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  1. The issue with AutoFan plugin ignoring the "exclude" function for some NVME drives has several requests going back almost a year. I moved on to the IPMI plugin; that may be an option for you depending on your specific hardware.
  2. Also requesting addition of updated Aspeed AST2400 BMC drivers in next release. Text character display mode still functions, but GUI mode returns blank screen since BMC updated to address security issue. Blank screen persists in both IPMI console and vga monitor output when in GUI mode. MB: Supermicro X10SRM-TF bios v3.2 IPMI v3.86 Unraid : v6.8.2
  3. CoolerMaster Centurion 590 mid-tower case -used but serviceable condition, I've moved to rack-mount and don't use anymore -side/top vent covers can be removed as needed -worn foam on front bay covers can be replaced with sheets from craft store -9 vertical 5 1/2" bays great for 5-in-3 hot-swap modules $30 PayPal, local pickup available (Spartanburg, SC) or willing to ship to CONUS I don't have original boxes, so shipping cost would be $20 for fragile packing @ UPS store, plus FedEx ground. Paypal does not offer FedEx, so I have listed on EBay to get cheapest ship
  4. Agreed, language is tricky, and easily misunderstood. I regret my wording, as I only intended to specify which version of Unraid I was using to test plugin. Hopefully, the main part of the post, where I document ongoing issue since April 2019, will receive similar attention.
  5. I never stated that there is an incompatibility, not sure where that is coming from. Just trying to determine if its worth waiting for @bonienl to address previously reported issue with autofanspeed plugin, or move on to script substitute. I did read the notes on the apps, but a blanket warning that not all hardware is supported leaves a lot of gray area. Is it OK for a user to ask questions if they are not sure if problem is drivers or hardware or incompatibility with plugin or OS? The hardware I'm running is not bleeding-edge - Supermicro X9SCM-iiF, X10SR
  6. Would you recommend users of system temp and autofan plugins transition to script-based solutions at this time? The plugins are very much appreciated, but having functional issues with Unraid 6.7.2. As long as the plugins are available for download the nagging will continue
  7. Monthly "bump" regarding Autofan control plugin. Issue still exists where "exclude" checkbox in plugin setup does not ignore NVME drive. Result is much higher fan speeds than necessary to cool array of spinners. Hopefully this can be addressed by developer when time permits. Original post with diagnostics linked below.
  8. The X9SCM-F only has x8 physical PCIE slots; 2 closest to CPU are PCIE 3.0, so they will work with either x8 gpu (not sure of they exist) or some sort of accommodation for x16 gpu. Either a physical x16>x8 adapter or x16>x8 ribbon cable will work. Another option is opening end of x16 slot, but then clearance of onboard SMC's is a factor, as well as possibility of slot damage. I used a x16>x8 slot adapter, along with longer bracket screw standoffs with this motherboard. Works fine as long as you have 3U/4U chassis to allow for additional height of adapter.
  9. Bumping again, as another month has passed...
  10. Bumping previous post in hopes of future attention. Issue still remains where fan speed plugin does not ignore NVME drive when "checked" Thanks!
  11. Seems like rolling back to version before nvme was supported could work, but I'm not sure how to do it. Kind of sad after all the virtualization features added that a core NAS feature is degraded i don't mind waiting, or participating in testing/troubleshooting, but the sound of crickets is a bit discouraging...
  12. Just checking in to keep hope alive on update to AutoFan Speed plugin. Ongoing issue with NVME drive temps not being ignored, even if checking in setup dialog. Results in fan speeds (and noise levels) much higher than needed, and WAF being much lower than desired Details here: I realize that the plugins are supported in the free time of talented and generous community members, and they are very much appreciated. In that same spirit of generosity, some communication regarding future direction of plugin would be helpful. If this is the wrong chann
  13. Can anyone respond as to status of Fan Auto Control? Not sure if the "owner" is busy with other projects, or if plugin is no longer being supported/developed. I consider it integral to the function of UnRaid - just as important as UPS, parity check, mover, etc. Would be happy to help test any changes or donate funds to support current issues being addressed.
  14. After upgrading my cache drive from 1.6tb Intel NVME to 3.8tb HGST NVME, fan auto control plugin is no longer ignoring NVME drive when calculating drive temp. The new cache drive model is HGST N150 3800GB, and shows in Unraid dashboard as model UCSC-F-H38001. Fans used to idle at 800rpm, now with min cache drive temp at 40C, a much louder 2000+rpm. The new drive does run hot - 40C is after I switched pcie slots so open space next to drive heat sink, and also have 2000 rpm 12cm fan blowing directly down onto pcie slots. I had a similar problem with plugin a