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  1. The primary core NAS feature in development right now is cache pooling. The virtualization stuff mentioned here isn't what's all going into the next beta, but rather, just an update on where we stand with that stuff. So UPS support, email support, AFP, etc.. are not making it into the next beta to be released for testing? If that's the case how will we get to test before final at Q3 2014? All in time. We are prepping for a more rapid release schedule. I know its sometimes to see hard why approach things certain ways, but there is good reason for the slow and steady. Know that for things like UPS support and notifications, they will require less development time than thinks like additional file systems and cache pool. Keep in mind that even though we publicly beta test, we internally test a lot as well with respect to core features to make sure that our betas have a solid foundation. And while I appreciate your comments on the other folks I need to thank, cut me a little slack, would yah? I make it no secret that I've only been with LT since April. I don't know all the contributions over the years that have occurred but I surely do appreciate everyone's efforts here, virtualization or not. Ok, I'm sorry to hear that the next release will not contain any of these was hopin to allocate time for a beta containing those. And it sure sound like that was going to be the case from Toms last post. Better to know now. Thanks, I would have take. It much harder once that beta came out and saw that wasn't the case. Slack given. Hope LT cranks these release out back to back. I would like to point out IF something is simple to get in as u state, I (if it where me in this situation) would get them in sooner than later. First make many happy secondly you have confirmation from the community it works in the real world and if anything was missed. I'll bet money it wont be right the first time out. Again not negative, its how things work. E.g. Ups support did work with xyz model. 2) preclear webgui bug under xyz condition 3) seems like you miss an alert based on xyz.
  2. The primary core NAS feature in development right now is cache pooling. The virtualization stuff mentioned here isn't what's all going into the next beta, but rather, just an update on where we stand with that stuff. So UPS support, email support, AFP, etc.. are not making it into the next beta to be released for testing? If that's the case how will we get to test before final at Q3 2014?
  3. I understand this OP is hear to virtualization thus the thank you's meantioning contributors in that area (my understanding). It wouldnt hurt for a seperate post touching on unRaid contributions and thanking all the people that have contributed so much (non-virtulization based) who have been here a long time and put in a tremendous amount of time. By now mean an exhaustive list: JoeL. WeeboTech/and many other mods work Speeding_ant Few that have departEd but not nameless The bitchers that painfully pushed on Tom Madburg for thinking why only supermicro controllers .... So many more (not being near a PC at home I am leaving out Many many others as well as tremendous amount of testers. But since virtulization is what counts here (this thread), you nailed this properly I'm sure. I do feel there are quite a few that have read and will read this OP and just be speechless for a brief moment, like unRaid didn't exist until v6beta and a few new LT members arrived. Bravo, countless others will feel like dogsh^t on the bottom of a shoe. Not being negative just your posts are insensitive to anything that predates your arrival. Take it for what's is worth and do a bit better in the future.
  4. Question, from the OP it sounds like the next beta to be published will only have virtualization updates, and no core NAS updates until further down the road? Did I read that correct? If that's not the case what should we be looking forward to seeing in this next beta release containing core NAS additions/updates?
  5. Do you have AFP enabled or ever enabled AFP, even once just to test or by accident?
  6. Right so besides coming here from the complaint dept to have my post bilged, I don't believe we received a clear answer on an AFP update. Besides Tom posting commitment and release notes stating its coming, this announcement had no reference to it. So I brought it up as a reminder as we are eagerly waiting to testing the updated AFP with apc and email. I for one feel that next beta will have more testers of v6. So what say we?
  7. The problem is not compile it, is link it with the config we make on the webGUI since the configuration syntax has changed to match to that used by SAMBA. That is the problem Tom has to figure out is to change that, and to address the database location. The package can be found here: It has some hacks to adapt the original generated config file to the new syntax. Take a look at the /etc/rc.d/rc.atalk script. I'll make a tutorial for compile this another time. Sorry, don't quite understand what u mean by syntax and samba pertaining to AFP config, but guessing some adjustments maybe required. Why I don't like using anyone's plugins. Tom knows the tweaks that need to be made when compiling for unRAID (under slack). Thus why all this stuff (apc, email) is being request come for LimeTech, or to grumpy's point empower us to do so ourself. Anything I find on the web reference things (commands, paths, etc) that don't work under unRAID/slack. As much as I have learned its still a pea in the pod. While others just type apt-get... Anyway its good u chimed in that u easily compiled yourself And prefer it over 2.x
  8. Easy as in your sleep? Like others have? Well that's not their stance, it will deviate from this new roadmap. Promises, statements, release notes cannot be held as commitments the way it's being communicated. As for the DB that is easy for some then others. I'll explain, since AFP was promoted in unRAID v5 nothing was ever done for noobs to be able to manage it. So I for one (others have similar solutions) have a vmdk dedicated for the DB, auto mounted out side of the array, before AFP starts. What does that do? Survives reboots, closes the DB properly on shutdown/reboots. So again we aren't even asking for DB solution just for it be updated to the latest version. Why did we change from SMBv1? Why change to SMBv2 to 3? How long did that take to compile?
