of what is stored on what disk on a scheduled basis? If not, I can always script it. I would prefer not having to reinvent the wheel. Thanks
  12. This maybe off-topic but if I wanted to test new builds / rc without messing up my main server (Goliath build), would this be possible on a HP 54L or would I have to build a new machine? Another option maybe that since I am running unRAID as a VM, maybe I can do the same for the new version. Any comments / suggestions?
  13. So I am not sure if I am missing something or not. D-316M comes with 10 3.5" bays. However, Plus key supports 7 drives while Pro key supports 24. So If I buy a Plus key with this case, I am going to be wasting 3 bays (2 if I use a cache drive). If I buy a Pro keys, then I can use all 10 bays but I am wasting 14 HDD capability. Are you guys planning on either: Offering a 10 drive key? Ability to use 2 cases in a "cascade" setup and be use to use the Pro key? If not, then I do not see the pros with this case. What am I missing?
  14. Hi, If I wanted to create a share which will be limited to a specific drive, I know that I have to do is specify the disk in "Included Disk(s)" when creating a share. E.g. disk10 The question is: Do I have to exclude disk10 from all the pre-existing shares or will it be automatically excluded? If yes, will modifying the Exclude Disk(s) attribute mess up anything? Thanks
  15. We have an enterprise deal with vmware so we get a pseudo lab license that should be okay. I can nail confirm with the program coordinator though. Nice catch Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S3 using TapTalk 2