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  1. You had it almost right in your last post. The port is wrong, should be 8118. So change the port and change the IP back to the 198.... IP
  2. Do this: also post your docker run command in your next post
  3. From your log: 022-04-03 10:00:34,126 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: 2022-04-03 10:00:34 [UNDEF] Inactivity timeout (--ping-restart), restarting 2022-04-03 10:00:34,127 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: 2022-04-03 10:00:34 SIGHUP[soft,ping-restart] received, process restarting See Q17:
  4. That looks good. Wrong volume mappings usually cause the symptoms you're seeing, but your mappings looks ok. So it's not that. Do you have free space in your Downloads folder? Can you write to it from inside the delugevpn container? Try to open a terminal in the container and do: fallocate -l 100M /data/completed/test.img That should write a test file in your completed folder. If it fails your have a permission issue.
  5. Post your docker run command and a screenshot of your deluge downloads settings
  6. Remove the port forwarding on your router, it's serves no purpose when you're using a vpn and is a security risk. Also request a different port from torguard and set that as the incoming port in deluge. Port 58846 is in use by the deluge deamon and I suspect that's why the active port is showing as 58847 which is the next port number in line.
  7. Post your docker run command or a screenshot of your container template settings. Also post a screenshot of the downloads settings in deluge Edit: Be sure to redact your username/password
  8. What IP are you trying to reach and what is your unraid IP? You can not use the unraid IP, but you have to use the IP you set up in zerotier. Edit: And have you authorized you device in zerotier?
  9. Have you tried just rebooting? Do you by any chance have wireguard on unraid enabled and/or a VM running?
  10. This usually happens when you run another docker container with the same port assignments. Check you docker tab to ensure that no other container is using the same ports. Or maybe the easier way is to click edit on the container, scroll down and click "show docker allocations". If there are multiple containers running on the same port they will be marked in red IIRC. If there are any containers using the same port, change ports on one of them. There will be no logs created for the container because the container fails to start. But you will see an error in your unraid syslog I think. There could be several other reasons why you get this error as well, so you will have to post your diagnostics in your next post if you want more help.
  11. As I said you can not use openvpn becuse you can not port forward due to carrier grade NAT. And you're using openvpn wrong anyway. To reach your unraid machine with openvpn, you need a openvpn server on the unraid machine and a client on the machine you're connecting from. But as I said just forget about openvpn, you can not use it if you can not port forward on your router. use zerotier instead. You can use the openvpn server on your VPS as a router in a way so that clients can connect to each other but that is a advanced feature I think. If you want to try this google openvpn client-to-client. But I would just use zerotier instead and connect directly to your unraid machine instead of routing everything through a VPS, seems like too much trouble if you ask me.
  12. Then you need to use something like ZeroTier, to use openvpn or wireguard you need to be able to port forward. But with something like zerotier you don't need that. There is a docker container for it.
  13. Maybe check out Q2:
  14. OH, then you don't want to reverse proxy it with swag.. That's what's swag is for, making it open to the internet ,securely. But maybe you can copy the certs from swag to nextcloud, idk. You'll have to google it as I have no clue, but I THINK it can be done.
  15. Just set up a subdomain. @SpaceInvaderOne has a video on how to set up nextcloud with swag: