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  1. I have 2 unraid servers and for some reason the VM will go to 100% and use all the resources. Even thought i only have it at 2 cpu threads. here are my logs if someone can help me thank you! zeroflix-diagnostics-20200314-1410.zip
  2. thank you!!!! i was using the other version
  3. What do you all use to convert files with this plugin? I tried handbrake but it doesn't support it. Could someone point me to the right direction i looked everywhere and can't find anything
  4. what program can i use to convert files and use my nvidia card to convert a file?
  5. I love how easy unraid is to use. Its easier to use and faster then windows haha! I would love to see unraid keep working on keeping unraid fast or even make it faster with the GUI thanks hope i win!
  6. i dont think i fixed it these are my settings...
  7. i am using JUMBO frames ill change to default thank you
  8. I dont know whats going on but it randoms disconnects from my other unraid server. here are my logs if anyone could help me i would really appreciate it. ryzen-diagnostics-20191214-0543.zip
  9. no one is rushing you! thank you for all you do we really appreciate what you did here!
  10. dam i updated to 6.8 and didn't notice the nvida update wasn't up yet
  11. a remote SMB Share You can add this bellow unassigned devices
  12. I have two unraid servers and share a folder. I connected with SMS shares but out of nowhere it will just disconnects itself could someone help me thank you
  13. I keep getting disconnected from the network but server is still up and running could someone help me please thank you smallville-diagnostics-20190917-0507.zip