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  1. The last couple days privoxy is timing out, any reason why that might happen? The tunnel is up and everything is working except medusa and radarr is not finding anything because of privoxy timing out. This is the error I get in Medusa as an example. HTTPConnectionPool(host='', port=8118): Read timed out. (read timeout=30) If I disable proxy in medusa and radarr they are able to reach the indexer and grab torrents and send them to deluge just fine. There is no error in the supervisord log either that I can see.
  2. I meant the ducker run command for delugevpn
  3. I wouldn't know since I don't use wireguard.
  4. That looks good. Are you using open or private trackers? If private, maybe the deluge version you're running is blacklisted? Also search for windscribe in this thread, maybe someone has had the same issue. I certainly remember someone mentioning windscribe in this thread.
  5. Yes, you should be able to use it from any browser. Don't know why it's not working. Maybe post your docker run command or a screenshot of your container settings.
  6. What ip are you trying to connect to?
  7. Post your docker run command and a screenshot of the downloads settings in deluge.
  8. How are you trying to reach the webui? If you're using the ip adress to try to reach the webui you're doing it wrong. Like it says in the faq you have to use localhost. As in http://localhost:9696 to reach prowlarr.
  9. Post your docker run command and a screenshot of the downloads settings in deluge.
  10. What do you mean by this? Nothing will download? Post your docker run command and a screenshot of the download settings in deluge. See Q21:
  11. Sorry for the late reply. This is your issue. Switch to normal bridge network and it will work. Or continue to use the thin client.
  12. Do this:
  13. Set strict port forwarding to "no". That setting is only for PIA users. I can't remember if it does anything when provider is not set to PIA, but worth a shot. Also can you confirm that your router is at ? Since you had a power outage it's not impossible that your router has "reset" and maybe now has a different IP range.
  14. Before you loose any more files, ssh into your server or open a terminal in the webui and run this command on all your disks: find /mnt/disk1/ -type f -exec chattr +i "{}" \; Now all your files can not be deleted, renamed or edited. When you figure out what is causing the issue and figured out how to solve it you can run this command on all your disks to "unlock" your files again. find /mnt/disk1/ -type f -exec chattr -i "{}" \; Too figure out what is causing it start one container at the time and watch the logs. Maybe your radarr/sonarr etc has been hacked. You're probably reverse proxying them with swag right? Look at the nginx access and error logs. Check every container that has access to your files. And change your password for all containers you're accessing through swag asap.