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  1. Dynamix file integrity was the issue, just removed it.
  2. Anyone able to advise where i should look here ... now at 85%
  3. I agree, for some it is, thats the problem. I've not seen my drives spin back up in some time now so, fortunately, the fix has worked for me. But i do agree it needs resolving.
  4. Hi ... FCP flagged my rootfs filling and advised diagnostics need to investigate further. I have attached diags and would appreciate any help that can be given in pinpointing what's the problem, thanks!
  5. I 'fixed' mine by switching off SMB 'Enable WSD' settings temporarily. This prevents you from 'seeing' your server on the network whih may or may not be an issue for you. It was for me, i am used to dipping in and out of each individual disks contents on a windows pc. So, i re-enabled it and to date disks have spun down as expected. May be worth a go ...
  6. Same here tonight for the first time as far as i'm aware. Asolutely nothing running, system standing idle for days, disks spun down. just dipped in to have a look, see alls ok and one cpu pegged at 100% by wsdd process. Switched of in settings and it's aok again. No idea what harm that has done, if any? If i mount a local to remote share time to time will this be affected?
  7. Just checked and it's working aok again. I don't have any Privoxy routing at all. That's new to me. Should I be using Privoxy, what protection over and above using binhexs app does it provide?
  8. Something's broken my SAB after months of flawless running tonight i get 'insmod: ERROR: could not load module /lib/modules/iptable_mangle.ko: No such file or directory' Anyone any ideas? I have no torrenting, pure usenet discussions for me. Nothing has changed and i've no idea how to sort this iptable_mango.ko out .... it's preventing anything from moving on in the setup chain. Edit ... I called the fix command shown in the San log and managed to get past the operable missing problem but am now seeing the same problems as others in that my pia J
  9. HI again ... xfs checked out just fine.
  10. Think it's something to do with sab cos it's happening when system is, in the words of David Bowie, 'under pressure' ..... i'm using binhex's docker and need to understand what, if anything else, i need to do when using the wireguard option + PIA, anyone know?
  11. Thanks JB, will do and let you know ...
  12. And again today ... anyone able to take a look at logs?
  13. I'm not using wireguard as far as i'm aware though .... <edit> .... i have done a bit of research and it appears I AM using wireguard as i route my sabnzbvpn via PIA which is defined as using the protocol. Maybe i should consider switching back to openvpn?
  14. Hi ... system threw this errpr up today 'general protection fault, probably for non-canonical address 0x428001000000000: 0000 [#1] SMP PTI' having been idle for a considerable length of time. Anyone any ideas, diagnostics attached.