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  1. Happy to help! Glad it worked for you.
  2. For your elasticsearch docker change the docker tag from 6.6.2 to 7.12.0 and apply. That will update you to the same version Kibana is running. Once Elasticsearch is up try running Kibana again. Let me know if you have any questions!
  3. Would you mind posting a dump of the Kibana log? That might give me a clue so hopefully I can help.
  4. It seems to figure it out based off of the inet addr assigned to the interface whether or not it is a local network. I actually just modified this on my container today. In post arguments I added a new flag: -m ",,"
  5. The ntopng docker runs a redis server as well, this would be causing the conflict. The easiest way to resolve would be if you run the bitnami redis server in host mode then add the following to the ntopng docker template in post arguments: -r <Your Server IP> You can specify port and db id if you need with the -r option as well. For quick testing mine looked like: -r (From the ntopng site the whole argument is [h[:port[:pwd]]][@db-id] if needed) I will leave notes in the template for anyone else who might experience this issue in the future. If you cannot run in host mode you would need to create a network and set ntopng and redis to use it. Let me know if this solves the issue!
  6. I believe you can add --http-port with port being one you have free. I can test it later tonight when I get back. You would most likely add this to the extra parameters post arguments in the advanced view. If you get a chance to test before I get to it let me know how you fair! Update: I just tested this and it worked. I will update the template with this as well as removing the --community from the post arguments shortly.
  7. Good call, I will make the change when I get home later today. Thank you!
  8. Glad you were able to get it working!
  9. Summary: Support Thread for cschanot docker templates: ntopnrg kibana - This currently relies on the existing Elasticsearch docker by FoxxMD
  10. Rebooting even from safe mode will consistently cause a kernel panic. This doesn't seem to show in the syslog. Having plugins (apparently any) also causes the panic. Moving all .plg files to a different directory allows the system to start normally and then all can be added back without issue. Problem is reproduceable every time. Attached is an image of the crash and attached diagnostics. 6.9.0-RC1 did not have this issue for me but RC2 and 6.9.1 do. I am at a loss with how to resolve so if anyone has a thought please let me know! Brief update, the plugins do not need to be changed to boot, rebooting/shutting downthe server still produces the same kernel panic however. The only change I made was updating the firmware on the Solarflare SNF5122f card in the system so far. 4/5/2021 Edit: So if I completely remove network.cfg reboots will then work as intended it appears. As soon as I try to save a new network.cfg it will produce the same kernel panic. Definitely seems to something to do with the the network.cfg. I will attempt to narrow it down further but any suggestions would be welcomed.
  11. After running docker stats --no-stream on each container separately it only would hang on pi-hole. docker stop and docker kill would not work on the pi-hole container either so I had to kill the process. Once that was done everything was responsive again. I will try to figure out what the issue is with pi-hole tomorrow if I have time as I would like to continue running it. Thanks to bonienl and everyone else in this thread for helping to point me in the right direction. So not sure if this will work long term but I will report back..for 2 days pi-hole has been running with no issues. I changed br0 to bond0 and that was it. I thought it might have something to do with networking after reading about a more general docker issue with hanging because of network settings in the docker. Bond0 works for me as I am running with two network cards bonded as active-backup. This was for the interface variable in pi-hole. Good luck to anyone else having this issue but everything that has been outlined will at least help you identify the docker causing your issue!
  12. This command and docker stats hang for me as well. Nothing unusually memory or cpu usage wise either. I will report back if I figure anything out.
  13. I am having this issue as well, I am attempting to figure out what is causing the hanging, only recent system change besides upgrading to 6.5.0 was adding another nic and changing to active-backup. Same symptoms as everyone else.