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  1. Thanks. I think this could be the cause, i'l take a look next time the server is rebooted. I'll need to fig out the appropriate hardware, the server has ran headless for years. I'll post an update ...
  2. Thanks for your interest ... i've had no issues until now when i've just added my 13th drive which just happens to be an unassigned device that i'm wanting to preclear. The system just hangs with nothing in the logs. I remove the drive and it boots, strange. I can preclear on another system but can foresee problems when i come to add in the drive soon.
  3. Hi ... i'm doing what Fix Common Probs asks me to do and posting my diagnostics file for any advice available. I've seen this a few times and as it doesnt seem to be affecting the server performance i've just ignored it, should I be? smtower-diagnostics-20200521-2038.zip
  4. Hello ... i was nearly at the limit of devices and went for an upgrade to Pro, now installed. I have 10 array devices currently, one cache drive and one unassigned device, a total of 12 drives. When i try to add another unassigned device my system just hangs and i need to remove an external drive and reboot ok. Does this indicate a problem with my licencing? There doesnt seem to be anything in the logs, no errors of any sort. Is there any thing i need to dow ith UD to allow more than one drive (i am trying to preclear a couple of 12TB drives simultaneously ... I know!) Anything i'm missing here?
  5. Can I specify that in rsync command?
  6. Yes, i had seen that, thanks. If i wanted to just connect the main to the backup server and use rsync to backup how do i 'priortize' the 10Gb connection over and above the bog standard eth0?
  7. Guys, I now have a backup server which alongwith my main server both have 10G cards installed. Problem is I have no idea how to connect these two and setup the network connection within unRaid. I haven't got a switch but I do have two sfp cables which I'd like to join them up but it's the network settings that defeat me. I've also got a Windows server which would be the 'driver' for any backup activities across the network. Any assistance to getting this up and running, or a guide anywhere, specific to unraid would be appreciated. Ta!
  8. Sorry, missed this one a while back, oops! Yes, dynamix file integrity has a 'Find' option which, once you've built/exported the array disks, will identify duplicates across all disks producing a logfile.
  9. On system restart ' May 4 20:28:49 xtower rc.docker: f592f8a389b5d0c083887b805eb982793a5cf9e187eb24080736b19c08ecbe50 May 4 20:28:49 xtower rc.docker: Error response from daemon: Pool overlaps with other one on this address space May 4 20:28:49 xtower rc.docker: 468325b60762a3845a7fa01a78ccb339993a64dafca11f3daf92b267e05c28fb ' Any advice appreciated ... I'm no linux guy buy here's my network root@xtower:~# docker network ls NETWORK ID NAME DRIVER SCOPE f592f8a389b5 br2 macvlan local bb742106ae86 bridge bridge local 468325b60762 eth0 macvlan local 036bda6872b2 host host local 0fe4a0db9968 none null local
  10. Dynamix file integrity plugin can give you a list is all duplicate files, I use it regularly, never had a problem. Quick and simple to use.
  11. I have just completed the very same move and can confirm everything Trurl has said ...
  12. Thanks. In the end I just did a cut and paste from the sorted share details screen and dropped it into a spreadsheet. That'll do I suppose.
  13. Unbalance plugin is awesome! Really useful and simple to use.