  9. No worries, there are many more issues but for anyone to say including LT that its a guarantee an updated version would resolve ALL issues is not possible by anyone. Nor does a reference point exist or can be used by another system (non unRAID based) that the issues are solely Netatalk based, you have avahi in the mix and some issues can be say MD driver/fuse based spilling over. So until the update is provided no testing can be done under unRAID. That said I know its a dead end without an update to AFP otherwise, I know because I run AFP with maxdebug enabled and can see what is occurring, dont believe is something LT can fix because they don't own/code AFP. The wait has been long enough and overdue on this. I have supported many issues to be resolved even when they were not issues for me. I pulled teeth to get Tom to fix the extended attribute bug with AFP, and provide all the data to do so. I appreciate those who stepped up and chimed in, jonp has to deal with the old issue as well, its not a blank slate. Have to take the good with the bad, produce and things will change across the board. No reason a few steps back can't be taken with three people on board and knock these items out. At the end of the day we'll test them in real usage cases and provide feedback. No one beta was ever perfect. Not updating AFP is a slap in the face, and overdue, period. P.S. as it was pointed out, Tom has learned a lot about AFP and I am certain and comfortable that he could pull off compiling an updated version with little to no change possible required after us testing. If Tom knows or notices something is off he always add that to the release notes for anyone to be on the look out for.
  10. What would you find reasonable? What do you know about AFP, what can I would post that you would find reasonable about AFP? Because after all you don't care for it so its useless. How about while scanning media across the array, netatalk bombs (for a lack of better words) and keeps looping on the same file never ending until afp is stopped and restarted? How about while watching a movie via AFP, exactly timed with spin down you have set, media is cut off and has to be restarted. My friend your post is useless.
  11. Yes you will be told it will hold up UPS and Mail support, because neither technology have ever made it to LT, so they are busy scratching their heads and its going to take a few months for this to be accomplished by Q3 so AFP will sadly not make it in. I want ALL the core feature (UPS and email support included) so this is not at you jumperalex. How many remember how I had to pull teeth, whine, b^tch, etc... to get Hdparm and Smartctrl updated by Tom, anyone?
  12. Changes in 3.0 alpha2 UPD: afpd: Store . as is and / as : on the server, don’t CAP hexencode as "2e" and "2f" respectively UPD: afdp: Automatic name conversion, renaming files and directories containing CAP sequences to their not enscaped forms UPD: afpd: Correct handling of user homes and users without homes UPD: afpd: Perform complete automatic adouble:v2 to adouble:ea conversion as root. Previously only unlinking the adouble:v2 file was done as root UPD: dbd: -C option removes CAP encoding UPD: Add graceful option to RedHat init script UPD: Add --disable-bundled-libevent configure options When set to yes, we rely on a properly installed version on libevent CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS should be set properly to pick that up UPD: Run ldconfig on Linux at the end of make install FIX: afpd: ad cp on appledouble = ea volumes FIX: dbd: ignore ._ appledouble files REM: Volumes options "use dots" and "hex encoding" Changes in 3.0 alpha1 NEW: Central configuration file afp.conf which replaces all previous files NEW: netatalk: service controller starting and restarting afpd and cnid_metad as necessary NEW: afpd: Extended Attributes AppleDouble backend (default) UPD: CNID databases are stored in $localstatedir/netatalk/CNID (default: /var/netatalk/CNID), databases found in AFP volumes are automatically moved UPD: Start scripts and service manifests have been changed to only start the new netatalk service controller process UPD: afpd: UNIX privileges and use dots enabled by default UPD: afpd: Support for arbitrary AFP volumes using variable expansion has been removed UPD: afpd: afp_voluuid.conf and afp_signature.conf location has been changed to $localstatedir/netatalk/ (default: /var/netatalk/) UPD: afpd: default server messages dir changed