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  1. i did try the marvell card again and still the same issues with it dropping the drives and not letting me add them in
  2. since i switched to the LSi card i have had no issues at all.
  3. Well i installed and updated and I'm happy to say the LSI 9201-8i card was a success and everything is working beautifully!!! thanks everyone for the advice. I don't know if i should put solved or not as the issue is still there!
  4. well the cards arrived today and now waiting for delivery of the cables lol
  5. i bit the bullet and ordered 2 of the cards this evening and was notified a few hours later that they are already in the system and heading my way!!!! since it doesn't look like at this time that the Marvell card issues will be fixed im glad i went ahead and got the LSI cards. will update here when i get them installed and upgrade to the next RC build.
  6. looks like I'm gonna get an LSI 9211-81 already flashed to IT mode for 100. and some change Canadian.
  7. i tried this and still a no go at all and this getting frustrating cause i cant find a way to fix this!
  8. Tried the new RC4 but still getting the same issue of dropped drives from the marvell controller.
  9. Im still having issues with it dropping the drives. i would to upgrade to the newest rc but it still will not let me. If it is the Marvell card i really hope not to have to buy another card to replace it! But if i do have to change it out are there any i should really look at as i am going to be building a rack system shortly, should i just wait till then to get another? and what one should i get? My new build will have a modest budget of ($3,000. to $5,000) looking at a few xeon processors on a dual mobo.
  10. Thank you for renaming the topic and i tried your suggestion and it still would not work.
  11. when i reboot to install 6.7.0 RC1 i end up getting an unstable configuration. When i revert back to 6.6.6 everything works fine. i lose disks 3, 5 and 7 (i think those are the ones) and will not even let me mount them again as it just says missing. mattflix-diagnostics-20190122-1544.zip
  12. had to remove and delete everything and just reinstall plex fresh and that seamed to have solved the issues. but on a good note i went and installed Emby and it looks really good, gonna take some getting used to but might eventually go that route if Plex keeps having issues.
  13. but issue is i have extended family around the globe that use the plex to watch stuff
  14. all ive ever known is Plex lol what else out there is comparable but easy enough for the wife to learn and use as well