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These direct connect 2 systems for high speed data transfers, they can be used with an SFP+ switch if you want. They work out of the box with unRAID.




$100.00 Shipped

$75.00 shipped


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I agree, some raid arrays can utilize or saturate a 1Gbps connection but if your setup can't then it's not worth it. My desktop and server both have SSD's so figure 550-600MB. Sent from my iPhone u

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Yes that's exactly what I used them for. You need to enable a bunch of settings like jumbo packets etc but with caching and fast ssd's in my windows 10 pc I amazing speeds. You will find out really fast the gigabit networks get saturated very easily.



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Yes I believe I saw one of those videos, Im trying to wrap my brain around windows configuring and also unraid as far as gigabit ethernet for the web and home network vs the 10 gigabit connection does it set up a private Network?


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Yeah you leave the gigabit as it is now. Then once the 10gig is installed you give it an IP address of like and the other card subnet stays the same you leave everything else blank because that connection will not need the Internet. Then in Windows go to network connections and sharing again pull up the network adapters then hit alt and the top hidden menu bar will show. Then you give the 10gig network priority over the gigabit and your set. Also you want to enable jumbo packets on both cards. It's really not difficult I watched a video and did it in 5 mins. I tested it with an nvme m.2 ssd and 2 Samsung evos in raid 0 and maxed out the connection. If you don't have that many ssd's then make a temp RAM disk. All in all your speeds will be way faster depending on file types. I transferred 1.6TB in a little over an hour



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Wow that's impressive,  I won't be transferring too SSD but to 6gbs Satas,  and it should still be hopefully double the 110mbs or more than I am getting now?


I believe you don't have to use a 10gbe cable I thought i read somewhere a good Cat5e or Cat6e works between the cards?,  I have to zoom in better but are the connectors on the cards SAS or ethernet ?


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Strange the link you posted is for only 1 card with no cables. Can you triple check, I can't seem to find two cards with two cables for $75.00.

I emailed the seller per you're right the link is only for 1 card


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Yes $75.00 is the price for everything.


No unfortunately I do not have the low profile brackets. You can find them occasionally on eBay/ If I have a card I really want to use I modify the bracket or find a video card bracket and modify that.

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just a quick one:


here's the step-by-step guide how to find/check/update  your firmware for the Mellanox cards.



and the offical firmware page for mellanox



really be scratching my head over these cards not showing up in unraid, so just flashed my card from 2.9.1000 -> 2.9.1200

hope it makes a difference but i doubt it.


any guidence of them for unraid install? 


in short  commands were 


mst status


flint -d /dev/mst/mt26448_pci_cr0 query



flint -d /dev/mst/mt26448_pci_cr0  -i C:/fw-ConnectX2-rel-2_9_1200-MNPA19_A1-A3-FlexBoot-3.3.400.bin burn


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what system are you running? I have never had to do anything to get my mellanox cards to work in unRAID. I had to jump through hoops to get them to work in FeeNAS.


So you flashed the firmware which means they are showing up in the bios etc. But they are not showing up as network cards in freenas??

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sorry i should had more depth to the previous post.

running win10 pro64 on my gaming rig. 

cards were seen and able to config them easily as an extra NIC  in windows. i put them to a different subnet  just for upload to my server.


i was able to update them both in windows 10 via the command prompt as administrator.


they arent being seen in my freenas server (micro-x11ssh)  my main storage for media.  so i cant help there and given up trying ot get them to work. Apparently freebsd10+ has them working so i assume freenas10 will.....

but ths is unraid forums ^^ naughty naughty.


i havent tested unraid yet i need to dig up the cli commands again.  (had my headache with switching different OS's in the past 2 days.

if unraid sees them via CLI  i will be a step further.


having 2nd thoughts about using unraid my main storage nas atm, simply because 11hrs to do a parity check means this server isnt gonna be switched off much.  (currently running on the asrock dual e5-2670 ive recently finished-  will be posting update on that soon as i can tomorrow)


also have a 5m cisco DAC passive sfp+  cable in place ready. 

spare 250gb sam evo 840 ready for unraid testing.  and a 850 model in my gaming rig too.  hoping to hit some good speeds

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Yes $75.00 is the price for everything.


No unfortunately I do not have the low profile brackets. You can find them occasionally on eBay/ If I have a card I really want to use I modify the bracket or find a video card bracket and modify that.


picked up my cards  LOT of 2  for $36 + $20postage to the u.k    i think that was a bargin,  used 5m cable was about $28 in the uk.



mine came with low profile , i might throwm them up on ebay ^^ 

its dremel time with an spare pci bracket....

my question is there's small white 3pin header at the top of the card, is that for a fan ?

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So your trying this on freenas or unraid?




both as i am considering getting a 2port card to put into the freenas.  havent tested the cards  win -> win  bare metal systems yet.  got lots to do atm.

considering testing  ubuntu server  with zfs.

hoping anyone here can shed some light on how to set these cards up in unraid tho.


did you get yours to work ok after all the fuss in freenas?  what was the speeds like?

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