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  1. Trying to get this to work where my media is on unraid and my plex server is a standalone machine. Should I install the container on unraid or on the plex server?
  2. One workaround is to use multiple containers, limiting each one to 1200 or so torrents. I found that that's about the maximum number before the UI becomes unbearably slow.
  3. Decided to use the built in redis. One thing I'm not understanding is that my network is bond0, a 802.3ad lag. Ntopnrg insists that this is a 'ghost network'. Aside from this, everything seems to working fine
  4. Yes, that fixed it for me too. One other issue I found is that the container will not run while the bitnami/redis container is running.
  5. Port 3000 is already in use. How can I change that?
  6. PIA announces that the legacy servers will shut down at the end of October Now that the next gen server support is in the latest, I guess it's time for me to update
  7. Probably because you don't have an open port. You can go to https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ and put in your VPN external IP and port number to check
  8. I've been connected to the same endpoint for 5 days without issue
  9. I just saw this Next Generation Port Forwarding on the PIA website
  10. I recently installed the Portainer container, and I noticed that Docker was showing over 400 volumes. From the unraid console I ran docker volume prune to remove the unused volumes and my docker volume reduced in size 38gb.
  11. I installed the Portainer container and found that I have 472(!) volumes. Is it safe to run docker volume prune from the command line? Do all the containers need to be running when I do this?
  12. Out of perceived privacy concerns, not because Kape had a history of not keeping port forwarding servers running