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  1. I'm can't seem to get the DigiKam to work. Installed with these settings: Container port 8080 ==> 9555 Container path /pictures ==> /mnt/user/pictures/ edge is 0 container installs, but the log has errors. digikam-install.zip open the webui, go through the first setup wizard. I keep the default settings, except setting the image library to /pictures The wizard finishes, but after 10-15 seconds it crashes. digikam-webui.zip Any ideas what's going on?
  2. My last parity check shows as 136.9 MB/sec. 8 5400 data drives on a AOC-SAS2LP-MV8, 2 7200 rpm parity disks on builtin SATA2 controller. I used the tunables script to tweak the disk settings, and also set Tunable (nr_requests): to 8.
  3. This would be great. I'd love to move all my media to h.265, lack of hardware support is holding me back
  4. I found that running Plex in Kodi on the Shield will direct play more files. I also like the UI in Plex/Kodi better
  5. Adding an entry in your Win10 hosts file is a usable workaround
  6. I've used the Linuxserver version for a couple of years without any issues
  7. 48gb, unRaid and Docker containers, no VM, Plex transcoding to ram. Seems to work just fine
  8. Same as Hoopster, switching to 7200 rpm drives for parity boosted parity check speed by 10% or so
  9. Why not install and use the backup appdata plugin?
  10. Does dashboard show 24 cpu's? Make sure hyperthreading is turned on. Here's what my dual x5680 looks like: Your network is showing at 100 Mb/s, that should be 1000 Mb/s. Check your network settings, 100 Mb/s will be a huge performance hit. Install the IPMI plugin, it's handy.
  11. Is it possible to have my Letsencrypt container use eth2 (unused at present) instead of bond0?