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  1. strike

    Torrent Sorting

    I don't use Qbittorrent, but you need to set up categories. That way you can sort which types of torrents go where. You don't need to run 4 instances.
  2. I forgot I could change each disk setting by clicking the disk... Thanks!
  3. Maybe this have been answered before, but is there a way to disable disk spin down for UD disks? Without going to unraids disk settings and disable it there. I have a bunch of disks I want to run extended smart tests on, two at a time. And to run smart test the disks can't spin down as you probably know. I don't want to have all my array disks spinning if I don't have to.
  4. Not yet, gonna upgrade during next week.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone, but as I understand it you can still use macvlan, but instead of br0 it will now be eth0 and everything should work as before. That's what I read when I skimmed through the release notes anyway. I'm also using macvlan and will continue to do so if I can.
  6. I can't see anything obvious in you last syslog either. I have no clue what the issue might be. But have you tried running in safe mode?
  7. You can follow the bug report discussions here: But release notes is a good idea to read anyway.
  8. it's a permanent change as it gets written to the config file on the flash drive
  9. Did you try what's mentioned in the 6.12.0 release notes? Crashes related to i915 driver We are aware that some 11th gen Intel Rocket Lake systems are experiencing crashes related to the i915 iGPU. If your Rocket Lake system crashes under Unraid 6.12.0, open a web terminal and type this, then reboot: echo "options i915 enable_dc=0" >> /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf Setting this option may result in higher power use but it may resolve this issue for these GPUs.
  10. You could use tailscale or zerotier, but personally I would do this just for the ease of use and access:
  11. Sure, it's pretty straight forward. You just have to do some manual moving of your files to the new share. If you do it right the move should be instantaneous. Since all you want to do is to move your files to a new share and not to a new disks. If you're familiar with midnight commander you can use that,it's included in unraid. Just type mc in the terminal. I think the best way would be to enable disk shares and move the files disk by disk to ensure they don't move to another disk. Depending on your file structure it shouldn't take to much time. Just set up the new share and all the folders, then move your files to the appropriate folder in the new share. As I said the move will be instantaneous, if you do it right. Just make sure you DON'T (!!!) move from a disk share to a user share or vice versa. If you do that you can have data loss.
  12. The benefit with one share is that you can use hardlinks. That won't work with multiple shares as hardlinks only works within the same share. One benefit I can see with multiple shares is you can set up different split levels, if you care about that sort of thing. But I think the ability to use hardlinks is much more useful.
  13. Do this: Also what network type do you use? And are you using VLAN?
  14. Have nothing to do with the delugevpn version.
  15. Yeah, the speed is going to be affected and you probably won't be able to seed.