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  1. Thanks, good to know. Wonder why there's no 'cooler' available for SSD drives. I'd buy one, just some finned stick on type of thing.
  2. Thanks for that, understood. I've picked up quite a bit of info today all to do with mover scheduling which i wasn't making use of .... turbowrite, mover scheduling, both plugins now installed and ready to be tested. Reason for all this was that mover kicked in and not knowing how to stop it i just let it go. Everything slowed to a crawl for hours, and still is, but when mover finished i thought that parity rebuild would pick up, it didn't due to the bunker stuff also going on as a result of the considerable moves. Lessons learned!!
  3. Just sussed it .... bunker/md5sum seems to be the culprit after mover ran earlier. May as well use the post to some good ... one more question ... should i really be 'mover;ing stuff during a parity rebuild or doesnt it matter?
  4. Guys, i'm doing a parity rebuild (2x10TB parity drives, 8x8TB data drives). The parity is at 92%, all of my data drives except one have spun down as expected. The last one is showing constant read activity?? Checked the only media share on there and cannot see any 'rogue' folders whcih could be being accessed. No other processes that i can see, no active streams (dynamix)), nothing, nada, zilch. Any way to log the activity of this drive, it's weird.
  5. Bet this has been asked a thousand times before but ..... my sandisk 1GB ssd reports out temps up to 58degrees when it's being used. Is that too high and if so how do you guys keep them cool? This one sits in the centre of the case, isn't being squeexed by any other drive and i wonder if there are any ways of cooling it down out there? Also, unRaid keeps flagging 'hot' error emails as the threshold on my disks sits at 45degrees for the other drives, all spinners. Possible to up this on an individual drive if this temp IS acceptable??
  6. Thanks but that's meaningless to me without any 'howto' unfortunately.
  7. Hi, i've got a problem with file integrity plugin losing all of the webgui data which shows my running jobs. I started off 4 build jobs which i confirmed to be running and now when i go back there's no webgui info displayed showing progress? The processor is still going strong but has been for too long now so how do i identify these jobs and more importantly safely stop them from running? I'm assuming i can safely rerun and it'll just play catchup with any missing hashes? Thanks.
  8. The X8 is not supported. The fans aren't controllable with IPMI commands. They may be able to be controlled through the Autofan plugin using the Windbond chip. Ok, that's what i needed to know, i'll get a fan controller for the case.
  9. I don't have any fans showing in settings, that's the problem, see below. All i have, even with advanced view switched on is an entry for hard drives. Everything else, sensor wise seems to be populated and i'm monitoring my ipmi ip address ok so i'm guessing that this plugin for some reason just doesn't support X8 motherboards which is a shame. If someone can actually confirm that fact cos i don't really know whether that's the case or not, then i'll move on to some sort of off board fan controller which i didnt really want to have to do considering this is a server grade board.
  10. Bump ... I really think this could solve my problems. The logs all appear to be 'working' and doing the right thing '2019-08-15 14:51:25 Starting Fan Control 2019-08-15 14:51:25 Setting fans to full speed 2019-08-15 14:51:35 Fan:Temp, FAN1234(16%):HDD Temp(0°C) 2019-08-15 15:11:13 Fan:Temp, FAN1234(23%):HDD Temp(31°C) 2019-08-15 15:16:24 Fan:Temp, FAN1234(29%):HDD Temp(32°C) 2019-08-15 15:23:37 Fan:Temp, FAN1234(36%):HDD Temp(33°C) 2019-08-15 15:34:56 Fan:Temp, FAN1234(43%):HDD Temp(34°C) 2019-08-15 18:08:15 Stopping Fan Control 2019-08-15 18:08:15 Setting fans to auto 2019-08-15 18:11:12 Starting Fan Control 2019-08-15 18:11:12 Setting fans to full speed 2019-08-15 18:11:34 Fan:Temp, FAN1234(43%):HDD Temp(34°C) ... BUT my fan speeds do not change as per the log? The fans are consistently showing at full speed in the dashboard irrespective of what the log entry shows, is this working or not, as i suspect? My board is a SM X8SIA-F and everything else 'appears' to work, the temp settings are working, it's just that the board appears to have full control over the fans and not the plugin? What am i doing wrong here?
  11. Anyone know whether the drivers for this card, mentioned in Spaceinvaderone's video tutorial, have been incorporated into unraid yet?
  12. Well, since it seems no-one is running this card i CAN say that they do not, as i thought and advertsised, fit into a pci-e 8x slot, having 4 extra pins therefore requiring a 16x slot which i'm not yet prepared to give up yet so have returned the offending item. The good news is that the card WAS recognised by bios so given a good wind and the right cables (it seems this card is extremely prone to not liking other than proprietary cables) then it should be ok for future use however i just purchased the one card to see and have now proven it to be aok other than the above so will move on to a different vendor, maybe HP or Solarflare as per spaceinvaderone's excellent tutorial on the subject. Does anyone know if the solarflare sfn5122 drivers are incorporated into unraid yet? Just a share ...
  13. I lived with this problem for a few days after ugrading to 6.7.2. Eventually ended up back on 6.7, was going to go back as far as 6.6.7 but havent needed to, and server stable again, i was having to pull the plug, restart and resync parity for ever it seemed. Do you run unassigned devices or preclear plugin as removing both of those seems to have stabilised my system. Not saying these in any way contributed but removal has contributed to a stable system it seems. See my post Seems we're both members of an exclusive club eh ...