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  1. Post your docker run command or a screenshot of your container template settings. Also post a screenshot of the downloads settings in deluge Edit: Be sure to redact your username/password
  2. What IP are you trying to reach and what is your unraid IP? You can not use the unraid IP, but you have to use the IP you set up in zerotier. Edit: And have you authorized you device in zerotier?
  3. Have you tried just rebooting? Do you by any chance have wireguard on unraid enabled and/or a VM running?
  4. This usually happens when you run another docker container with the same port assignments. Check you docker tab to ensure that no other container is using the same ports. Or maybe the easier way is to click edit on the container, scroll down and click "show docker allocations". If there are multiple containers running on the same port they will be marked in red IIRC. If there are any containers using the same port, change ports on one of them. There will be no logs created for the container because the container fails to start. But you will see an error in your unraid syslog I think. There could be several other reasons why you get this error as well, so you will have to post your diagnostics in your next post if you want more help.
  5. As I said you can not use openvpn becuse you can not port forward due to carrier grade NAT. And you're using openvpn wrong anyway. To reach your unraid machine with openvpn, you need a openvpn server on the unraid machine and a client on the machine you're connecting from. But as I said just forget about openvpn, you can not use it if you can not port forward on your router. use zerotier instead. You can use the openvpn server on your VPS as a router in a way so that clients can connect to each other but that is a advanced feature I think. If you want to try this google openvpn client-to-client. But I would just use zerotier instead and connect directly to your unraid machine instead of routing everything through a VPS, seems like too much trouble if you ask me.
  6. Then you need to use something like ZeroTier, to use openvpn or wireguard you need to be able to port forward. But with something like zerotier you don't need that. There is a docker container for it.
  7. Maybe check out Q2:
  8. OH, then you don't want to reverse proxy it with swag.. That's what's swag is for, making it open to the internet ,securely. But maybe you can copy the certs from swag to nextcloud, idk. You'll have to google it as I have no clue, but I THINK it can be done.
  9. Just set up a subdomain. @SpaceInvaderOne has a video on how to set up nextcloud with swag:
  10. What is your network type? And what IP does your unraid box have?
  11. See Q25 and maybe 27:
  12. No point in posting the log if everything is working. Maybe the vpn server you connected to had issues. You won't be able to see the webui before the vpn tunnel is up.
  13. If I have to guess it's probably your LAN_NETWORK being wrong. See Q4: If you still can't get it to work do this:
  14. When you read the faq to get the webui working it didn't occur to you to continue reading it? See Q27:
  15. That can be an option as well, but you better take that up with them as you said. Speed will vary across vpn servers as some have higher load than others, and this will constantly change. So to pick a server that is better than the other is just pure hit and miss and can change fast. But European servers tend to be faster when using p2p. That's my experience anyway. How will you know tho? When you switch vpn servers your connection will reset, and you might not even get connected to the same peers as before. In your settings you probably have only about 150 total connections or something set up. As in the example in my last post. Say you have a torrent with 500 seeders, and you're connected to 100 seeds and 50 leechers on this torrent. That's a total of 150 connections. Only 2 have an open incoming port of those, so you get 8MiB/s, which is the max those peers can upload. You switch vpn server and connect again to 100 seeds and 50 leechers. And none of them are one of the peers you connected to before, and of those there are now 3 with an open incoming port so you get 10MiB/s. Say you switch vpn servers back and forth, you will connect to different peers every time, so the speed will also vary not only based on the load on the vpn server but the speed of those you are connected to as well which can change every time. So again, how can you know that, when you are not even connecting to the same peers as before? IMHO available connections (an open incoming port) is the number one factor when it comes to speed in p2p. In any case, when your subscription is up you'd be better of with a provider that supports port forwarding. In fact, not just you will be better off, but all the other peers that you will encounter will thank you too
  16. it did read the entire thing. And why not? Why shouldn't that explain it? If noting else changed in your settings or network it's either that or slow vpn server. If you don't have an open incoming port your speed will always fluctuate. Today you get 8MiB/s tomorrow you might get 2, 10 or 20. But as I said you almost certainly do not get full speed. This guy from reddit says it well: Source:
  17. Regarding the speed. I'm sure you're already aware of this, but NordVPN does not offer port forwarding. And as long as you keep using them you will never be able to fully utilize your connection, as that requires an open incoming port for other peers to connect to. So your speed will always fluctuate but you almost certainly will never be able to get full speed. So my advice is, stop trying to get better speed or switch vpn provider to one that offers port forwarding.
  18. Your template is too old and you need to add it yourself. On the bottom of the page click "Add another path,port..." And set it to variable, as the key you set "VPN_INPUT_PORTS", and as value you put the port. If you have multiple ports separate them with comma. Edit: Also see Q27:
  19. Been years since I was using PIA, but maybe I can answer you anyway. Always use the most recent version of any software unless it for some reason gives you issues. PIA have .ovpn files for both TCP and UDP (at least they used to when I was using them). Use UDP if you can, as that is the fastest protocol.
  20. See Q17:
  21. First of all, you need to change your password asap, as it's in the log you posted. Second, set the STRICT_PORT_FORWADING to no, this setting only applies to PIA users. You need to have an open incoming port to get good speed. Have you port forwarded a port? It's unclear to me if purevpn offers port forwarding or not. In a quick google search, their website talks about port forwarding and what it is, but I can't see anything about if they offer port forwarding or not. I saw something about you need to download their app maybe? Are you on a private tracker? If so most of them require an open incoming port. And if you don't have it they won't let you download or it will be very slow. Try to download a well-seeded torrent on a public tracker, like a ubuntu ISO or something. Then you should at least be able to download, but the speed will be much slower than with an open incoming port. If you can download it on a public tracker you know it's definitely a port forwarding issue that's causing you to not be able to download on your private tracker. And there's no point in testing the speed on, that only works for web browsing and web downloads. The speed you get on torrents has nothing to do with your web browsing/web download speed as many factors are taken into account with torrenting. The only thing will tell you is that you MAYBE can get that speed, if all the conditions are right.
  22. You didn't mention that in your OP, then you must add that subnet to your LAN_NETWORK as well. The point of the LAN_NETWORK variable is to define your network, and all the subnets you listed are different networks. So if you need access from all of them they need to be listed. There is no magical "catch all type networks" you can add instead, AFAIK anyway.
  23. This is wrong. You need to set your LAN_NETWORK to, You can have multiple subnets defined, just separate them with comma. This container doesn't officially support a customs bridge network, like br0. It can work in some cases but sometimes it does not. If you want to go this route you'd better ditch the web ui and download the thin client and use that. Then you might get it to work on br0. By default all container on a custom bridge network are blocked from the host. This is a security feature. This means they can NOT access other containers on host and normal bridge network. They must be on the same custom bridge in order to communicate. I haven't tried it, but I think you can bypass this by setting "Host access to custom networks:" to enabled in settings->Docker.
  24. This sounds like a volume mapping issue or a wrong path in the downloads section in deluge. Post your docker run command and a screenshot of the downloads section in deluge.