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  1. Yes, Is intentionally, is a slots from my servers, disk 1 slot 1, disk 2 slot 2...etc...in slot 5,6,7,8 dont have drive. I seems i fix it with a signature from one user. thanks @dgaschk But the server seems slow starting the service http, starting array, applying simple settings..... I can see this message in syslog "unraid Broken pipe (32): sendfile: /usr/local/emhttp/update.htm" and I have seen other people that also happened to him, but uninstalling plugins or updating was fixed, but I do not have plugins installed now and I am in newer versions of unraid Thanks for reply @trurl
  2. I thought about it, but in safe mode it works and it's the only way I have to get the diagnostic zip I thought it wouldn't be valid, sorry milfyserver-diagnostics-20190917-2059.zip
  3. My servers does start, he stuck in the next image: I used the functions xfs_repair, I used new configuration and nothing works. In safe mode, it works, but all interactions with the array works very very slow, for make the new array after use new configurations I taked 30 min only for selecction the hard drives because I selected the hard drivers and nothing happens. I see when the unraid starts the message "[sdh] attached scsi disk" take so much time for disapear. I do not know what else to do, thanks.
  4. I desactivated the second ethernet and dont crash more...
  5. I fix it in recovery, but my server continues crashing Anyone can see what happens? I dont understund that happens =\ Syslog Server Eventscrash.txt
  6. A few days ago I realized that my server was crashing, I put a syslog and I got these messages, does anyone know how I can fix it? Indicates that need a xfs repair, but will this be enough? I attach the syslog, thank you very much in advance. How I can know what device fail? Syslog Server Events.txt
  7. My server plex dissapear The docker start fine But i cant see my server, what log i need to see?
  8. I test the bandwitch with ipfer and i think is problem from HDD's from the server. With SSD's in cache in unraid this works better for transfer files from the computer (SSD) to the HDD's server? Thanks.
  9. Thanks, i fix it, the connections were not in the correct card and when I removed the bound it stopped working... all its working now but when I transfer any file from the nic 10gbs this file move to 200mbps dont understand why that =\ The link is 10 gbps Thanks for reply @Benson.
  10. Hello, Im using the unraid Version: 6.7.2 I have eth0 for use with the router and I have eth1 for connect to my computer with nic 10gbps, when I make a static ip in eth0 I lose the connection with unraid, "please wait configuring interfaces" and dont stop, for recovery acces I need delete the files rules and network... eth0 <------------> gateway eth1 <-----------> No gateway and the second problem is when i go to try ping to o reverse dont stablish connection Anyone can help me? thanks
  11. Anyone can test the server for DST?
  12. Thank you, I wasn't telling you about the problems because I wanted you to fix it right now. I was just letting you know what I found out. Thanks you again!
  13. Hello, I test the docker for dst afterday and dont start the server, the server's.ini have the same ports and doesnt start, i change it but the caves servers doest start. Thanks!
  14. I update unraid to 6.7.0 and I have the same problem now, I uninstalled the docker and installed again with the same problem.