to $localstatedir/netatalk/msg/ UPD: dbd: new option -C for conversion from AppleDouble v2 to ea REM: AppleTalk support has been removed REM: afpd: SLP and AFP proxy support have been removed REM: afpd: legacy file extension to type/creator mapping has been removed REM: afpd: AppleDouble backends v1, osx and sfm have been removed So when you state "Samba/NFS = more popular, more widely used, and is definitely going to be supported longer. " I say longer, sure they will be supported longer and have more fixes well after AFP is dropped, but the logic that we should be on stuck on 2.2.5 because no one in LT can find the few minutes and keep a promise (especially now that we are supposed to see things change and for the better) or we don't need ALL the fix's that have been publish since netatalk 2.2.5. Thats not how anyone felt about samba nor the kernel update (finally), "come on, its 2014, for gods sake" right so cut the crap and produce a netatalk update. How many people know what exactly was fixed in samba or kernel you changed too? How about all the fixes for NFS? Just hold tight AFP is next.. now this, freakin JOKE! And for your statement "And what happens if we push this out and someone has a problem with it? We have to support it then." Push, push what? its a download for those who which to try out a a BETA, hello! Besides I would be the only one impacted, since no one else is using this dying protocol. And you don't support anything anyway, expect for license keys. I just LOVE how these statement are all bent when its convenient.
  13. Read through that entire thread with respect to AFP. Seems like a low number of people are requesting the upgrade (in fact, you were the only one asking for an upgrade, it appears everyone else was just asking for us to not drop support for it entirely). I think we'll need to see more folks rally behind the cause to bump this up in the priority list of "to dos". I realize Tom may have made a commitment here, but we're looking out for the best interests of our users as a whole. Many users are reporting that Time Machine works fine under the current unRAID implementation. Again, not looking to drop AFP here, just trying to understand why we need a clearly dying protocol to be upgraded right now. EDIT: As for Samba/NFS, I don't think you can make a case to say we should update AFP (a dying and terrible protocol) because we've updated other protocols so much. Samba/NFS = more popular, more widely used, and is definitely going to be supported longer. Apples (no pun intended) and oranges. There is no making cases with LT if ur not a top 10 fan boy. Not sure how you came to the conclusion I am the only one that wants this updated but that's fine I can read between the lines very well. Delay and in a few years AFP will finally be dropped, problem solved. Versus spending all of 25 mins to complie it. Your more than welcome to write it off as I am the only one who wants it. Enjoy playing with your own ball. Popular statement handed out to members here, think it applys to LT here as well. Madburg, Please respond to my previous message about arguing for what benefits such an update would provide and why it is necessary. I can't help you if you don't make a case. UPDATE: FYI, I am moving some of madburgs posts are being moved to the complaint/bilge forum where they belong. The original requests that weren't hostile in nature will remain. Where they belong? We'll check you out, deja Vu, someone recently posted how posts are conveniently deleted, moved, and not censored. Your spending more time doing this then compiling Netatalk. Great use of LT time, the virtualization guys will pay for this, and hate me for it. A polite $sshole is still an $sshole, lets not get things confused, power to censor doesn't make you right. Not so much as arguments have been giving but issues raised, you are welcome to scour the forums and find them as each time something is promised to be looked into or fixed or updated and then lost in a thread and started later again, usually by someone else and this is the game that is played again and again. Im not sure why you think if I don't repeat everything posted throughout the years to YOU personally then theres' nothing to discuss. You just like playing with the ball by your lonely self. What your request is that I spend even more time than I have to put all the issues together for you and put an argument around it. Tell you what, you PM me I will give you my number, and