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  1. Do you mean JUST the parity disk assignment needs to be correct? The other disks will be aok as long as you assign the right disk as parity won't they?
  2. Shorty .... my problem is not what you are describing which I believe to be the reporting of 'corrupt' files. In my case the files are not having the hashes built in the first place so any subsequent 'export' jobs fail those files. Why they can't be built is my question? Obviously I can just ignore them, there's only a few. But an answer as to why the extended attributes can't be set on only a handful of files would be more helpful. Other than that the plugin seems to be working just fine. No corrupt files for me.
  3. Maybe consider marking this discussion as [SOLVED]?
  4. Wow, a 3TB docker image, mind boggling.
  5. I did move the offending files to another disk and, sure enough, the problem persists. So just what's wrong? Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  6. Hope you get an answer, sorry to butt in but this support page needs to be split into relevant docker support, bungy? I have a short nzbgetvpn question .... am currently using binhex's nzbget but have downloaded bungy's vpn docker image. Can i just copy across the config files from nzbget into nzbgetvpn alongwith a suitable ovpn file in openvpn folder and will it work? Or do i have to setup all of my nzbget settings again?? I'd rather not as it involves recreating everything which is currently working. Is the only difference here the external inclusion of vpn support?
  7. Thanks but I mentioned that i had already done that a number of times, including re-exporting following each build to check against. Seems the hashing won't stick with the files? I'm guessing i just relocate the offending files and see if they present problems on a different disk? Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  8. Hi, what does bunker: failed to export with the corresponding xx files skipped messages signify? I've built/rebuilt/lexported and reexported and still get the same files flagged in the syslog ...
  9. Guys, now have plex running aok to my knowledge. Quick question ... hwo do you mange the location of metadata and whats the recommended method of backing it up. Mine is sitting in the original folder within appdata. Appdata itself is on cached single ssd. Should i be looking to move it and/or back it up. if i wanted it on its own ssd how do i go about setting it up that way to point at its own metadata 'share'??
  10. Take a look at dynamix_auto_fan_control plugin. May work but thereagain depends on your harrdware, needs pwm fans.
  11. THANKYIU THANKYOU THANKYOU!! Those screenshots and your confirmation of what SHOULD be in the logs sent me off to the 'hidden' general section of both sonarr and radarr where I found that I had bound the IP address of my server instead of '*' (or all interfaces). If anyone can explain just how this messed everything up I'd appreciate it. Once corrected everything sprang back to life. Can't remember when, or why, I made that change. A couple of months ago I think. But, can I again thankyou for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated!!!
  12. How exactly could help me with my docker network issues ...
  13. Hi ... i have an issue wiyh my docker network setup which i just cant seem to fix. Doesnt help that i'm linux illiterate either. My problem is that 'some' of my dockers start and get to their end webpage but gradually the majority have stopped connecting. I just get an error 'Unable to connect. Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at' This happens across my sonarr, radarr and now my sab and nzbget dockers. I CAN connect via makemkv alone. I've tried across different browsers, no change. All of the dockers are set up with 'bridge' as network type. Could it be that my docker networking is corrupt? Of so where do i start correcting (understanding) it? This is driving me nuts, i raised it on the appropriate docker forums a while ago but never received anything to go on. It's gradually got worse since then to the extent that, with only one remaining accesible docker, makemkv, they are soon to become extinct on my PC ;>)) C'mon guys, hold my hand and help me out. Here's a screenshot of my dockers, anything look strange? 2 I'm getting this message in sonarr log, radarr is similar in saying there's duplicate ports somewhere but where?? '20-1-7 21:45:19.0|Info|OwinHostController|Listening on the following URLs: 20-1-7 21:45:19.0|Info|OwinHostController| 20-1-7 21:45:19.0|Info|OwinHostController| 20-1-7 21:45:19.0|Info|OwinHostController| http://localhost:8989/ 20-1-7 21:45:19.0|Info|OwinHostController| https://localhost:9898/ 20-1-7 21:45:19.3|Info|NancyBootstrapper|Starting Web Server 20-1-7 21:45:20.2|Fatal|ConsoleApp|The requested address is not valid in this context. This can happen if another instance of Sonarr is already running another application is using the same port (default: 8989) or the user has insufficient permissions'
  14. Just a general plex question ... i have set up a 'basic' plex server which is working just fine for local content only. I have been given a plexpass gift for xmas. How (can?) i integrate it into my existing server with minimal fuss?
  15. Website itself working but that embedded content doesn't work for me here in UK. Any good? Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk