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  1. Don't worry you won't be bothered (again), so you can keep getting back to other work. And since im not surprised in the least bit (expected as it is your M.O.) not even upset, where in the early days I was just livid how you go about things for a paid product. I do love how we are the bad guys though when you don't deliver on your own promises and then you'll just delete (my) posts when calling you out. I do like the new threads/boards created; showcases exactly to the T where I knew this was all going. Look forward to testing when you get around to AFP & the low end stuff (may be > 6.0 thought, nicely done moving those out like that, im sure no one noticed). I do have one serious question, do you really not get that you haven't touched on a single thing to IMPROVE the interest of new & non-advanced customers by the shortcoming unRAID has today? You emphasize that "It has lately become very important to get off 'reiserfs' for new systems and to implement redundancy for the cache pool - hence that is what we concentrated on." - this is for Virtualization, not having a redundant cache is nothing (non-necessity) compared to say adding multi-party support, where you could state it was worth putting other things off. But docker, Virt. etc. IS forcing you off reiserfs and making the need for a cache pool. Thus tying you all up and bring nothing to the table for the shortcoming in unRAID for the average customer. Not a single person I setup on unRAID is able (or willing to read a technical thread especially in a large forum board like LT) to download a container/vm, etc. and make sense of what to do with what file system to select, etc... what video card XEN/KVM, pass-through WHAT? but the simple low hanging fruit IS noticed and sh^t anyone can do about it cause you keep pushing it out. When AFP doesnt work because all of them have macs in the house and have different requirements, I can't send them your way because they wouldn't even know how to begin to explain the technical side of the issue, let alone a syslog (sys what?). Or when they have a power outage and I have to come over to get them backup, pay visits to check on they're drive health instead of their systems email me. Take it for what its worth, Im not arguing, complaining, insulting, wishing you ill will, just trying to point out frustrations from customers you don't know about and never will, but paid customers all the same. If this product is only for the technical inclined who don't mind playing around so be it, it was not my understanding. You buried customers on v5 and it wasn't finalized. v6 hasn't picked up on those shortcomings in the least bit, you took a left turn and never looked back, just pushing "them" back further and further, but fruit eventually spoils and falls of the tree. Just stop and take a moment to sit down and think for a bit about these things. P.S. you deleted the complaint thread so this is posted here. Not on purpose to taint this thread with this posting.
  2. Clearly you where dropped when you where a child. Secondly, meeting someone doesn't transfer magically power from them to you. One useless post for another.
  3. madburg

    Complaint Dept

    I got to run. We'll converse soon. I've been traveling and a bit hard to post on the go. I am going to clarify my personal position, thoughts, and complaint or maybe more of large disappoint and why. Again I think there is a lot of view points here not all are shared, but each person should be heard out (allowed to post them at the very least). Maybe it will help some understand (hope tach to the heart, LT) at the very least some will understand this thread is not some sort of groupon
  4. madburg

    Complaint Dept

    You may not know, but a little fact. UnRAID v5 would NEVER be without the public beta's and RC's. There's not a single sole who followed it and can say that this is not a fact.
  5. madburg

    Complaint Dept

    Are you really suggesting that if user A complains that such and such feature does not work, and then you post agreeing with it that your post should be deleted? Right, but that's because it's a redundant complaint, if you cheer then you can reply with a redundant cheer. Just kidding, that is just people making up there own rules. Dont worry just don't upset a regular member with mod rights and you will be just fine.
  6. madburg

    Complaint Dept

    Useful fact, I think. Jonp is not Tom, Jonp works for Tom? Jonp is charged to work on virtulization in unRAID by Tom, as Tom is work on core components, asks grumpy for help, insight, suggestions anything and virtulization based would mean grumpy communicates with Jonp then no? Jonp communicates with Tom all the time. So being that grumpy was put up to showing his private communications with Jonp is not actually with Tom makes him wrong or is that Jonp is a nobody just like grumpy. You know I think I'm confused now, nevermind. Jonp is not Tom because Tom is Tom and not Jonp . And LT now consists on Tom Jonp and Eric, unless u have a problem then it's only Tom?
  7. madburg

    Complaint Dept

    That doesn't help when you just use "Show unread posts since last visit". +1 Is this thread where I can complain about how I read the forum ? Surely that's LT's fault as well. Useful info thanks for adding.
  8. madburg

    Complaint Dept

    Do I really need to post some of Tom's PMs too? Just say the word and I will. PS - Tom stopped dealing with Virtualization after the first few Betas. Jonp is handling that. Go look at Beta 1 release and you will see probably 20 - 30 posts of Tom and I going back and forth with me telling him how to make Xen work in unRAID. Wouldnt waste the time, they have already proven multiple times to multiple people that after providing proof they twist it and ur still in the wrong.
  9. madburg