get you access to my unraid server and show you first hand all the AFP issues. Or if you feel the following is argument enough, unRAID 5.0.3 (2013-11-26) netatalk: upgrade to version 2.2.5 (23rd of July 2013) Current netatalk 3.1.2 Changes in 3.1.2 FIX: Option "vol dbpath" was broken in 3.1.1 FIX: Spotlight: file modification date, bug #545 FIX: Improve reliability of afpd child handler FIX: debian initscript: add 0 and 6 to Default-Stop. debian-bug#745520 FIX: put the Solaris share reservation after our locking stuff, bug #560. UPD: Improve Linux quota behaviour FIX: xattrs on *BSD, bug #562 NEW: afpd: support for using $u username variable in AFP volume definitions. FR#90. FIX: getvolbypath returns incorrect volume, bug #563 FIX: fd leak when using appledouble = v2, bug #554 UPD: New options that control whether dbus and Tracker are started: start dbus and start tracker, both default to yes, FR#91 UPD: Spotlight: SPARQL query optimisations Changes in 3.1.1 FIX: Add asprint() compatibility function for systems lacking it FIX: Fix ressource fork name conversion. Bug #534. FIX: Fix a bug where only the first configured UAM was loaded. Bug #537. UPD: Add support for AFP 3.4. From FR #85. FIX: Registering with mDNS crashed. Bug #540 FIX: Saving from applications like Photoshop may fail, because removing the ressource fork AppleDouble file failed. Bug #542. FIX: dbd: remove orphaned ._ AppleDouble files. Bug #549. NEW: afpd: Automatic conversion of ._ AppleDouble files created by OS X. Bug #550. FIX: afpd: Fix a crash in of_closefork(). Bug #551. FIX: dbd: Don’t print message "Ignoring .file" for every . file. Bug #552. FIX: afpd: Don’t flood log with failed sys_set_ea() messages. Changes in 3.0.8 FIX: dbd: remove orphaned ._ AppleDouble files. Bug #549. FIX: afpd: Fix a crash in of_closefork(). Bug #551. Changes in 3.0.7 FIX: Build fixes for the Kerberos UAM UPD: Use dedicated exit code for AFP connections that were dropped by the client right after the TCP handshake FIX: Fix ressource fork name conversion. Bug #534. FIX: Fix a bug where only the first configured UAM was loaded. Bug #537. FIX: Allow ad set to remove the "w" flag on folders. Bug #539. FIX: Fix path handling in ad utility. Bug #538. FIX: Workaround for a problem which cannot be advertized by Avahi. Bug #541. FIX: Registering with mDNS crashed. Bug #540 FIX: Saving from applications like Photoshop may fail, because removing the ressource fork AppleDouble file failed. Bug #542. FIX: macusers showed root user. Bug #495. UPD: Add file pathname to logmessage parse_entries: bogus eid. FR#87. Changes in 3.1.0 NEW: AFP Spotlight support with Gnome Tracker NEW: New option "spotlight" (G/V) NEW: Configure option --with-tracker-pkgconfig-version NEW: Configure option --with-tracker-prefix NEW: If Spotlight is enabled, launch our own dbus instance NEW: New option "dbus daemon" (G) UPD: Add configure option --with-afpstats for overriding the result of autodetecting dbus-glib presence NEW: Add recvfile support with splice() on Linux. New global options "recvfile" (default: no) and "splice size" (default 64k). NEW: CNID backend "mysql" for use with a MySQL server FIX: Build fixes for the Kerberos UAM UPD: Use dedicated exit code for AFP connections that were dropped by the client right after the TCP handshake Changes in 3.0.6 FIX: charset conversion failed when copying from Mac OS 9. Bug #523. UPD: Don’t force S_ISGID for directories on FreeBSD. Bug #525. NEW: Add support for ZFS ACLs on FreeBSD with libsunacl. From FR#83. FIX: Active Directory LDAP queries for ACL support with new options "ldap user filter" and "ldap group filter". Bug #526. Changes in 3.0.6 FIX: charset conversion failed when copying from Mac OS 9. Bug #523. UPD: Don’t force S_ISGID for directories on FreeBSD. Bug #525. NEW: Add support for ZFS ACLs on FreeBSD with libsunacl. From FR#83. FIX: Active Directory LDAP queries for ACL support with new options "ldap user filter" and "ldap group filter". Bug #526. NEW: Option "vol dbnest", when set to true, the CNID database for a volume is stored in the volume root of a share in a directory .AppleDB like in Netatalk 2. Defaults to false. From FR#84. FIX: Small fix in the DSI tickle handling. Bug #528. UPD: Enhance handling of connection attempts when hitting the connection limit. Bug #529. FIX: Saving from Word to a folder that is a symlink to a folder on another filesystem results in a crash of the afpd process and the save to fail. This happens