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  1. You can add or remove a subdomain to trigger the renewal process. If it fails again be sure to set the staging variable to "true", this will increase the rate limiting so you don't hit the limit when testing. Set it back to false when you have it working.
  2. Make sure to read everything in Q6, there are a couple deluge specific things there you can try if you have tried everything else in there.
  3. When torrenting to get great speed you need to have a port forwarded. NordVPN does not offer port forwarding, so you're out of luck there. Also see Q6:
  4. This is normal and harmless. If you're using PIA there is a script in place to bind the port every 15 min, this is a requirement from PIA side. If you don't bind the port every 15 min you will lose it and it will be assigned to someone else.
  5. Sounds to me like you have your port forwarding backwards. On the WAN side it's port 443 and 80 that's need to be open. You can point those ports to 1443 and 180 on the LAN side. So you need to point port 443 to 1443 and port 80 to 180, not the other way around. And when you're checking if the port is open you have to check ports 443 and 80. Doublecheck your port forwarding and if it's still not working, post your docker run command and screenshot of the port forwarding. I don't know which config file you changed but you should post that too.
  6. Yes it does, I just quoted from it: Just put all your extra domians in EXTRA_DOMAINS as it says. If you want mote info: Use google with the "site" argument as I have done for you here
  7. Have you looked at the readme at github? I think it's mentioned somewhere else too and certainly in this thread. From the readme:
  8. Look at the recommended post on the top of this page
  9. @binhex Is there a way to get the "tun adapter IP" to stay persistent? So I finally updated the container today and I was already aware of the changes and the issues people are having. So read the faq and made changes accordingly. I have not had the time to read all the posts since the update tho so this may have been answered already. But yeah, I had issues with radarr connecting to deluge, but I figured it out I think. Don't know if it will stick tho, hence my question. I did what the faq says (ignored IP bypass part), but that didn't work. I get this error in r
  10. No, not massive, only 125 MB/s, that is top speed for an individual disk on an gigabit network. If you don't go over the network you will get max 200-250 maybe on an 7200 rpm spindle.
  11. If you've been using unraid for several years you should know that the speed you're getting is what to expect from writing directly to an parity protected array. On an SSD cache pool on the other hand you can get much higher speeds.
  12. Just updated the container and this warning is looping in the log nginx: [emerg] dlopen() "/var/lib/nginx/modules/" failed (Error loading shared library /var/lib/nginx/modules/ No such file or directory) in /config/nginx/nginx.conf:12 If I roll back to 1.12.0-ls36 the warning is gone. Any idea how to fix it?
  13. Try setting the DNS server 1 to ,server 2 to and server 3 to
  14. You need to use the :v4-preview tag as v4 is not released as stable yet.
  15. I just do this on every linux install I have, works like a charm: I have saved the auto.sambashares file on my share so I only need to install the packages and put the file in the right place and I'm good to go, access to all the shares I want in a minute.