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  1. Just an update ... Sonarr IS running but only at 'host' setting. It was at bridge when screenshotted but unable to connect so had to switch back.
  2. Thanks for taking a look, appreciated. Here's a couple of screen shots of run cmd's and config settings. The current position is that both are using 'bridge' setting, Sonarr HAS started but Radarr will not connect with the error message as in screenshot 5. This situation reverses itself depending on which container comes up first, with the non-performing container containing the same error message (other than the port number which depends on the application itself that's failing. I've no idea how this is doing this, i'm no network guy so have only taken a brief look for duplicate ports, cant see any at all. I'm coming round to this being a networking issue rather than the applications themselves as both can and do run in standalone situation, they just cant seem to coexist. Any ideas, fire away!
  3. Hi ... i have a problem which i inadvertently posted to the 'General Support' section and was recommended to post more specifically so can someone take a look at and see if it jogs anyones memories. I still have the problem, unable to access Sonarr when Radarr is running and vice-versa. The docker runs up but the log indicates a fatal error due to another instance OR a port clash OR permissions failure has caused the error. Anyone any ideas on how to diagnose this, driving me crazy!
  4. HP microserver would fit your spec ...
  5. Can this discussion be moved to the relevant section ... maybe binhex-sonarr??
  6. No more contributors to this one? Can anyone confirm from their logs of sonarr and radarr that port 9898 also shows there, i will be able to rule that out as the reason for my problem.
  7. Well now ... in both radaar AND sonaar logs i'm seeing the following Sonaar 19-11-17 20:37:10.8|Info|OwinHostController| 19-11-17 20:37:10.8|Info|OwinHostController| 19-11-17 20:37:10.8|Info|OwinHostController| http://localhost:8989/ 19-11-17 20:37:10.8|Info|OwinHostController| https://localhost:9898/ Radaar 19-11-17 20:42:24.7|Info|OwinHostController| 19-11-17 20:42:24.7|Info|OwinHostController| 19-11-17 20:42:24.7|Info|OwinHostController| http://localhost:7878/ 19-11-17 20:42:24.7|Info|OwinHostController| https://localhost:9898/ Port 9898 is mentioned in BOTH logs as https://localhost access port, surely this ISN'T correct???
  8. I get exactly the same result if i switch them to bridge though. They dont 'use' the same port do they? Which ports are you referring to? Sonarr uses port 8989, radarr 7878, i'm assuming i dont need to change anything else although given that radarr is just sonaar under the hood i wouldnt be surprised if that could be the case.
  9. I'm beaten! Removed both dockers incl images and reinstalled firstly radaar ... couldnt get to webgui using ''bridge' but after changing to host COULD load and access. Then reinstalled sonarr and same again using bridge. Changed to host and still couldnt connect with error message in log stating 'another instance is already runnin, blah de blah de bla'. So ... it seems i can have one or the other as 'host' but not both at the same time using 'host'. Using 'bridge' i get the same result, i can run one application but not the two of them ....
  10. Thanks. I think the important part of your answer here could be 'NOT from previous apps', how is this achieved? I have already deleted and reinstalled a couple of times and each time was more painful than the last as i needed to setup the whole application config again which i'm sure isnt really the way i should be doing it. The odd occasion has just deleted and reinstalled over the top of the existing configs which, at the time, was just great but i cant remember how i set up the configs themeselves within each docker and if i lose them, wow!
  11. With Radaar itself stopped and Sonaar switched to bridge the logs stil show the error message advising anothe instance running and unable to connect via webgui. Switch it back to host and all is available again