only if the option "follow symlinks" is enabled. Bug #532. FIX: Disable Kerberos UAM if AFP service principal name can’t be evaluated. Fixes bug #531. FIX: Fix handling of large number of volumes. Bug #527. NEW: Configure option --with-tbd which can be used to disable the use of the bundled tdb and use a system installed version. Changes in 3.0.5 FIX: Fix a crash when using pam_winbind. Fixes bug #516. NEW: New global/volume option "ignored attributes" FIX: "afp listen" option failed to take IPv6 addresses. Bug #515. FIX: Fix a possible crash in set_groups. Bug #518. NEW: Send optional AFP messages for vetoed files, new option "veto messages" can be used to enable sending messages. Then whenever a client tries to access any file or directory with a vetoed name, it will be sent an AFP message indicating the name and the directory. From FR #81. NEW: New boolean volume option "delete veto files". If this option is set to yes, then Netatalk will attempt to recursively delete any vetoed files and directories. FR #82. UPD: systemd unit dir is /usr/lib/systemd/system . FIX: Saving files from application like MS Word may result in the file loosing metadata like the Finder label. Bug #521. Changes in 3.0.4 FIX: Opening files without metadata EA may result in an invalid metadata EA. Check for malformed metadata EAs and delete them. Fixes bug #510. FIX: Fix an issue with filenames containing non-ASCII characters that lead to a failure setting the size of a files ressource fork. This affected application like Adobe Photoshop where saving files may fail. Fixes bug #511. UPD: Enhance ACL mapping, change global ACL option map acl to take the following options: "none", "rights" (default), "mode". none = no mapping, this resembles the previous false/no setting rights = map ACLs to Finder UARights, this resembles the previous true/yes setting. This is the default. mode = map ACLs to Finder UARights and UNIX mode From FR #73. FIX: Fix a possible crash in cname() where cname_mtouname calls dirlookup() where the curdir is freed because the dircache detected a dev/inode cache difference and evicted the object from the cache. Fixes bug #498. FIX: Add missing include, fixes bug #512. FIX: Change default FinderInfo for directories to be all 0, fixes bug 514. NEW: New option "afp interfaces" which allows specifying where Netatalk listens for AFP connections by interface names. From FR #79. Changes in 3.0.3 UPD: afpd: Increase default DSI server quantum to 1 MB UPD: bundled libevent2 is now static NEW: --with-lockfile=PATH configure option for specifying an alternative path for the netatalk lockfile. UPD: systemd service file use PIDFile and ExecReload. From FR #70. UPD: RedHat sysvinit: rm graceful, reimplement reload, add condrestart FIX: Couldn’t create folders on FreeBSD 9.1 ZFS fileystems. Fixed bug #491. FIX: Fix an issue with user homes when user home directory has not the same name as the username. Fixes bug #497. UPD: Fix PAM config install, new default installation dir is $sysconfdir/pam.d/. Add configure option --with-pam-confdir to specify alternative path. NEW: AFP stats about active session via dbus IPC. Client side python program afpstats. Requires dbus, dbus-glib any python-dbus. configure option --dbus-sysconf-dir for specifying dbus system security configuration files. New option afpstats (default: no) which determines whether to enable the feature or not. NEW: configure option --with-init-dir NEW: dtrace probes, cf include/atalk/afp_dtrace.d for available probes. UPD: Reload groups when reloading volumes. FR #71. FIX: Attempt to read read-only ._ rfork results in disconnect. Fixes bug #502. FIX: File’s ressource fork can’t be read if metadata EA is missing. Fixes bug #501. FIX: Conversion from adouble v2 to ea for directories. Fixes bug #500. FIX: Error messages when mounting read-only filesystems. Fixes bug #504. FIX: Permissions of ._ AppleDouble ressource fork after conversion from v2 to ea. Fixes bug #505. UPD: Use FreeBSD sendfile() capability to send protocol header. From FR #75. UPD: Increase IO size when sendfile() is not used. From FR #76. FIX: Can’t set Finder label on symlinked folder with "follow symlinks = yes". Fixes bug #508. FIX: Setting POSIX ACLs on Linux Fixes bug #506. FIX: "ad ls" segfault if requested object is not in an AFP volume. Fixes bug #496. Changes in 3.0.2 NEW: afpd: Put file extension type/creator mapping back in which had been removed in 3.0. NEW: afpd: new option ad domain. From FR #66. FIX: