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  1. Just right click the label ->label options, then you get this:
  2. You need to enable the label plugin in deluge and create two labels, one for movies and one for series. Then you need to configure each label to move completed downloads to their respective folders. You also need to configure the settings in sonarr/radarr to pass the correct label to deluge.
  3. Yup, it should work now. So fingers crossed 2 volume mapping to the same share might have confused both sonarr and sab. I've never seen that before so would have been interesting to see complete logs to see what was actually going on.
  4. Technically no, as long as you have a incomplete folder it should be fine to put the completed in the parent folder.
  5. Well, technically you did have your downloads share mapped in 2 places. And technically they were mapped to the same share so if it's /data or /downloads shouldn't matter the files end up in the same place anyway. And now you have removed /Downloads so now the sab shouldn't know about that mapping. But are you saying the files are still in /Downloads if you open up the terminal window in the container and check there? If so just move them to /data. At least there isn't any errors in you log which is a good sign. And yeah try with a new download.
  6. Do you have files in the complete folder ready to be moved? If it's not moving anything now check the sonarr logs, it will tell you what's wrong. Not the container logs, but system->logs in sonarr.
  7. both /data and /Downloads point to your download share that's why you were able to find the downloads in the correct place. Edit: I see you sab container setting also have your downloads share mapped 2 times, please remove /downloads there too.
  8. You have also mapped your download share 2 times in sonarr, please remove the /download mapping in the sonarr container settings
  9. No, you are wrong, That's why sonarr is unable to find the downloads. Yes sab might have the /downloads folder, but that doesn't mean it's correct, Please read the 2 last pages again.
  10. But I thought you changed the settings in sab after the comment from @binhex? But you haven't, please read his post again. You settings is wrong, remember the /downloads location doesn't map to anything on the host side.
  11. The container does not know anything about your shares unless you map them to a location in the container. So if you want access to anything in you shares you first need to map it to a directory in the container. Say you want access to you tv folder, on the host side you set your tv folder path, and on the container side you need to "mount" that folder to a directory we can call /media as an example. So the container does not know anything at all about your files on your server unless you map them to a directory in the container. I know it's all confusing at the start, but we've all been there So your tv folder share would then be /media in the container
  12. Can you post new screenshots of the settings in sonarr and sab too (not the container settings), now that you have changed to the correct location. I want specifically to see anything that refers to a path you have set which should match your volume mappings. And anything that mention moving/copying files. I don't use sab or sonarr myself, but I use radarr which is very much like sonarr. But sab is the downloader right? So it should move the files to the complete folder when it's complete. And sonarr then should have a setting where it can find the complete downloads. Been ages since I set up my radarr container though, so I may need to check it to confirm.
  13. Ok, yes the docker.img file will stay the size you set on disk. Normally 10-20 GB is more than enough. BUT if you don't set your mappings correctly with the app everything you download will end up in the docker.img file. The file it self will not grow over what you have set so if it fills up because of incorrect mappings all your containers will stop working.
  14. I don't use sonarr, but post a screenshot of your sonarr settings. Specifically the part where you set up the moving/copying to the tv folder
  15. I was referring to the incomplete files and what will happen if you don't have your volume mappings set up correctly with the settings in the app. Your docker image file is probably around 10-20 GB if you have not set it anything larger. And if you don't set your mappings correctly it will fill up inside the image file and the container will stop working.
  16. Yes, move them to the correct location. Anything you download to that directory in the screenshot will end up in the docker image file, and you will run out of space. Also please remove that last screenshot, don't show what you're downloading unless it's completely legal.
  17. Yes, you need to manually add it, like this: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/44679-support-binhex-emby/?do=findComment&comment=779966
  18. From your log: This means it's unable to authenticate with the username/password you have set. Reasons for this can be: 1. User/pw is wrong or contains special characters which can be problematic 2. Your subscription isn't active. 3. You're over the device limit. Normally you can use 1-x devices on 1 subscription and anything over that fails to authenticate. Check what the limit is for you provider
  19. Then we need to look at some logs, follow these steps: https://github.com/binhex/documentation/blob/master/docker/faq/help.md
  20. https://github.com/binhex/documentation/blob/master/docker/guides/vpn.md
  21. You can pretty much use any vpn provider you like, just choose custom instead of pia or airvpn. That being said, you really want a vpn provider who supports port forwarding which is required to get peers to connect to you and to get decent speed. I don't remember if torguard supports port forwarding, but if they don't you'll get crappy speed and won't be able to seed.
  22. Glad you got it sorted. br0 is not supported in this conatiner, there is strict iptables rules in place in order to prevent leakage, I suspect it has something to do with that. I'm actually one of the few who had the webui working on br0, but after changing network hardware (no actual network change other than hardware) I can only get access with the desktop client if I'm on br0 and not the webui. But I don't really need the webui when I have the desktop client so I'm fine on br0.
  23. I'm not sure why radarr would send 10 torrents of the same movie to deluge, so that I can't answer But the reason it now starts to download is because your download path is correct. Before it was trying to write to a location which didn't exist and thus getting permissions errors. You might need to either delete all the other torrents form before or you need to change their storage location to get them to download as they probably have the old location from before.
  24. Lol we've all been there 😆 Yeah, it basically tells deluge to put the finished downloads in the correct folder. If you're using radarr then you're probably using sonarr or something else for tv shows too, and if you have no labels deluge with put everything in one folder, so it becomes a mess for radarr/sonarr trying to figure out what is a movie and what is a tv show. As a result the logs will just fill up with errors. So labels is a good thing, but you need to set the paths correctly there too or else it won't work as intended.