    Complaint Dept

    Appreciate the mod(s) or LT staff that cleaned up a few posting here that where tryin to add fuel to a fire. Theres so much being represented from both view points well, don't look at the extremes or the extra that is added from being upset from either side. Anyone tryin to mesh it up as one complaint has it all wrong. I understand Grumpys last few post all to well. Having personal conversations with Tom where he agrees with you and promise made. So out of respect u keep it to ur self only to have others beat on u "go directly would u already" or where did u come up with that, to the point your like screw it here u buttholes go! And then in a twist u get additional posts say well then just get out of here, because u where proven wrong BiG time. Thats just plain pathetic and when people should at least keep it to them self. And on top of all things start speaking for LT "u got what u paid for" "no one promised u anything", etc etc etc. those are the posts that need moderation and when a mod does its that much worse because they then help them self to using a function regular members (thank god) dont have, deleting a post which they brought about, mind u factual but since it ain't to their liking... Think on that for a bit. I know I know there will be posts to this post and that's ok. The intelligent people will at least get it, and hopefully go about things a bit differently in the future. We all make mistakes and supposed to learn from them, that's what makes us better. Grumpy and others deserve a breath of fresh air and not assist for a period of time for sure after all everything is coming to us soon, so let's all sit back, relax and meet back in Sept. oh the fun we will all have, TOGETHER. P.S. my 2 cent, u rather have people complain in the owners forum, not some other site where it could be just be smeared to no end. I been around long enought to be able to state most members complain because they see a great possibility with unRAID and want the shortcomings to be address. Very very few actual trolled with no love to the product what so ever.
  10. madburg

    Complaint Dept

    P.P.S why are you guys subscribed to a thread that you don't care for? UN-notify is ur friend. You are the true trollers. I don't watch FOX5, I don't bother posting on their blog? Yet you guys come running to a complaint department to complain that the complaints are being posted??? I'm going to complain on you! Not really I have a life.
  11. madburg

    Complaint Dept

    If they thought like you and booted every post u and hand full of others would be the only ones holding on to a USB stick with an unRAID license and scratching ur heads. But like like anyone else you'd run for the border and join the very next products forum others went to and talk smack about what a joke this place was... Who are you kidding. They had their pow wow, 2 grow men. No one died. But noooo others have to inject and sadly once again nonprostuff a mod throwing a punch after posts bilged. Some of u have no idea what a sad place your making. Grow up and take it as u give it. This will not be the end of it, let's talk. Tom is the only one working on core, and being that he is knee deep in cache pooling for the small margin of users who will actually use it, all other promised core components have to wait. That's because Jonp & mike I think it is ( how are you Mike! ) are working the virtulization angle for the small margin ( they just don't know it yet, and that's ok). So it's not three people nailing this all out. I don't mind a noose being thrown out for individuals to hang themselves. People learn quite quickly that way. So we can all chill and wait for sept, then Unleash the Kracken! Many waited years what's a few more months to prove a point amongst friends. P.S. for everyone booted the instigators should be booted with them.
  12. The primary core NAS feature in development right now is cache pooling. The virtualization stuff mentioned here isn't what's all going into the next beta, but rather, just an update on where we stand with that stuff. So UPS support, email support, AFP, etc.. are not making it into the next beta to be released for testing? If that's the case how will we get to test before final at Q3 2014? All in time. We are prepping for a more rapid release schedule. I know its sometimes to see hard why approach things certain ways, but there is good reason for the slow and steady. Know that for things like UPS support and notifications, they will require less development time than thinks like additional file systems and cache pool. Keep in mind that even though we publicly beta test, we internally test a lot as well with respect to core features to make sure that our betas have a solid foundation. And while I appreciate your comments on the other folks I need to thank, cut me a little slack, would yah? I make it no secret that I've only been with LT since April. I don't know all the contributions over the years that have occurred but I surely do appreciate everyone's efforts here, virtualization or not. Ok, I'm sorry to hear that the next release will not contain any of these was hopin to allocate time for a beta containing those. And it sure sound like that was going to be the case from Toms last post. Better to know now. Thanks, I would have take. It much harder once that beta came out and saw that wasn't the case. Slack given. Hope LT cranks these release out back to back. I would like to point out IF something is simple to get in as u state, I (if it where me in this situation) would get them in sooner than later. First make many happy secondly you have confirmation from the community it works in the real world and if anything was missed. I'll bet money it wont be right the first time out. Again not negative, its how things work. E.g. Ups support did work with xyz model. 2) preclear webgui bug under xyz condition 3) seems like you miss an alert based on xyz.
  13. The primary core NAS feature in development right now is cache pooling. The virtualization stuff mentioned here isn't what's all going into the next beta, but rather, just an update on where we stand with that stuff. So UPS support, email support, AFP, etc.. are not making it into the next beta to be released for testing? If that's the case how will we get to test before final at Q3 2014?
  14. I understand this OP is hear to virtualization thus the thank you's meantioning contributors in that area (my understanding). It wouldnt hurt for a seperate post touching on unRaid contributions and thanking all the people that have contributed so much (non-virtulization based) who have been here a long time and put in a tremendous amount of time. By now mean an exhaustive list: JoeL. WeeboTech/and many other mods work Speeding_ant Few that have departEd but not nameless The bitchers that painfully pushed on Tom Madburg for thinking why only supermicro controllers .... So many more (not being near a PC at home I am leaving out Many many others as well as tremendous amount of testers. But since virtulization is what counts here (this thread), you nailed this properly I'm sure. I do feel there are quite a few that have read and will read this OP and just be speechless for a brief moment, like unRaid didn't exist until v6beta and a few new LT members arrived. Bravo, countless others will feel like dogsh^t on the bottom of a shoe. Not being negative just your posts are insensitive to anything that predates your arrival. Take it for what's is worth and do a bit better in the future.
  15. Question, from the OP it sounds like the next beta to be published will only have virtualization updates, and no core NAS updates until further down the road? Did I read that correct? If that's not the case what should we be looking forward to seeing in this next beta release containing core NAS additions/updates?