volumes and home share with symlinks in the path FIX: Copying packages to a Netatalk share could fail, bug #469 FIX: Reloading volumes from config file was broken. Fixes bug #474. FIX: Fix _device-info service type registered with dns-sd API FIX: Fix pathname bug for FCE modified event. FIX: Remove length limitation of options like "valid users". Fixes bug #473. FIX: Dont copy our metadata EA in copyfile(). Fixes bug #452. FIX: Fix an error where catalog search gave incomplete results. Fixes bug #479. REM: Remove TimeMachine volume used size FCE event. UPD: Add quoting support to [in]valid users option. Fixes bug #472. FIX: Install working PAM config on Solaris 11. Fixes bug #481. FIX: Fix a race condition between dbd and the cnid_dbd daemon which could result in users being disconnected from volumes when dbd was scanning their volumes. Fixes bug #477. FIX: Netatalk didn’t start when the last line of the config file afp.conf wasn’t terminated by a newline. Fixes bug #476. NEW: Add a new volumes option follow symlinks. The default setting is false, symlinks are not followed on the server. This is the same behaviour as OS X’s AFP server. Setting the option to true causes afpd to follow symlinks on the server. symlinks may point outside of the AFP volume, currently afpd doesn’t do any checks for "wide symlinks". FIX: Automatic AppleDouble conversion to EAs failing for directories. Fixes bug #486. FIX: dbd failed to convert appledouble files of symlinks. Fixes bug #490. Changes in 3.0.1 NEW: afpd: Optional "ldap uuid encoding = string | ms-guid" parameter to afp.conf, allowing for usage of the binary objectGUID fields from Active Directory. FIX: afpd: Fix a Solaris 10 SPARC sendfilev bug FIX: afpd: Fix a crash on FreeBSD FIX: afpd: Fixes open file handle refcounting bug which was reported as being unable to play movies off a Netatalk AFP share. Bug ID 3559783. FIX: afpd: Fix a possible data corruption when reading from and writing to the server simultaniously under load FIX: Fix possible alignment violations due to bad casts FIX: dbd: Fix logging FIX: apple_dump: Extended Attributes AppleDouble support for *BSD FIX: handling of / and : in volume name UPD: Install relevant includes necessary for building programs with installed headers and shared lib libatalk UPD: libevent configure args to pick up installed version. Removed configure arg --disable-libevent, added configure args --with-libevent-header|lib. UPD: gentoo initscript: merge from portage netatalk.init,v 1.1 REM: Remove --with-smbsharemodes configure option, it was an empty stub not yet implemented Changes in 3.0 UPD: afpd: force read only mode if cnid scheme is last REM: afpd: removed global option "icon" FIX: CNID path for user homes Changes in 3.0 beta2 UPD: Solaris and friends: Replace initscript with SMF manifest FIX: Solaris and friends: resource fork handling Changes in 3.0 beta1 UPD: afpd: Performance tuning of read/write AFP operations. New option "afp read locks" (default: no) which disables that the server applies UNIX byte range locks to regions of files in AFP read and write calls. UPD: apple_dump: Extended Attributes AppleDouble support. (*BSD is not supported yet) Changes in 3.0 alpha3 NEW: afpd: Per volume "login message", NetAFP bug ID #18 NEW: afpd: Cross-platform locking (share modes) on Solaris and derivates with Solaris CIFS/SMB server. Uses new Solaris fcntl F_SHARE share reservation locking primitives. Enabled by default, set global "solaris share reservations" option to false to disable it. NEW: ad: ad set subcommand for changing Mac metadata on the server UPD: unix charset is UTF8 by default vol charset is same value as unix charset by default UPD: .AppleDesktop/ are stored in $localstatedir/netatalk/CNID (default: /var/netatalk/CNID), databases found in AFP volumes are automatically moved FIX: afpd: Server info packet was malformed resulting in broken server names being displayed on clients FIX: afpd: Byte order detection. Fixes an error where Netatalk on OpenIndiana returned wrong volume size information.
  14. U are 100% right no argument. But I have a bad taste in my mouth and until I see things produced as promised it hard to shake off. I know you know the deal.
  15. Really? I must try it ... I've not seen it mentioned in any changes history/readme.txt files. Apologizes if that's not the case, I will take your word that it's not available yet. Traveling to take a look around and only peaked at one of the v6 betas early on.