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  1. Sorry if I was offending you, that was not my intention. But it's just facts. Same as I'm not as smart in your proffesion whatever that is. Say I want to bulid a house and I'm not a carpernter. The carpenter gives me advice on how a house should be built, but I choose to ignore the most important parts. Wouldn't you say that's pretty dumb? The carpenter would at least think that. Peolple are so easily offended these days.
  2. That might be. Have you ever tested your backups of the containers you have running during the backup when using the previous version? Specifically containers with databases which are most prone to corruption.
  3. Average users like to tinker as well, you'd be surprised how much they tinker. Too much for their own good sometimes
  4. Fair enough. I don't expect the average user to know, that's for sure. I've worked in IT and anybody who has knows that the average user is, to put it nicely, not that smart. And as a developer you have to work around that and make certain choices for them to ensure that whatever you're developing is working as intended, even if sometimes the user makes the wrong choice. And when we have users demanding a feature which will essentially break what the plugin is supposed to do and expect all other users to not only be okey with that, but they expect the average user to make the same choices as them self even if they actually have no idea how things work in the first place. Like I said, I've worked in IT and therefore I don't expect the average user to know as much as I do, that's why they called IT... So my approach is to always think about the average users and what they might and might not do and think. Thus my question in the last post. As the average user probably won't know, I don't expect them to know anyway. But yeah idk. I just don't like the idea of breaking a plugin with this "feature" which ignores important errors. I won't be using this feature anyway, but I think about all the users who will come here complain about why their backup doesn't work. But maybe a warning will be enough to stop most of them, idk. Many of us here will help answer them (too bad we can't help them since their backup is screwed up) if they come I'm not worrying about that, but it's just.. It could all be avoided in the first place if they could just do it the right way..
  5. And you just assume that every user knows this? How do a user determine if it's safe or not? Or do you expect the developer to inform the user which containers are not safe to have running during backup? Not to be rude or anything, but you obviously don't work in IT.
  6. For you maybe, but what about users that have more important containers with databases then pihole? The worst part is that they will come here and complain "why their backups are not usable, isn't that what this plugin is for?" There should at least be a big red waring message that having containers running during backup might cause some files to be incomplete or have corrupt files. That way they can't say they haven't been warned.
  7. Yeah, that's what I've been trying to say too. But I guess some people need to learn the hard way. But media apps like plex,and the *arrs is not that critical to loose either way, they just have to pull down the metadata and build a new database. But sucks to have a backup you cant use. I guess they will learn that in time
  8. In many cases yes, but what about those other cases and the important files which can change? I think it's a bad idea. I don't mean to be condescending but most users are not smart. How do you suggest the developer determine which files is ok to be changed and which are not? As I said earlier if you don't care about files being changed why do the backup at all? Isn't that what the backup is for, an exact copy of your files? If you really want it that way there is no one stopping you from just runnning the rsync command against your appdata yourself, just create a user script. You don't really need this plugin if all you want is to copy the filles and nothing else. You clearly don't care about the files and you clearly don't want the containers to stop, so what do you need this plugin for? Those smart users you're where talking about can just figure out which files they don't care about and exclude them if they really want to. That will stop the errors.
  9. Those who need to backup/update things that must run 24/7 have redundancy in place so they can run their backups/updates. So if you can't live without internet you might want to look into that. I guess you have never seen a service being down due to updates/moving servers/restoring backups or whatever. Like I said you can run the backup while the docker is running, but there is no guarantee that the files being backed up are 100% the same between the source/destination when the backup is finished. For static files that are not being written to every second there are of course no problems. You could do very frequent backups, then the chance of having a "half complete" backup would decrease.
  10. There is no fix. You can't back up files that are in use, as they can change at any second. Sure you can ignore it, but then you might as well not do the back up at all. What is the point of having a backup where the files backed up are not complete? There is no use in having a half complete backup.. It would do more harm than good. Just schedule the backup when no one is using the internet (at night when everyone is sleeping maybe). If you can't live without internet for 30 min you have to look at other solutions. Like maybe get yourself a pi that can run 24/7 and run pihole (or whatever is taking down your internet) on that. A backup is much like an update. Like windows can't update without shutting down because the files needing updates are in use. And you can't backup files that are in use/being written to. Or you can, but the backup would not be a backup anymore. It would just be different files on the source/destination.
  11. Do you have another container using this port? And change your password on your vpn provider, you forgot to redact it from your post.
  12. Hmm.. No. I don't remember what the permissions should be, but since you messed with that already try deleting the file start the container to recreate it. Stop it again and edit the file and comment out that first line again before you restart it.
  13. You need to comment out that first line in the auth file and try again. Stop the container first.
  14. I can't see anything obvious in the logs aside form the ipv6 errors on the start of the log. But I don't think that has anything to with it. Make a backup of the privoxy folder in your appdata and delete it (or move it to a diffrent location), and restart the container. Did that make a difference?
  15. Just because you have the same symptoms does not mean it's the same issue. There's almost a dozen reasons why this could happen. Start by doing this: